Attract wealth with Feng Shui – Tips For Beginners

  • Is it possible to draw money into one’s life really?
  • How to become rich?
These questions are stirring in the minds of millions of people. Some are turning to FENG SHUI for answers to these questions. But is He possessing magical power and is He able to do so, so that each interested can make a fortune? Or are they subjects of fiction? The TRUTH as always is in the middle.
Before using the FENG SHUI for your pursuit of wealth, be sure you are really READY !!!MONEY is not only banknotes or coins, but it is also above all, the DEFINED aspect of ENERGY !!! And this energy can be blocked because of the problems of the interior. And if you leave them without even trying to solve them, but only activate FENG SHUI methods for wealth, you may run into very serious problems. In other words, to be well off financially in life, you have to work on yourself.Then then! “Monetary” questions !!! The best way to know is to ask good questions and find the right answers. So if you want to know how to attract money, imagine as many questions as possible about money, and most importantly you have to write them down on paper. If there is more than one question – all the better for you. After having written you transfer it to a much higher rank and put before your unconsciousness a concrete task. At this moment it is REASON who will seek the answer knowing to “see the imposed goal”.Here are some examples of the questions you can ask yourself. – or I can find more money? -ow will I behave if I become rich?  -how can I have more sources of wealth?  -How can I solve my financial problems?  Etc.Little by little the brain will begin to find the answers, not perfect at first but after, and suddenly, new excellent ideas will appear in your head! Having answered, invent new questions about money and above all – note the good on the paper!ALL DAY SET YOUR EXPENSES!If you can not remember the exact amount, write down the approximate amount. For this purpose, I advise you to have a pebble apart or an application in your mobile or computer.How and why should there be results? Maybe and, highly likely, because the silver element is that will be controlled by the element of personality. In this regard the energy of money will be under your control as it must be in the course of things in nature.the ENVIRONMENT IS VERY IMPORTANT !!!If you want to understand the secrets of “keeping the money”, a good method is to surround yourself with people who have had a lot of success in financial matters and who know how to do it. Energy trading between you is going to be beneficial to start the process of attracting the river into your life. Of course, you can also consult books already presented on the market of the book, describing the life of the celebrities who were successful in his life.To become rich does not mean to resign a million euros, it is simply to change this perception of life and to reach another level of development of the personality.This is why it is desirable not only to intensify energy wealth with the help of FENG SHUIbut also, at the same time, grow as a personality.

TALISMANS of FENG SHUI to attract money. 

Feng Shui’s most popular lucky charms are the three-legged toad, the Chinese coins (tied by three with a red line), the sailboat, the paintings, the red doorlaces and others amulets.But I do not really like the idea of turning my home into a souvenir kiosk, what can I do? There are so many different recommendations and methods to become rich, that this single subject could be the subject of an entire book. Classic Feng Shui makes CHI energies work thanks to the production cycle of the elements. in this article, I’m talking about the most powerful wealth activator.WATER is the main symbol of money. One of the best methods of attracting income-enhancing influence is to introduce an aquatic element into one’s living environment. The aquatic element should not be too big – keep a sense of balance. Here are six Feng Shui enhancement items that you can incorporate into your home, but remember that these arrangements and items will not be effective if your home suffers the poison arrows attack, and if your Feng Shui defenses have not been properly implemented before you begin to activate the influences conferring good fortune. 

1) Install a BASIN near the front of your house.

The basin must have a diameter not larger than 104-110.5cm. Also, make sure that the basin is placed to the left of the main door. Make sure that the water is always circulating, that creates a precious yang energy, the running water represents the most excellent water. If you want, for example, 9 carp (the future wealth) or put the pond with water lilies and put lotuses in it – a favorable and sacred flower considered by Buddhists as one of the eight secret treasures.

2) Have a turtle in the NORTH sector. 

It can be a live turtle (sea or freshwater turtle) or a model of serum. The presence of this celestial creature brings wealth and luck and abundance. The turtle brings money and assistance from helpful people. its traditional place is NORD, which is also the place of the WATER element (so placing the turtle in a water container is a good idea).

3) A fish aquarium in the SOUTHEAST sector. 

To optimize the influence of wealth, it is very good to keep fish in the living room, especially in the southeast. The aquarium must be large enough so that nine goldfish (8 red and 1 black – to symbolically absorb the mischief that is destined for you) are at home.

4) Place a JADE plant in the SOUTH – EAST.

in other words, any kind of round-leaved or heart-shaped plant may represent the silver plant. Place it south-east, because this sector means prosperity and the element of wood. If the south-east is also YOUR favorable direction (according to your Kua number – which requires personal calculation), then you must energetize this area of your living room; your profit will increase

5) Create a small CASCADE in your garden. 

You can establish a small waterfall in front of your main door to attract a great influence of prosperity. It is important that the water goes to your door, rather than moving away – so it will bring luck.

6) Suspend lighting in the ENTRY.

If you hang a chandelier (crystal if possible) in your entrance to accommodate the CHI in your home, you will enjoy a wonderful chance. In the FENG SHUI, water and fire are two extremes of the elemental spectrum (water destroys fire), but they are also the two elements that must be energetic to attract wealth-enhancing influence. FENG SHUI brings real chances. The way you use these opportunities depends on your luck, and the depth of your own ambitions, aspirations, and determination. 
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