Find the best trio strollers for your baby and learn how to choose the perfect one

When a baby is born in a family the parents want all that is best for their child. Especially when they walk the baby outside they want to carry their baby conveniently and most importantly safely. o do this, you will ideally need both a stroller, a carrycot and a car seat. The 3-in-1 combined stroller gives you this option and can be used from birth to age 3, making it a great long-term investment for you and your baby. Choosing the right trio stroller for your needs is a difficult task, especially for new parents. We spent a lot of time finding the best strollers according to your budget. We found some models that are the best rated at the moment on the market and parents who choose them will find plenty of reasons to be satisfied.

The top 3 trio strollers you can choose from the market

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Orion

Bébé Confort Trio Streety Next

Black & White 2017

According to us, you will not be disappointed if you choose one of the 3 models presented above. If you are looking for the best, the Bébé Confort Trio Stroller Streety Next is one of the best choices of the moment in terms of both quality and value. If you prefer a 3-wheeled stroller, the Chicco Trio Activ3 Top will fill you up. Finally, for small budgets, the Black & White 2017 model is very popular with many parents.

The best trio all terrain trike 3 wheels market

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Orion stroller, one of the best brands at the moment, is both robust and easy to use. Indeed, this high-end model can tilt your baby from the car to his stroller safely.

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Orionstroller with suspension is particularly handy with its 3 large solid wheels and shock absorbers. In addition, this trio stroller for country and city roads folds in seconds with its one-handed system which will greatly facilitate your movements.


Quality: This is one of the most robust and durable models in the time of your baby’s birth when he no longer needs a stroller.

Ergonomics: One of the strengths of this stroller is its maneuverability on the move combined with its ease of use to switch from one mode to another.


Size: some users note that the stroller seems cumbersome especially for small chests, but this is still a very good choice if your main criterion is the strength.

If you are searching for this model of stroller you can find it here:

The best trio stroller compact price / quality ratio

Bébé Confort is another essential brand in this field and its Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller stroller for girls and boys is our preferred choice in terms of quality / price ratio. This model will suit the majority of parents looking for a 3-in-1 stroller that is easy to use, sturdy and comfortable for the baby with several possible inclinations.

The  Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller stroller allows you to move your baby safely with its 5-point harness. It is stable at the same time thanks to its wheels and it’s brake system while remaining compact compared to other competing models. Note that the stroller is even delivered with a mosquito device, a rain cover and a diaper bag.


Value for money: difficult to find better in the models of brands recognized for this price.

Ergonomics: if the chassis remains imposing for a security issue, the entire stroller is very compact and easy to transport by car.


Some users would have preferred only 3 wheels for better handling but we can not blame the brand to have everything on stability!

If you are searching for this model of stroller you can find it here:

The best stroller trio city cheap

The trio stroller Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System Stroller, Bennett available with a set of well-defined characteristics is one of the best sales of the moment thanks to its unbeatable price. If you are looking for the bare minimum without reducing the comfort and safety of your baby, this is a very good choice.

The main advantage of the Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System Stroller, Bennett stroller is its featherweight that makes it easy to travel with your baby on foot or by car. The folding of the stroller is very fast and the cozy, particularly light, too, is set up without problems in the car.


Compact: this is one of the smallest and lightest trio strollers that we found on the market while remaining a quality product.

Price: this is the ideal stroller for small budgets knowing that you will use it for about 3 years.


It’s really just designed as an infant seat and not something that will last into the toddler years, but it is a solid car seat with no shortcuts on safety or features.

What is a trio stroller?

A stroller trio the car seat, the pram, and the hammock stroller to obtain a safe and 100% compatible system while avoiding the separate purchase of multiple products by combining the 3 in 1. Thus, if you want to transport your baby in the car without waking him, just unlock the shell of the stroller, install it in the car and snap it on the base installed in the car. Simply fold the stroller and insert it into the trunk, and vice versa when you have to take your baby out of the car. In addition, an equivalent system is available with the pram, which is particularly useful in the first few months.

How to choose ?

There are a number of criteria to consider before buying a stroller, here are the main ones.

