18th birthday gifts ideas for best friend

Are you looking for 18th birthday gifts? We made a list to help you find the best gift.

A young girl has many wishes. From a Porsche waiting for her in front of the house to an expensive gift, you just have to ask and she will give you a long list of everything she wants. But, if you are not that parent that can offer her something expensive then you should find a suitable gift that was made just for her. With boys, things are simpler because all they care about is gadgets. The latest is the best. But what if you are not the parent and just the brother or the sister? Or what if you are just a family friend and don’t have any idea about what could you possibly offer to the girl or boy who just turned 18? Well, it’s not brain surgery but sometimes, finding the perfect gift can be frustrating and challenging.
Check out our list and find your inspiration.

Unique birthday gifts ideas for her

Like we said, it’s very hard sometimes to offer the perfect gift to a young girl. What could you possibly offer if her parents already gave her so many nice things as a gift? It will not be so hard if you will get inspired by an entire list of possible gifts for an 18th birthday. A gift should be made from the heart and not thinking about other reasons.
Even if it’s a young girl that it’s hard to please you will find these ideas both useful and very charming.

A girl always makes time to spend it with her girlfriends. A sleepover, a pajama party or just a cozy afternoon will be more spectacular with a hot stone therapy pack. She can turn her room into a spa and chat with the girls while they relax and use this wonderful set. It’s a great 18’th birthday gift because it is not so expensive and it’s very useful for the social life of a young lady. You will be able to offer her something that will be the most used product in the next months or so.
You can find a set like this right here: Hot stone therapy pack


If you are looking to offer a gift that is special and unique at the same time, you will hit the jackpot with a teddy bear in a tin. It doesn’t matter if she is already grown up because a teddy bear can always be the best gift. Also, it can be considered as being a very special gift and perfect to decorate her room. The tin can be personalized with her name or a special message. We are sure that if she isn’t very pretentious then she will love your gift very much.
You can find a teddy bear like this right here:  Teddy bear in a tin


If you are looking for a funny gift that can amuse her, then a unicorn shower cap shall do the trick. But if you are looking at the practical side of the gift you will find it very useful. If you consider it too personal you can always use it as a distraction from the real gift. It is an idea that it’s worth to explore especially when you need to find something suitable for a young lady.
You can find a product like this right here:  Unicorn shower cap


If she is a girl that likes cosmetics very much you can surprise her with a set of nail polishes that change color according to the mood. She will be able to try new funky designs that can change color. This is a gift that a best friend can make on her birthday. It’s not expensive and it will win her heart right away.
You can find a product like this right here:    Mood color changing nail polish


In the era of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more, to make the perfect selfie can be a real challenge if you don’t have the proper light. A selfie light with different levels of brightness to suit the surroundings can be the greatest gift for a young girl. This way, her social media page will have professional pictures and great content. Very easy to use and practical, this selfie light can offer a hand when lighting isn’t on your side. This is a gift that can be the greatest of all. Choose a gift like this for a girl that enjoys taking photos all the time or to be present on social media always.
You can find a gift like this right here:   Selfie light


An 18-year-old girl has a lot of little things that she wants to keep. To be safe and protected from the curiosity of others, you can offer her a small trinket box. It is perfect as a birthday gift or a celebration. It also can be personalized to be just for her. It is suitable to keep jewelry and other small items. With its antique design can be placed anywhere in the room and it will decorate the place nicely. This is a small present but with a great meaning because since it’s personalized it will be great to store all her favorite items.
Especially if you don’t have a big budget this kind of gift will be the best choice you can make. Here you can find such an 18’th birthday gift:   Small antique trinket box


Passions and hobbies can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to talking about what to choose as a gift. Abuild your own camera kit is suitable for young ladies that are into photography. A kit like this contains all the pieces from which you can make a perfectly functional camera that can be used underwater as well. It will be fun to build and at the same time, she will have the chance to take photos with it. It’s not an expensive gift but it is certainly effective.
A gift like this can be found right here:  Build your own camera kit

A real chocolate lover will never refuse an extra portion of her favorite food. If you are looking to make a wonderful surprise to a person that loves chocolate more then any other presents then a Nutella Cookbook will make her really happy. With delicious and easy to make recipes it will be the most used item in the kitchen. We are sure that it is in the top three 18th birthday gift ideas for sister, daughter or friend who has reached this beautiful age.
The recipes are the best choice as a gift for a real chocolate lover and such a cookbook can be found right here:    Nutella Cookbook

It is well known that a young lady likes to look nice all the time. When it comes to talking about nails, she is passionate about all the products and accessories for care, then such a gift will be one to conquer her heart. Her nails will look like she just got out of the salon because her nails will have a nice drying finish. The best model that you can choose is one that uses a touch activated fan which dries the nails quick. Such a gift you can find right here:   UV nail dryer


If she is the romantic type you can offer her a gift that can help her decorate her room in a very unique way. And, of course, since safety is a must, she can use candles all the time in the room without any worry. The remote controlled led candles can change color and can be controlled according to her wishes. Especially when she has guests the candles will create a nice atmosphere. They are ideal for any location and completely safe to use.
This kind of gift is suitable for a birthday and can be found right here:   Remote controlled led candles

from $21.49

Now she will never waste time on finding that pair of earrings or that necklace she wants to wear with a certain outfit. You will make her happy for sure if you will buy her as an 18’th birthday gift a jewelry stand. It is very practical and can be the most wonderful gift. Everyone else is thinking to offer her envelopes with money, flowers, chocolate, spa tickets but we are sure that she will like her gift very much.
A gift like this can be found right here:   Marble brass jewelry stand


Do you need more inspiration? Check these products:

Birthday gifts ideas for 18-year-old boys

The boy slowly turns into a man but some parts of him remain the same. In the eyes, if the mother he will always be that little boy who just learned to tie his shoes. But now, he turned 18 and you need to find the perfect gift for him. Gadgets can be considered gifts of the current moment, especially for the 18-year-old. Everyone wants to keep up with the technology and always be connected to the reality that surrounds us, so a new phone can be the ideal gift, especially if you already know which is your favorite brand.
Let’s not forget about fashion because, just like girls, they put too much price on this too. But, there is not always the perfect budget to buy expensive gadgets or items that can be the most perfect gift in their eyes. Check out our list of gadgets and products that can be perfect for a young boy.

