Affordable Cat trees for maine coons – Top 5

Cat trees are essential elements in your cat’s life. Today, we give you the keys to choosing a cat tree and – Top 5 Affordable Cat trees for maine coons

Why does my cat need a cat tree?

Even if your cat spends most of his time sleeping, he needs to have something to let off steam when he is awake. Cats living only in apartments must have a cat tree. This allows them to exercise, to gain height and to satisfy their need to climb. And in general, a cat tree allows your cat to satisfy his hunting instinct, and  makes him happy .

The number of cats in your home

Before choosing your cat tree, you must know how many cats it is intended. If you live with several cats, there must be several places to lie down. Count a bunk per cat living in your home.

The place for the cat tree

Define upstream of the purchase, the place where will be arranged the cat tree. In this way, you will know exactly how big your cat tree will be. Keep in mind that while some items in the cat tree are a nuisance to traffic in the room, most can be rotated.

What height?

You will see that there can be cat trees of all sizes. From about 35cm to 3m! We advise you to take a cat tree at least 1m high if your cat is young and valiant. In case your cat is older, cat trees between 35 and 70cm will be enough.

There are also cat trees that can be attached to the ceiling or walls of the room. These are very popular with cats because they are much higher.

You have a cat, and your little animal sometimes seems bored, or on the contrary, it romps a little too much on your couch to make his claws? Why not invest in a cat tree? Some models that I have chosen are not so expensive, and can adapt to both a fearless and tumultuous cat, a cat calm who likes to sleep! These cat trees always offer scratching posts or scrapers, but also play areas. What to make their happiness and yours! Discover in this top 5 cat trees the best model for your little companion.

AmazonBasics Cat Activity with Scratching Posts


This cat tree is the cheapest of my selection. It’s also the simplest, but it can be perfect for a cat who wants to let off steam and rest! Its height of 17.7 inches for a diameter of 17 inches allows to install it without needing too much space at home. It has a small niche where the cat can sleep, but also two solid platforms on which he can jump, then observe the world. There are also two columns of natural sisal: its scratching post, which avoids disasters on my couch and carpet!  Too bad it is not very resistant! Be careful to put the AmazonBasics Cat Activity  cat tree against the wall, and check the screws from time to time,

See updated prices here: Cat Tree Activity AmazonBasics




Trixie – Purrfect Kitty Nest Hammock

Also small (40 cm in diameter and 50 cm high), this Trixie cat tree has poles covered with sisal. My cat is so clawed with vivacity! A toy hanging on a wire is also present, allowing it to play. But the main interest of this model is its small plush platform, in which my cat loves to curl up comfortably to sleep in peace or to watch the surroundings. It is well warm! The cream color is also adorable. Like the previous, this model is also practical: it does not take much space at home, and I found it rather easy to mount! Is best for a kitten but good enough for an adult large cat. See updated prices here: Trixie – Purrfect Kitty Nest Hammock

Trixie - Purrfect Kitty Nest Hammock






SONGMICS 62″ A large scratching post with multiple platforms

This model, available in grey with beige, is much larger than the previous one. With a height of 61.4″ and a width of 23.6″, the SONGMICS cat tree offers six platforms and one small toy to catch, enough to exercise my cat! The little cabin then allows him to rest quietly. There are also traditional columns covered with sisal, necessary characteristics of acat scratcher . In addition, when my cat scratched this scratch when returning from the outside, I was able to wash it by hand without damaging it. Be careful to tighten the screws from time to time or stall against a wall, to ensure better stability.

See updated prices here: SONGMICS 62″ A large scratching post with multiple platforms 




FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture  – Wonderful cat tree for a great price

In the second place of this top 5 cat tree is not the most expensive model , but the most complete! Available in several colors (gray, blue, beige, burgundy, patterned …) it is also the highest model (69.3″ high for a base of 19.7″ ). There are no less than three observation platforms, two small, soft huts where my cat can hide or sleep depending on his mood, and a few little mice he can try to catch. Of course, we must not forget the columns on which he can make his claws! This FurHaven model is pretty solid; however, the cabins are a bit small, so my cat was a little tight inside.

See updated prices here: FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture  – Wonderful cat tree for a great price






SONGMICS 67” – Best scratching post with games and platforms

Here is a model very big and sophisticated and most expensive! It is indeed 67″ high for a diameter of about 23.6″. This cat tree, therefore, requires space but has the advantage of offering three observation platforms on which my cat can jump. He can also take advantage of several sisal scratches to let off steam, or play with the little mouse on one of the platforms. In addition to jumping from one floor to another, the feline also has a small hut in which to hide, and 3 small hammocks where to sleep! My cat quickly adopted it. If the toy mouse is not always very strong and has not resisted the onslaught of my cat, this Lolipet model is very nice and I had no difficulty in mounting it. Note that it can accommodate up to three cats! This is the most complete cat tree and your cats will love i t.

SONGMICS 67” - Best scratching post with games and platforms

What are the criteria for choosing a cat tree?

Make sure there are platforms high up on the cat tree. Your cat will prefer to rest as high as possible. Be careful not to buy a cat tree measuring a size larger than yours, it will be difficult to catch up with your cat in this case.

Attention to the solidity

There are cat trees for heavy cats (weighing more than 5kg). Be sure to choose a cat tree adapted to the size of your cat. It has to be strong enough for him. Your cat must be able to perform his acrobatics safely.

Recognize the best cat tree

To recognize the best cat tree, you must first observe your cat and his behavior. Ask yourself the right questions, for example:

● Where does my cat prefer to lie down?

●  Where does he settle when he is full?

●  What is the maximum height at which it is installed?

The answers to these questions will help you find the best cat tree.

Then, the cat tree must have several elements. Count a comfortable and cozy hideaway, preferably removable for machine washing. Count at least two trays at the height that your cat prefers. And finally, the ideal cat tree will have a scratching post.

A cat tree must be comfortable and cozy. If after much research you have found the ideal cat tree but it lacks comfort, you can always add a cushion in the hiding place. It will be even easier to clean.

Or, you can check always the bestseller section from Amazon

How to make him interested in the cat tree?

If your cat is of the style to love catnip, do not hesitate to place it on the trunk and on the various trays of the cat tree so that he gets used to going there. The goal being that your cat spends the maximum time on it so that he recognizes it as his territory.

You can also place several toys already used by your cat on his tree. This will give him a sense of belonging.

Where to place the cat tree?

Do not hesitate to place the cat tree in a living room. The goal is that your cat does not feel isolated from family life. The best place to place the cat tree is near a window, in a place of passage. In this way your cat will feel superior and will have a permanent distraction.

Where to buy a good cat tree?

You can find very good models of cat tree in pet stores or garden centers. Be aware that e-shops have a lot of choice and offer prices more often attractive.

We advise you to favor branded cat trees that will be much more durable over time.

Affordable Cat trees for maine coons – Top 5 pict

Get started in the Do it Yourself!

If you do not find your happiness, you can still make yourself a cat tree . A little material and motivation will be necessary but you will be proud to offer your cat a unique cat tree!

There are also many sources of inspiration on Pinterest .