Number of wheels

A 3-wheel trio stroller (one at the front and 2 at the rear) is particularly maneuverable but at the expense of the stability of the trio 4-wheel strollers. Also, the choice must be made according to your use and especially depending on the type of terrain on which the stroller will ride and the speed of transport.

Quality of the seat

The overall quality of the product must be the number one priority for your baby to be safe in the car. To do this, consider using a car seat with absorbent foam to help protect your baby from side impact, and a 5-point safety harness that can be adjusted when your baby gets taller.


The ease of use directly depends on the folding system of the stroller. A quality model will prevent you from having to fight every time you have to fold or unfold the stroller, but also when you have to put your baby in the car. Some travel strollers even have a one-handed folding mechanism. A speed of execution is very useful in the summer during hot weather in winter when temperatures are negative for the health of the baby. Note that the weight of the cozy and the nacelle are also to be taken into account.

How to ride, open and fold ?

Each model is different even if we find similarities in some brands. Also, it is advisable to read the instructions before using a trio stroller.

To open a trio stroller, it is usually enough to:

  • unlock the chassis
  • unfold the chassis
  • press the foot pedal
  • deploy the roll bar

Similarly, here are the steps to fold a trio stroller:

  • back up the file
  • fold up the hood
  • fold down the roll bar
  • press the buttons on the handles
  • pull on the central handle
  • fold the chassis
  • lock the chassis using the side latch

How to maintain and wash ?

Like all objects that babies and young children use regularly, they end up getting dirty. To wash your stroller, here are some simple steps to make it look like new in no time!

Using a hand-held vacuum cleaner (or the smallest tip of your vacuum cleaner), vacuum all the crumbs and other debris trapped in your baby’s seat fabric. Corners and creases are the areas that need the most attention.

Thoroughly clean the fabric areas with a slightly damp cloth (and some mild soap if the stroller is very dirty). With a dry towel, wipe off excess water and soap and allow to dry in a damp room or in the sun.

The metal and plastic components of your stroller must also be cleaned. Take the opportunity to inspect the parking brake to ensure that it locks both wheels securely and free from dirt such as leaves and hair.

Avoid using strong detergents even for metal areas as these products can scratch, discolor and weaken plastic or even cause corrosion on metal surfaces.

Inspect the wheels of your stroller to make sure they are in good working order. If you use your stroller on the road and paths, it is normal for them to get dirty. You can remove most stroller wheels for better access and clean all dirt. To remove the wheels, simply release the release button on the wheels (refer to the instruction manual supplied with your stroller if necessary)

After washing and air-drying the stroller, never bend the stroller while it is still wet to prevent rust and mold from appearing. Also, make sure the stroller is dry before storing.

When storing your stroller for a long time, be sure to cover it to prevent dust accumulation and sun exposure. Do not stack other items on top of the stroller as much as you can.


As you can understand in our guide, strollers with all-in-one features have the ability to take your baby anywhere with you. You are now informed to make the best decision to choose the best trio stroller for your baby. Feel free to leave a comment for any question!

The best massage seats and how to find the perfect one for your relaxing time?

If like me you do not particularly like anyone touching you, the massage seat has become the affordable solution to save money when you see the often excessive price of a massage in an institute. If you suffer from back pain or simply stress, a massage chair will allow you without breaking the bank to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a massage in the privacy and comfort of your home or even in your car. We have selected for you the best massage seats on the market according to your budget to help you make the right choice!

Top 3 massaging seats


Homedics CBS-1000

Medisana MCN

To sum up, the Homedics CBS-1000 heated massage seat remains a safe bet and our first choice at the moment thanks to its many options and its solidity. If you want to use your massage chair in your car, we recommend the brand Naipo which offers a heating model to connect to the cigarette lighter. Finally, for small budgets, the model Medisana MCN seems to be a good alternative.

Here is our comparative chart before seeing each massage seat in details:

Find the best hiking shoes for men with the help of our guide

To make the most of your hikes in good conditions, it is essential to get quality shoes. But it’s not easy to choose the brand and the model … That’s why I offer this detailed shopping guide to help you choose the best hiking shoe to suit your budget!

