A guide for you to find the best evolutionary tricycles

For a boy or a girl, the evolutionary tricycle makes learning the bike safe. But it’s not easy to choose the right model, as there are some on the market: 2 in 1, 3 in 1 or 4 in 1! Here is my buying guide on the best evolutionary tricycles of the moment according to your budget but especially of the age of your child.

Which evolutionary tricycle to choose?

Comparative analysis of the top 3 evolutionary tricycles

We found the best models on the market and here they are, so you can make a comparison and to choose the one you like the most. 

  • smarTrike Smartfold 500 Folding Baby Tricycle, Green
  • JOOVY Tricycoo 4.1 Tricycle, Blue
  • Qaba 2-in-1 Lightweight Steel Adjustable Convertible Tricycle Stroller – Blue

Smartstrike Smartfold 500

There was a time when the stroller became a formidable ally for parents. That said, over the years, we have come to look for what is best for little children, for their awakening and learning. Little by little, evolutionary tricycles have appeared, and are stealing the limelight from strollers. This seems quite normal, when you see for example what is capable of this Smartstrike Smartfold 500. These include its greatest qualities. 

The strong points

Suitable for children from 9 months  : It is extremely rare that a tricycle of this kind can accommodate a child at such a young age, and especially that it can still serve up to 3 years. At just 9 months, your little one can be safely installed on the tricycle. This model has perfectly adapted footrests, as well as a comfortable and secure seat, not to mention the sun visor that protects it from the sun.

Transformable at will  : We do not know why we think of the famous movie “Transformers” by writing these lines for this model. Maybe because it is transformable at will. If we compare the configuration for children of 9 months and the final configuration accessible to a child of 32 months, it is not at all the same tricycle that we see. And yet, this is possible in just a few clicks (by this means assembling and disassembling some removable parts).

Very compact  : Seeing this tricycle once unfolded, it’s hard to imagine the small space it occupies once folded on itself. We can only congratulate the ingenious of the brand, because they did a great job in making this tricycle perfectly compact. You can take this folding tricycle with you everywhere, in the trunk of your car, on the train, on the plane, etc.

Excellent maneuverability  : Needless to say, the toddler does not yet have the reflexes or balance needed to drive the tricycle alone. This is why it is equipped with a long handle so that parents can push from behind, exactly as with a stroller, or almost. In this regard, this model also incorporates Touch Steering technology, offering excellent maneuverability to parents.

Comfortable wheels  : On most entry-level tricycles, the wheels are often made of plastic, which is detrimental to comfort and may also damage some flooring in the home. On this model, the wheels are made of a compound of EVA foam, which guarantees a very great comfort of use, especially indoors.

The weak spots

Not an all terrain  : Unfortunately, this model is not designed to adapt to all terrains, especially rugged terrain. However, a user living in the countryside is particularly satisfied, and finds that the wheels hold up well even with the gravel. The biggest weakness of this model is probably the lack of a brake system, especially when the child will start to fend for himself.

You can find it right here: https://www.amazon.com/smarTrike-Smartfold-Folding-Tricycle-Green/dp/B072BQG143/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1544619705&sr=8-3&keywords=smartrike+smartfold+500

JOOVY Tricycoo 4.1Tricycle, Blue – the best quality / price ratio of the moment

If you do not like the models that seem to be too gadget, and you’re looking for something really robust to last in time, with a value for money, the model we are talking about could interest you. Just to see it from a distance, we already feel that this model exudes robustness to the nose. It also has many other qualities, it is not for nothing that one often meets this model in the comparatives. Here are some of its interesting features.

The strong points

Robustness  : This is probably the criterion that attracts the most attention in seeing this model. It has a very sturdy and thick steel frame, it is easy to imagine that this tricycle will roam the years without problem at the side of your child. Moreover, according to the brand, this model was designed for children from 1 to 5 years old. It is therefore a product that has been made to last at least 5 years. 

Perfect for little ones  : This tricycle has been designed to accommodate little ones in the greatest comfort. The living space for the little one is well laid out, without neglecting the fundamental security elements, such as a 3-point safety belt, a roll bar, a hood to protect the baby from both the sun’s rays and the wind, or even rain. Note that the seat can tilt, to turn either towards the road or towards the pusher, a particularly interesting option.

Maneuverability  : Since this model features a solidly constructed and robust steel frame, one might think that the whole thing is heavy and difficult to handle. It turns out that it is quite the opposite with this tricycle, which has a handlebars well designed to provide a very good maneuverability of the machine. In addition, it can be adjusted according to the height of the “pusher”, so that the latter can steer comfortably.

Puncture-proof tires  : Of course, plastic tires are also indestructible, but they are uncomfortable and make a lot of noise. Those found on this tricycle are made of thick rubber, indestructible and silent. If you are looking for an evolutionary tricycle that can accompany you to the rough terrain, here is the model that you need.

Compartments for storage  : On this model, we can see that the brand has done everything to offer the most storage compartments, already for the various toys of the child, but also for small business parents, such as the phone, the wallet, or even a bottle. You could even hang a small bag on the handlebars, it does not risk to unbalance the machine.

The weak spots

Difficult to assemble  : What annoys the users most is the fact that this tricycle would be particularly difficult for them to mount, unfold and fold, so they preferred to leave it in the unfolded position to no longer have boredom. Although, other users succeed.

