60th birthday gifts ideas for your parents

Celebrate and offer this best 60’th birthday gift ideas for your parents

It is very hard to choose a gift for your retired parents. We can say that because you will have to look closer and offer your parents a gift that will definitely put a smile on their face. Your father doesn’t want another tie for receptions and your mother doesn’t want gifts that remind her how old she is. They are retired and for once in their lifetime they can do anything they want: trave, have a new hobby, discover something new they like, and so on.

This year’s gift will be one to be remembered and showed proudly to their friends.

Discover the best 60’th birthday gift ideas for your father

We prepared a list of gifts that will please him and will show your father that you can look further than the man who had his own business and his entire lifetime was limited to work. He now has passions and desires. Maybe you will listen to your heart and buy him that golf kit he always wanted to have. Or, if you can’t think of anything he wished for, then you should really get inspired from the list below and you will have the best 60’th birthday gift ideas that you need.

If your parents love movies very much, then it will not be a problem anymore to have time to watch them. We are sure if they are moviegoers then you know maybe too much about their favorite movies. So, a poster that can be scratched off and discover the next movie title that they can watch will be a unique 60th birthday gift.

This is an idea that can be preserved for other occasions too. You can find a poster like this right here:   Movie Scratch off a poster


We can say that this is really a unique product that you can think of as a gift for your father and you will be able to put a smile on his face. He will be able to play a quick round of golf and it’s an ideal gift if you know about your father that he likes this sport very much. Getting ready for a golf tournament isn’t always on hand when the wife is always around. So, this kind of funny and practical gift will be exactly what he wants.

You can find a potty putter like this right here:     Potty Putter – for when you want to have fun in your alone time


Going on the same idea, if you know your father likes golf very much you can offer him a gift that can make a change. He will never lose his golf tees when playing with friends because he will be personalized with his name or a quote that means something for both of you. This kind of gift is suitable if you want to surprise someone that isn’t from the family and you were invited on his birthday. Even if it’s your father in law, a neighbor, your boss, they all will appreciate such a gift if you know that they like golf very much.

A gift like this you can find right here:   Personalised golf tees pack


Make your message heard with a personalized pocket watch. With a lovely vintage style, it’s an accessory that will fit best to be given as 60’th birthday present. Your father will love this present especially if he likes collecting vintage themed objects. It’s not an expensive gift and it’s affordable if you are looking for a gift that does not empty your pocket. His birthday has to be celebrated and create a unique moment that will be remembered for his whole life.

You can find the perfect pocket watch right here:   Personalised pocket watch


Even if your parents are not quite at a young age and they like to make trips all over the place and you were always fascinated about their stories of the world, the backpack massager can be the best idea for a 60’th birthday gift idea. This way the backpack can always be comfortable and they will feel the best when they will wear it. It’s a very special gift that your father will adore to wear.

You can find an item like this right here in this store:  Backpack massager


A book full of surprises from the first page until the last one. It will be the best statement you can make if you see your parents worry about their age. And, if you know about your father that he likes jokes and never miss the opportunity to say one, then this is a book that he has to own. But, beyond humor, it’s a book that talks about love life, work life and how to have the best life at this age.

The book can be found right here:   Age doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese


It’s afternoon. He sits in his chair, lights a cigar and enjoy’s his favorite drink. During that time, nobody can disturb him. It’s his alone time. To show your father how much you appreciate his alone time, offer him a gift that can send this message to him without any other words. A brandy warmer will keep the drink at a right temperature even when it’s about to spend hours and hours without knowing anything about what he could possibly do. Of course, such a present will be loved and even he is not telling you, the gift will go straight to his heart.