Which hiking shoes for men to choose?

We searched and we found the best models you can choose from:

  • Salomon Speedcross 4
  • Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX
  • Asics Gel-Mission 3

Salomon Speedcross 4: The best hiking shoes on the market?

If you have been looking for a good hiking shoe for a long time, but have not found a pair that has managed to satisfy you so far, this Salomon Speedcross 4 could interest you. This is a high-end pair designed to provide you with the grip and comfort you need when hiking at all times. Lightweight, comfortable, offering a very good grip, this pair of hiking shoes has everything to please and reap the praise of users.

The strong points

Lightness: This pair of hiking shoes is famous for its lightness, and stands out from the usual heavy pairs. Indeed, it weighs only 280 to 330 g, which will allow you to perform much longer sessions, many more kilometers while enjoying its comfort. In hiking, the lightness of your shoes is a very important parameter, and you will easily stand out from your partners in terms of performance and endurance.

Comfort: Comfort is also an important criterion when choosing a pair of hiking shoes. No one wants to wear shoes that make you feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable. Thanks to its Sensifit system, this Salomon Speedcross 4 will perfectly surround your feet, resulting in a precise and secure fit. The Gore-Tex liner also keeps your feet dry, even when you’re out in the rain.

Adhesion: It is especially on this point that this model is so much praise from users. One of them even compared his soles to MTB tires, with his long crampons. The brand has christened its Wet Traction Contagrip outsole. Some even speak of aggressive and impeccable grip, even on steep, technical roads and trails with very little grip.

Quicklace: This pair of hiking boots benefits from the Quicklace lacing system, allowing quick and easy lacing. You’ll be able to secure and maintain your feet quickly, effortlessly and without knots.

The weak spots

Not suitable for bitumen: According to some users, this pair would not really be suitable for bitumen, because of its long rubber studs that cause a floating effect. The latter could also experience premature wear if one often uses these shoes on such a surface.

You can find a pair of hiking shoes like this right here:

Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX: the best quality / price ratio of the moment

If you do not like the models to fighters, because you appreciate those who can blend in even when you go to the city, the Salomon brand also has something to satisfy your desires. The Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX has more or less the same design as the Speedcross 4 GTX, but more discreet, which makes it a particularly versatile model and appreciated by many users, especially with its attractive price/quality ratio.

The strong points

Design: The Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX sports a particularly discreet design, quite the opposite of what we are used to seeing in some hiking shoes. This discretion, the urban look, it must be admitted, several brands are now trying to apply on this type of shoes, although it is difficult to combine performance. On this point, it must be said that this model is simply perfect. He will be able to sneak into the city while remaining formidable in the technical trails.

Wide choice of colors: As usual with the brand, this model is offered with a wide choice of colors, unlike others that offer only a limited choice (3 or 4 colors to choose from). With this model, you will have a little less than twenty colors to choose from, what guarantee you to find exactly the model that suits you best.

A true hiking shoe: Under its air of ordinary sneakers hides a real hiking shoe. She will not blink, even when the weather is unfavorable. This pair of shoes will provide you with the support, comfort and grip you need, regardless of the outdoor conditions.

Good grip: Thanks to its crampons, this pair of hiking boots will give you a very good grip on technical trails, even if it will not match a Speedcroos 4 GTX on muddy. But unlike the latter, the sole of this model will be much more versatile, and will be much better adapt to the bitumen, for example. It goes without saying that this model is not afraid of steep paths.

The weak spots

Small shoe: You must be careful when choosing the size because many users have realized that this pair of shoes is small. Remember to take into account the feet that swell, but also the thickness of your socks.

You can buy it from here:

Asics Gel-Mission 3: the best cheap hiking shoes

Many users do not necessarily look for top performance and do not go on the trails very rarely. That said, they are looking for a good pair of shoes that can cash well on a daily basis. For this type of need, a cheap entry-level hiking shoe will do the job, like the Asics Gel-Mission 3 model. With its urban look, it will satisfy you for your long walks in the city, and will ensure the shot if it takes you a sudden desire to enter the beaten track.