If he is a sports fan then a football history book can be the most valuable gift from his entire collection. Even if he can find all these information online, a book will be the most valued item and a great source of information. If you are lucky then you will be able to find an item that can easily be signed by the author or the team players. Put two tickets to the next game and there will definitely be a bond between father and son.
A book like this can be found here:   Football history book


Since we talked so much about gadgets, it’s suitable to give you an idea of what you could possibly buy if you are on a budget. A smartphone projector will be the ideal gift especially if he has tickets to concerts or festivals and stays longer then a few days. Especially if it’s summer and high school is over then he can have a lot of fun with his smartphone using a gadget like this.
A smartphone projector with an affordable price can be found right here: Smartphone projector


If your 18-year-old is into retro games and also loves technology then a pocket game with LCD screen will be the best present he can get for his birthday. The 8- bit games for sure will keep him busy all day long. We are sure that with a gift like this he will remember this birthday as being the greatest.
You can find such games right here:  Retro pocket games

$ 16 75

Everybody likes gaming and watching a great movie. But if you turn his experience into an unforgettable one, then you will win his heart for sure. A virtual reality headset can turn gaming experience into something that he only could experience at the mall with his friends. He will be able to watch 3D films and play games through content he downloaded from the smartphone. He will be fully immersed in the virtual world and he will be able to have hours of fun.
This will be one of the best birthdays presents that he could get from parents, friends, other relatives or even his sister. You can find an item like this right here:  Virtual reality headset


If he is thinking to grow a beard to have that Viking look he always wished for or already has one, then he will definitely need to take care of it. A set that includes all the needed accessories will be the most valued item in his room. He will be able to take care of his beard like a real man and to be proud of it.
A kit like this can be found right here:  Beard kit


If gaming is something that he is into, then you should definitely buy him some controllers. But before buying make sure that the controllers are compatible with his gaming console. This will be a wonderful surprise and you will be able to offer a git that he will be able to use right away. But to make sure you don’t fail, check if he has a PlayStation 4. If not, search for the model of game console he has and surprises him with one of these gifts. This is one of the greatest 18’th birthday gift ideas for a best friend. Next time you two will be able to play and have fun for hours and hours.
You can find a controller like this right here:  PlayStation 4 controllers


Every time he wants to show some video on Youtube or some song he discovered, the problem is that he has to give his headphone to his friend and only of them can enjoy the video. Well, this will not be a problem anymore if you buy him a headphone splitter. This way anyone can enjoy music videos from only one device. This may be a small birthday gift for an 18-year-old boy, but it will be appreciated for sure. Especially when you really don’t have any idea which kind of gift he would like, a small gadget can be the answer. We can say that it’s a very creative 18’th birthday gift idea.
If you want to put into practice this idea, then you will find such items here: Headphone splitter


Well, if he doesn’t seem like the cooking type of young boy, this gift will be the life savior in college years. If you don’t want to buy him a gift that he will use just for short term and want to buy something useful then a breakfast station will be his best friend during college years when he is away from home and not being able to taste mom’s breakfast. As a parent, you will want everything that is good for your child and this breakfast station will be the best gift idea you can have. You can order one from here:  Breakfast station

from $45.89

Those times when he refused to wake up to go to school just passed. With the age of 18, he will have to follow new rules that will turn him into a real man of society. And to help him organize his time better a watch is the best solution. This way he will never be late or forget something. A watch is the most important accessory for a man and we are sure if he likes wearing watches and has his own collection then this kind of gift will be the most appreciated.
There are thousands of models you can choose from but this one really got our attention, check it out and see if you like it:  Brown leather watch


A watch like this can be the most wonderful and creative 18’th birthday idea that you can put into practice. Even if you know that the birthday boy lokes gadgets very much and gaming as well, then you will win his heart by offering him a Gameboy watch. This watch looks like it’s been cut out from the 80’s with a look that makes you think back at old times when the 8-bit games ruled the world. Also, a very interesting accessory that can be worn all the time.
A watch like this you can find right here:  Gameboy watch


What can be more fun than listening to music with friends on your trips? With a Bluetooth speaker for sure, it will be more fun and entertaining. It doesn’t matter what you do but the music sure is the salt and pepper you need to unleash fun. Bluetooth speakers are the most popular accessories for mobile phones. They literally work everywhere and don’t need to be plugged in, only when charging. With a gift like this, you will manage to buy something that is a gadget and not expensive at all.
You can find a model of this item right here:  Waterproof Bluetooth speaker


Charming and very beautiful, this infinity light speakers will be the most perfect gift for am 18-year-old boy. His room will change color according to the music beats and it will give him more reasons to enjoy music. You can find an item like this right here:  Infinity lightbox speakers


18th birthday gifts ideas for best friendIf you enjoyed our gift ideas, now all you have to do is to click the links and order them. This kind of gifts is creative and ingenious. And, if you create a unique 18’th birthday party ideas then you will be able to offer him an unforgettable experience. Be sure to order your gift on time and be ready for the big event. With our list, the only thing you have to worry about is what you will wear at the party.

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