With a nice design and the possibility to be personalized with a message you would like to transmit or simply write his name on it, you can find a gift like this right here:  Personalised brandy warmer


If your father still works and he’s not retired yet, you can always make a gift that he can enjoy at the office. Your gift will be perfect for someone that really is passionate about everything golf means. And, and especially if you do not have the budget to buy a real golf set at least the intention you had will be registered. How can a pen holder be a 60’th birthday gift? Well, it combines the practical with the passion for golf and every time he will use it will smile because he will know it’s from you. It’s the best gift you can make if you are on a budget.

Here you can find a model that suits best with your wishes:   Golf bag and cart pen holder


If you are looking to make a great gift and to be a statement of everything you feel for your parents then a book that looks like a newspaper can be the greatest birthday gift ever. They will be able to gather all the wonderful memories in its pages or, you can make them a surprise and fill it yourself with the most notable events happened in their life. Your father’s birthday is the moment when it’s all about him. You can also fill the album with the precious moments in his life: his graduation photo, the first job, the prizes he won for his career and so on. For sure he will like such a gift and will be impressed by the idea.

Get your own gift from here:   Personalised newspaper book

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Do you need more inspiration? Check these products:

If you want something that was made just for your mom then check this out

He has the passion for golf, your mother tries to find some sort of hobby that could fill the hours she has to spend every day. We can assure you that she will not be so happy to receive a gift another frying pan, a personalized apron or something that is related to her kitchen. In the first place, she is a woman with desires and so much more to explore in life. Now, that she is retired this doesn’t mean that she will have more time for cooking she needs time for herself too.

Show her that you listen to her wishes and support her hobbies by buying her the best birthday gifts for retired mom. This year your present should be different and not the same as every year. She is special and shows her you care about her.

Celebrate your mom’s birthday with a special gift, simple yet elegant like a personalized vase that she can use every moment when she gets some flowers. We assure you that she will love your gift more than anything else she will receive on her special day. Especially if she loves flowers and likes to decorate the house with them. And, since it’s personalized you can say a few words that will melt her heart.

You can find a gift like this right here:  Personalised vase


Even if you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to buy a gift as you wished a silver plated rose can be the most wonderful idea. Simple, elegant, and it’s the most lasting flower. Don’t buy just a flower bouquet, buy her this and she will have reasons to smile every day. She will have flowers as long as she lives. Especially if flowers are her passion she will love it for sure.

You can find silver plated roses right here:   Silver Plated Rose


For cold winter afternoons, there is nothing more perfect than enjoying a cup of cake. With this mug cake recipes, she will be able to make the most beautiful cakes. With dozens of recipes, she will be able to reinvent her ideas and offer to her guests or just for herself some mug cakes. This way she will not have to bake cakes for hours and she will be able to enjoy them whenever she desires for something sweet.

A recipe book like this can be found right here:  Mug cake recipe book


Sooth those muscles aches and pain. Especially if your parents like to travel and have a vacation away from home, a neck massager will be the icing on the cake. They will be able to relax and to enjoy the long ride more. It’s a great gift if she likes to relax and offer herself some time to do this. It’s a soft pillow that vibrates when turned on and a great way to loosen those tight muscles. It is so soft that she will feel this pillow like it’s hugging her. It has a perfect size and easy to carry anywhere.

You can surprise her with this best 60’th birthday gift ideas and you can buy one from here:   Vibrating neck massager


A woman, no matter her ages, always has to carry around some makeup to make retouches from time to time. This kind of bag is perfect for traveling because she will be able to put in all the makeup and even jewelry that she will want to wear. It’s a very practical gift and she will love it. Decorated with roses the design is very delicate and elegant, just perfect for a 60-year-old woman. This way all the makeup will be kept in one place. Also, a model that can be personalized it s the right choice.

You can find a gift like this right here:    Personalised rose make up bag


If you know about her that she enjoys drinking tea in the afternoon then she will love a cup with a saucer that is made just for her. A cup like this is made for those time when you really need to spoil yourself and relax. Similar to the China tea sets it can be such a nice gift. Maybe if you want to make the gift to be complete you can add some of her favorite tea’s. This way, she will be able to enjoy every afternoon as she likes it. Also, the cup can be personalized with a small message or her name. This way it will be only hers and it will be the cup for special moments.