The strong points

Design: This pair of hiking boots hides its game well. It offers an urban look particularly discreet and classy, to the point that one can perfectly wear it even to go to work, even if it is especially suitable for long walks (races in town, walking tour of a new city on vacation, etc.). In any case, many have appreciated this modern sneaker, especially because it knows how to adapt to all occasions.

Comfort: This model is renowned for its comfort, which is quite normal for a hiking shoe. It will be well suited for long walks of several hours and several kilometers, without making you feel uncomfortable.

Good grip: This pair of shoes offers a good grip, thanks to a good design of its rubber sole. Already, the latter is slip-resistant. But it also offers a few strategically spaced spike plates, especially forward, to provide good grip on steep paths.

Lightness: One of the most appreciated benefits with low hiking shoes is their lightness allowing to walk with ease even for several hours. And it turns out that lightness is one of the greatest qualities of this model.

The weak spots

Messy: According to some users, these shoes would get dirty quite easily. Fortunately, they are also easy to clean.

You can find it right here:

Merrell Moab 2 Wind: the best hiking shoes for wide feet?

If, on the other hand, you prefer shoes with an adventurous look, which will affirm your intention to go hiking or to make an adventure off the beaten path, you can turn to the Merrell brand and especially to its model Moab 2 Wind. The brand describes this pair of shoes as being multi-activity, so it offers a certain versatility, which is not to displease a good number of users. Here are some of his greatest qualities.

The strong points

Comfort: This is one of the most sought-after qualities when it comes to hiking shoes. Indeed, comfort is particularly important, especially when it is often long walks of several hours. At this level, this model is particularly appreciated by users, who feel a sense of ease and lightness when they put this pair of shoes.

Molded on the foot: Always in relation to the comfort, the maintenance of the foot that offers this pair is exemplary. Looks like the pair you bought was perfectly molded to your foot. This is possible thanks to a carefully designed holding system (stem, yaw, insole), well designed to avoid any compression by point, which could cause some discomfort.

Versatile: This model is announced as the pair of multi-activity shoes par excellence. Thanks to an anatomical footbed and a durable insole, quick changes of terrain and/or activities go smoothly with this pair of shoes, which will guarantee you comfort at any time thanks to its cushioning insole, as well as the necessary adhesion thanks to its Vibram outsole.

The weak spots

Small shoe: Be careful when choosing your size, especially when you are not yet used to the brand. Indeed, the shoe models of the latter are reputed to be small shoes. Plan to choose a size above.

Columbia Peakfreak Venture: an interesting alternative …

The trend among users is now to have a pair of sneakers that can withstand the hectic pace of everyday life, with long walks and strolls on uneven ground, all without this being seen at the pace of the shoe. In other words, we love more and more the discreet and urban look, whereas it is rather a pair of hiking shoes. In this register, the Columbia brand has exactly the right model, a discreet look, but a pair able to ensure the blow for classic hikes.

The strong points

Design: Thus, urban design is gaining more and more hiking shoes. As with this model, we are a thousand miles away from imagining that this pair can be used for classic hiking. Of course, we will have to look for something else if it is a more technical hike. But this pair has the advantage of knowing how to blend in the mass, even in town or at work.

Performance: As said before, this is a pair of hiking shoes. It will represent for you a true ally during your punctual sessions of classic hikes. If you plan a strictly urban use (races in town, etc.), as well as say that this pair will make you enjoy its great resistance, but also its comfort. Indeed, hiking shoes have been specially designed to provide a certain level of comfort, so that the user can walk without problems for hours.

Adhesion: With its rubber sole and Omni Grip system, this pair of shoes offers a formidable grip on most surfaces. If you examine the outsole, you will notice star-shaped crampons towards the inside of the foot. These have been specially designed to give you the grip you need on the rough and wet ground to your main points of support.

Waterproof: This pair also benefits from Omni-Tech technology, making it both breathable and waterproof with watertight seams. You will not fear rainy outings or puddles on your way.