You can find this model right here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IHXX0KI/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1?pd_rd_i=B01IHXX0KI&pd_rd_w=YFmve&pf_rd_p=f0dedbe2-13c8-4136-a746-4398ed93cf0f&pd_rd_wg=vmI9W&pf_rd_r=YA66G8P0P0F9748EXBQD&pd_rd_r=168174e9-fe0e-11e8-b4ee-03540d6ca7fe&th=1

Qaba 2-in-1 LightweightSteel Adjustable Convertible Tricycle Stroller – the best inexpensive tricycle

When you want to buy a product, it is always important to make comparisons, to find the one that could best match your needs and your budget. Many often miss out on the best deal by skipping this step. Exactly, the brand Qaba will not tell you the opposite, with its model 2-in-1 LightweightSteel Adjustable Convertible Tricycle Stroller, a cheap tricycle, but has many qualities to seduce. Here are some of the most interesting criteria on this product.

The strong points

Qaba’s 2-in-1 lightweight baby tricycle stroller is designed to grow with your child. Starting as a stroller, this buggy can transform into a tricycle as your child becomes older. Built with comfort and convenience in mind, parents will love the adjustable push bar with comfort grips, multiple bags, pockets, cup holders for storage, as well as the quiet ride rubber wheels that are designed to prevent foot injuries. This stroller also comes with a detachable canopy top for UV, sun, and rain protection, ergonomic seating with full back support, a front wheel mudguard, and removable safety bar and safety belts to help keep your little one safe and secure. Take it out on your daily travels and you’ll see that this is the perfect stroller to make any outdoor adventure super fun and super safe.

2-In-1 Combo :  Let your toddler peddle themselves and then take over when they get tired with this 2-in-1 tricycle stroller combination that grows with your child.

Safe Design : A removable safety bar and safety belts ensures your child’s security. The detachable canopy top provides UV and rain protection, or it can be removed for an open stroller design.

Comfortable and Adjustable : Quiet ride rubber wheels and comfort grip handlebars all on a durable steel frame means your ride will be comfortable, quiet, and relaxing. The height adjustable push handle allows either you or your child to control and steer the direction of the stroller.

Plenty of Storage : Includes multiple bags and pockets for storage, including a mommy bag on the push handle, and a basket behind the child seat.

The weak spots

Difficult  editing: According to some users, editing would be rather difficult. That said, many others have done brilliantly, thanks to the explanations they found to be very clear in the assembly instructions.

How to choose an evolutionary tricycle?

Learning to ride a bike is an important step in life, and it’s best to start at a very young age. Indeed, some people who began as adults have great difficulty in understanding the concept of balance, and others will never succeed, or will not perfectly control their horses.

Nowadays, there are evolutionary tricycles, some templates are available from the 9 th month of the child. The models are many and different, it will compare if you want to find the evolutionary tricycle that will be most suited to your needs and your budget. Here are some criteria to check before buying.

The age of the child

While some models are available from the 9 th month of the child, others are rather recommended for children from 1 year and a half. For babies, the model must have certain safety features, such as a 3-point safety belt or harness, roll bar, sunshade, etc. The baby seat is also different from that of a 2 year old child, for example.

Sex matters little, however, there is an evolutive tricycle boy and an evolutionary tricycle girl. It’s mostly about color. For example, a pink evolutionary tricycle is not really made for a boy. Differences in accessories (baskets, bucket, etc.) may also exist, but it is quite rare.

The evolution of the tricycle

Often, there are 4-in-1 evolutive tricycles. This means that the tricycle is able to transform into X different versions, depending on the needs and morphology of the child, by installing / uninstalling some removable parts. For example, at 9 months, the child sits in a baby seat with footrests at his height, a roll bar, a sunshade, and a parental handlebar. When it gets bigger, some parts will be removed or replaced, such as footrests, baby seat, roll bar, sun visor, etc.

Once the child has the ability to steer and pedal on his own, the parental handlebar will be removed, the handlebars and pedals will be activated, etc. It is preferable that the evolution tricycle proposes the maximum of transformation and settings, so that it can evolve with the child over the years.

Utilisation facility

There is nothing better than a machine whose use is intuitive. Some models have a certain ease of use, starting with the assembly of the various parts, the activation / deactivation of the handlebars and pedals, the folding / unfolding of the set, etc. The guidance system using the parental handlebar must also be effective. In this regard, check the user reviews, regarding the maneuverability of the model that interests you.


The very first evolutionary tricycle models had plastic tires. These had the advantage of being indestructible, but they made a lot of noise especially indoors, and had problems of adhesion. Today’s models feature rubber wheels, more comfortable and quiet, while remaining indestructible.

Comfort also affects many parts of the machine, the most important, the seat or the saddle. This part does not have to be all plastic, otherwise it will be very uncomfortable. Prefer quilted or foam models. The parental handlebar must also be ergonomic with non-slip parts for better control. The footrests must also be ergonomic, to provide greater comfort to the child.


It goes without saying that the evolutionary tricycle is above all a toy for the child. It must be attractive to him, with cool colors. While some models have a functional appearance, others look sportier and cooler. At this level, it is to each one his tastes and his colors.

Building materials

In general, evolutionary tricycles have a robust steel frame. It is the other parts that have to be checked, if we want to guarantee the longevity of the machine. By and large, a heavy-duty tricycle has been designed with durable and durable materials. Be careful though to check the handling of the machine, to see in the comments of users.

The price

This is a criterion that can vary greatly from one model to another. Think about doing a good comparison. With this kind of product, an entry-level model or mid-range is likely to interest you a lot, another high-end model that ultimately offers a lot of gadgets not necessarily useful.

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