Affordable Cat trees for maine coons – Top 5

Cat trees are essential elements in your cat’s life. Today, we give you the keys to choosing a cat tree and – Top 5 Affordable Cat trees for maine coons

Why does my cat need a cat tree?

Even if your cat spends most of his time sleeping, he needs to have something to let off steam when he is awake. Cats living only in apartments must have a cat tree. This allows them to exercise, to gain height and to satisfy their need to climb. And in general, a cat tree allows your cat to satisfy his hunting instinct, and  makes him happy .

The number of cats in your home

Before choosing your cat tree, you must know how many cats it is intended. If you live with several cats, there must be several places to lie down. Count a bunk per cat living in your home.

The place for the cat tree


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The best cat trees 2018 – a comparative analysis 

High quality cat tree house – a comparative analysis 

  • Vesper
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • 18/20 points
  • Disadvantages
  • PAWZ Cat Tree
  • ⭐️⭐️
  • 15/20 points
  • Advantages
    Unbeatable price
    Simple but effective
  • Disadvantages
    A little bit smaller

Which cat tree to choose?

Comparative analysis of the top 3 cat trees for maine coons



Vesper – For large cats


Our little (or big) felines all have this habit of wanting to climb in height. In fact, it’s a natural instinct that drives them. When they are raised in an apartment or in a house, since there are no trees, they will rush on your different furniture to satisfy this need. Fortunately, brands like Vesper have designed what is known as cat trees. And precisely, this brand offers us here a particularly interesting model.


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