The weak spots

Small width: Some users have expressed the opinion that the width of the shoe would be more or less small, which can cause some discomfort for those who have a rather wide foot.

You can find the model right here:

Hiking shoe high or low?

This is a question that comes up very frequently. As with any product with a variant (option), it is normal that each model has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the biggest differences between high and low hiking shoes, so you can choose better.

Compromise between weight, comfort and maintenance

When hiking, comfort is very important. From this criterion will depend on the walker’s performance, distance and walking time that he can perform. This is particularly why hiking shoes are particularly famous for their comfort. But be aware that a low hiking shoe is more comfortable because it frees the ankle joint. However, it will not be suitable for hikes on a more technical terrain, which requires a shoe offering more support, in other words, a hiking shoe with a high stem.

Needless to say, a high-stemmed hiking boot will also be a few grams heavier. However, maintaining it will allow you to make more distance, especially when you have to carry a backpack of a certain weight because your joints in the ankle will be less stressed.

In short, if you plan a city use, or light and classic hikes, it will be best to turn to low-rise hiking shoes, lighter and more flexible. For more technical terrain (hilly, uneven, uneven, etc.), choose without hesitation hiking shoes with high upper, or mid, the compromise between the two.


How to choose your hiking shoe?

The hike is a particularly appreciated practice because it allows a total escape in nature, a change of scenery far from any stress. However, you must have the right equipment, including a good hiking shoe, to prevent a day that should be particularly pleasant turns into a true path of cross and suffering. It will, therefore, be necessary to choose your hiking shoe. Here are just a few criteria to consider.

Define your needs

Are you in search of thrills, do you prefer long mountain treks on very technical terrain, or are you rather fond of good ballads in the parks, or do you prefer to walk to visit a city? To each of these questions will correspond to a type of shoe more adapted than another. The first thing to do will be to define your needs.

Basically, for hardcore, prefer hiking shoes with high stem, for its protection, maintenance, and tightness. For softer hikes, opt for hiking shoes with the mid or low rod. Same if you only plan long walks in the city. Indeed, the models with the low stem are the lightest and the most flexible.

Choose the sole

When we talk about hiking, we logically hear rugged terrain, steep, with uneven or even muddy. In other words, it is necessary that the hiking shoe can offer a very good grip or a very good grip. This is achieved through a sole with many crampons. The larger they will be, the more they will offer a good grip, but on the other hand, they will be less adapted to the bitumen. In other words, the choice of the sole will also depend on your need.

Choose the shoe size

It’s important to feel comfortable in your shoe, even at the end of the day when your feet are swollen. This is why it is often advisable to choose a size above when it comes to sports shoes. For this purpose, it should be known that many brands foot small. In this case, think about choosing a size one and a half times above yours. Feel free to confirm by consulting the user reviews.

Remember that when we talk about shoe size, we are not talking only about the length. The width is also important to take into account. This is the size of footwear. If you have feet a little wider than the average, try to find a hiking shoe for a wide foot. Normally, this data must be included in the product characteristics. Same for the type of stride (pronation, supination or neutral).


A good hiking shoe must be very comfortable, and this must be felt from the first pose. Of course, as part of an online purchase, it will be difficult to judge before the purchase. That said, you can browse the different user reviews to get an idea of not only the brand but also the comfort and all the positive points reported about the model you want.


Looking for thermal lawn mowers? Here is a guide to help you out

For owners of a large garden, nothing like a thermal lawn mower to maintain its green space in perfect condition without spending hours and hours. Still, need a reliable and effective model! Fortunately, this buying guide will help you choose from the best thermal clippers of the moment according to your budget and the size of your garden!

Which thermal lawn mower to choose?

Comparative analysis of the top 3 thermal mowers

  • McCulloch M46-160AWRPX
  • Greencut GLM770SX
  • Alpina BL 460

McCulloch M46-160AWRPX: the best thermal mower on the market?

The McCulloch M46-160AWRPX thermal mower is a mower for gardens of less than 1500 m². It can be qualified as a professional lawnmower since it has a casing with a cutting width of 46 cm and housing a blade PX3 very robust and sharp. You'll be sure to get great mowing results whether in pickup mode, mulching or rear ejection. Discover the peculiarities of this self-propelled mower.