You can find lots of models like this right here:   Tea for one? Why not?


If you want to offer her a gift that is not just a simple item, a silver plated jewelry box can be the best present she could have on her birthday. This can turn out to be the best 60th birthday present idea. With a vintage design and decorated with flowers, it is the most original, elegant and sophisticated gift. She is at her 60’s which means that the gift has to be really special and created for her age. Especially if you know about her that she is a sophisticated and elegant woman that likes to have accessories and jewelry on her everytime she wears a dress or everyday clothing you can help her keep them safe in a silver plated jewelry box. The box can be kept at the sight and it can decorate her room or living room nicely.

And, as a bonus, you can personalize it with a message or her name and this gift will go straight to her heart. You can find such a gift right here:   Silver plated jewelry box


Hot water bottle and cozy sleepers

Just perfect for relaxation on a cold afternoon and very practical all the time. A set with cozy sleepers and a hot water bottle are the perfect combination. From some certain age your mother will be more around the house, so the best present is to offer her comfort all the time. She will be glad to receive a gift that was made just for her and fulfills all her desires and needs. She can wear the sleepers around the house and warm her feet when she watches tv. Every time she will use them she will think of you and will bring a smile to her face.

These kind of products are essential for winter months, so if you want to offer her a gift that can warm not just her soul, then a set of cozy sleepers and a hot water bottle can be the perfect solution. But, remember, if you are not from the family then check other products on this list that can become the perfect 60’th birthday gift ideas.

If you don’t know where to search, then check this out:  Hot water bottle


And the sleepers can be bought from here: cozy sleepers


A real tea lover will always be interested to discover new tea assortments and to try them right away. Of course, if you know about your mother that she likes to warm up with a nice cup of tea in the afternoon, then a tea box that already has some assortments of tea in it will be the greatest gift. A special tea wakes every day worth to wake up and a set like this will lie perfectly in the kitchen. It will be the most valued item that is just for her.

You can find a set like this with different assortments of tea right here: Personalised tea box with tea


She will never have the problem to get up in the middle of her favorite show, especially when it’s about to get more interesting just to put on another pair of socks or something warm. With a gift like this, you will be able to surprise her. A gift like this is perfect for a family member because it’s one that it’s a personal one. If you are looking for a gift that is suitable for a woman that reached the age of 60 then this idea is one that it’s worth to be put into practice.

If you are looking for a gift like this, then you should search in here: Heated footplate


Since she has retired she has more time to spend finding a new hobby or to take care of an older one. Especially if you know about her that she loves flowers, then you should buy her some wooden planters and some plants. A gift like this for sure will give her reasons to spend more time enjoying her hobby and to make the entire home look beautiful. It is perfect, on-trend, personal and showcasing that fantastic vintage feel. If you want to make it look more personal, then you can personalize it according to your wishes with nice and heartwarming messages or just her name.

You can find the perfect set right here:  Personalised wooden planter

If you are looking for a gift that is just perfect for her afternoons then a delicately designed teapot can be perfect for her. It is perfect as a gift on any occasions not just for a birthday. It is ideal to be used when friends pop up unexpectedly for a cup of tea or she just wants to add some elegance to the breakfast table. It is a gift that is not too personal or to be understood differently. It is just a nice pot that can be the most wonderful 60’th birthday gift idea.

You can find one that is elegant and very useful right here:  Teapot with floral and birds pattern


If you checked out our list, now you have plenty of wonderful ideas for gifts that you can offer to your parents on different occasions, not just birthdays. If you read carefully, some of the ideas can be used by other persons too because they are not sending the wrong message to the receiver. Your parents are the most important people in your life and this is the reason why you should offer them something that will warm their hearts everytime they use your gift.

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