The strong points

Cutting Mode: The McCulloch M46-160AWRPX mower is suitable for all cutting methods you know. So you have a 50 liter collector for garbage collection if you are a fan of a clean and clean lawn. A mulching kit is also available if you wish to proceed in this way for the mowing of your garden. Otherwise, your waste will be ejected directly to the back of the mower.

An excellent cut: McCulloch has developed the PX3 blade to tackle tough conditions. In addition to its robustness and sharpness, its aggressive design is particularly noteworthy, as it allows the mower to make an excellent cut especially in mulching mode. You have 6 levels of cutting height adjustment from 30 to 80 mm if you want to mow your lawn in green English, classic or meadow.

The Variable Speed Drive: The McCulloch M46-160AWRPX thermal mower has a 160cc Honda GCV160 engine. This motor drives both the cutting blade and the wheels of the mower thanks to the self-propelled drive system. You can then adjust the speed of the mower to your liking, your left hand or your right hand thanks to the presence of a double joystick.

User comfort: The handle of the M46-160AWRPX is covered with Operator Presence Control (OPC) rubber for comfort and support. With the help of Auto Prime technology, the manual start of the mower does not require too much effort on your part.

Ergonomics: If the front wheels of the mower are 190 mm in diameter, those that are back are 280 mm to facilitate your maneuvers during mowing. It is also good to point out that the handlebar of the device folds on itself so that its storage is optimal. Finally, the cleaning of the mower is facilitated by the existence of Gardena water hose connection.

The weak spots

Sound comfort: If the sound pressure level exerted by the McCulloch M46-160AWRPX mower at the user's ears is rated at 81 dB (A). Near the device, it is measured at 95 dB (A) with a guaranteed sound power (Lwa) of 96 dB (A). The M46 does not make any revolution on this point and like any thermal mower, can be used only at regulated schedules.

You can find a model like we talked about before right here:

Greencut GLM770SX: the best quality / price ratio of the moment

Greencut is a Spanish brand that offers among its articles, garden tools such as the lawn mower. Its towed thermal mower GLM770SX is very interesting in terms of quality / price, because the device is powerful in terms of engine, efficient cutting point of view, solid in design and yet offered at a very affordable price. The GLM770SX mower has other qualities that we invite you to discover in the following lines.

The strong points

The engine: The Greencut GLM770SX mower is equipped with a powerful 4-stroke 165cc engine for 6 HP. Its OHV (overhead valve) and air-cooled design ensures excellent cutting results and at the same time avoids pushing the mower with the dynamic self-propulsion system that drives the rear wheels.

Ergonomics: Control knobs are located on the handlebars so you can adjust the mower's forward speed and cutting speed. Speaking of the handlebar, it is foldable, comfortable, because it is quilted V-Grip and has a cup holder in case you want to have on hand a little refreshment. You also have a CDI electronic ignition, as well as an Easy-start system to facilitate the manual start of the mower.

Cutting mode: You can opt for a garbage collection when mowing, because the GLM770SX is equipped with a 65-liter collection bag with filling indicator. You can also choose mulching as a cutting mode, so freshly cut grass is immediately returned to the lawn for composting. Finally, if your grass is a bit longer, you can adopt an ejection from the rear or side of the waste.

Durability: The frame of the Greencut GLM770SX thermal mower is both strong and durable because it is made of steel. It is the same for the wheels which have a rigid rim and internal wheel covers to avoid the penetration of dirt in the engine compartment. Finally, it should be noted that all bearings used on the GLM770SX are shielded.

The price / quality ratio: The GLM770SX is part of the range of mowers with excellent value for money. Indeed, Greencut has been particularly careful in the design of the mower both in terms of work efficiency, but also in terms of the strength of the whole. The selling price, on the other hand, is more than affordable considering all its qualities.

The weak spots

Limited power: Despite a 165cc engine, the Greencut GLM770SX can not work on slopes of more than 5%. Indeed, the fact that it is a 4-stroke engine greatly limits its effectiveness, because this type of engine can not ensure a good injection of fuel in case of significant unevenness.

You can find a model like this one right here:

Alpina BL 460: a cheap but reliable thermal mower

If you are looking for a powerful, handy but inexpensive thermal mower, we recommend the Alpina model BL 460. This Italian brand is part of the STIGA Group, a consortium including brands such as Mountfield, Atco and Castelgarden, which specializes in the manufacture of lawn mowers and motorized garden tools. The Alpina is not a novice in the middle and the characteristics of this model BL 460 attest the quality of its products.

The strong points

The price: The Alpina BL 460 is a push mower offered at a very good price. This is one of the hallmarks of this Italian brand, offering high quality gardening products that are efficient and effective, but at affordable prices.

The engine: The Alpina BL 460 is equipped with a 125cc Briggs & Stratton 450 engine. Its 1750-watt power combined with a 46-cm casing width allows you to obtain effective cuts for an area of up to 1400 m². The engine is a 4-stroke type OHV , very easy to start, quiet, compact and lightweight, but especially offers a reduced vibration to provide you with excellent comfort of use.

Starting mode: The Alpina BL 460 mower is started by launcher. However, thanks to the Magnetron® electronic ignition system included in the B & S 450 engine, it is easy to start the machine and requires no maintenance. All you have to do is pull the handle while holding the engine brake for the turn to play.

Ergonomics: With a weight of only 24 kg, the Alpina BL 460 mower is particularly easy to handle. This handling is all the more underlined by the fact that the rear wheels are larger (240 mm) than the front wheels (180 mm). You can also adjust the handlebars at your convenience for a comfortable posture while mowing. Finally, note that it can be folded for convenient storage of the mower.

The weak spots

Some missing features: Given the price offered by the brand Alpina for this mower BL 460, it is quite normal that it had to make some concessions on the features of the device. Among the most important, it is good to know that the mower is not towed, but pushed. You also can not mulch with this BL 460, but only a cut with pickup or ejection at the back.

You can find a related product like this one right here:

Lawn mower thermal or electric?

Behind any beautiful grass, there is a lawn mower, and when we talk about the latter, we must know that it is developed with several types of engine. Every engine has its advantages and limits, but the choice to choose one type over another depends largely on your needs and expectations. If you hesitate between the lawn mower model with thermal engine or electric motor, here are some elements that could enlighten you.

The advantages and disadvantages of a heat engine

The engine develops more power than any other engine and can mow large areas up to 2000 m². In addition to being able to handle a large area, the engine is quite comfortable, regardless of the height of the grass to be mowed, and can do the job with efficiency and speed unmatched. You will not have to mow your lawn frequently.

On the other hand, it sins from the point of view of comfort of use, in particular because it is noisy, polluting and that it vibrates a lot. As a result, the use of a thermal engine lawnmower is framed by well-established schedules by local authorities. Finally, a combustion engine requires more maintenance than any other mower engine, especially with regard to the oil, the spark plug and the air filter.

The advantages and disadvantages of an electric motor

Unlike the engine, the electric motor is sober and very ecological (harmful particle rejection and energy consumption), to the delight of your neighbors and the planet. So you can use it anytime. In addition, by its simple design (coil, coal and rotor), the motor of the electric mower does not require too much maintenance.

On the other hand, with a smaller power, the electric lawnmower is intended for a restricted surface (less than 1000 m² for the most efficient). You will even have to mow your lawn frequently since it is not very suitable for tall grass. The question of the electrical connection wire is also to be solved. Indeed, it can easily become a constraint or discomfort when you mow.


Towed or thrown thermal lawn mower?

The major difference between a towed lawn mower and a powered lawn mower is that for a towed version, the motor serves both to drive the blades, but also to turn the wheels. So you just have to position the mower and it will advance itself for mowing. Of course, the price of each type will be different with a clear advantage for the advanced version.

But be aware that a push lawn mower is largely enough for a small area to mow. By its maneuverability, it is also ideal for any garden with a lot of obstacles and allows you especially to insist on difficult to access parts. On the other hand, you need elbow grease to mow, a good opportunity to use physically.

For larger gardens, opt for the towed version. You will have to follow the path of the thermal grass, but you will be exempt from the effort to push the mower. Less tiring to use and especially fast, this type of mower offers a significant help for mowing sloping gardens.

If you're not against some of the mowing efforts in your garden, and your body still allows it, take the advanced version of the thermal lawn mower. Otherwise, choose the towed mower that is much more comfortable.

How to choose your lawn mower?

About to buy a thermal lawn mower? You make the right choice because this type of device has several advantages besides being the cheapest compared to other technologies. Indeed, it is more autonomous, more powerful and above all more robust since you invest on a reliable device and can last for years if it is well maintained. But before any purchase, it is better to know the characteristics. Here are some indications that could enlighten you in this direction, without drowning you in the information.

The characteristics of the engine

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about engines is power. But rather than dwell on the horses developed by the engine, often imprecise on its actual capacity, it is better to take into account the engine displacement and engine torque when it comes to the mower. These references actually show the rotational power of the cutting blade.

Most current mowers are equipped with 4-stroke engines, relegating the 2-stroke engine to the background. Indeed, the 4-stroke has the advantage of starting more easily, providing high torque and power, as well as a more visible reduction of noise. On the other hand, the 2 time supplants it on the sloping ground by the capacity of the latter to keep all its power.

Start mode

The mower's thermal engine can be started electrically or manually. For the first, the device will have a battery connected to a starter. The engagement is done by key or at the touch of a button. For the second, however, the start is by the launcher. It is a cord connected to a handle that allows driving the engine when pulled in a fast and dry motion.

More comfortable and easier to use, the electric start gives you physical effort. In return, you must charge the battery from time to time, or even replace it. If you prefer the classic launcher, opt for an engine with an Easy Start for an easier start.

The type of advancement

Pushed or towed? We have already discussed the subject a little higher, but the type of advancement to be used will depend very much on the nature of your garden both in terms of surface and layout.

The push mower is the basic model. Its price is generally very affordable, but as its name suggests, you must push it to mow. It can use physically but has the advantage of being very handy which makes it suitable for small gardens, or those with many obstacles.

The towed lawn mower is the most used. Unlike the push mower, it has a device that makes it go on its own. So you'll just have to steer the device and follow it while it's all about mowing the lawn.

Cutting characteristics

By cutting characteristic, reference is made to the cutting width and the cutting height. The cutting width for a push or pull mower usually ranges from 30 to 60 cm. Simply put, the greater the width of the cut, the more time you will spend mowing or covering more surface.

As for the height of cut, it is between 14 and 76 mm and can be adjusted in stages (4 to 8 positions). Mowing a conventional lawn is usually 35 to 45 mm high.

Cutting mode

If you want a crisp, clean lawn, opt for a grass catcher. It avoids any projection, but requires you, however, a few backs and forth to the waste to empty the tray usually small.

Conversely, the mulching mode is based on a very fine grinding of the grass and let the waste spread uniformly to the passage of the mower. These constitute a natural compost and fertilizer. However, you will have to mow the lawn frequently, already because it is fed, but also because most mulching mowers are not effective with tall grass.

Otherwise, choose a side or rear discharge for fast and efficient mowing. Nevertheless, know that aesthetics will be left aside even if the waste is more or less distributed evenly on the lawn.

A short guide about finding the perfect connected bulbs

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Affordable Cat trees for maine coons – Top 5

Cat trees are essential elements in your cat’s life. Today, we give you the keys to choosing a cat tree and – Top 5 Affordable Cat trees for maine coons

Why does my cat need a cat tree?

Even if your cat spends most of his time sleeping, he needs to have something to let off steam when he is awake. Cats living only in apartments must have a cat tree. This allows them to exercise, to gain height and to satisfy their need to climb. And in general, a cat tree allows your cat to satisfy his hunting instinct, and  makes him happy .

The number of cats in your home

Before choosing your cat tree, you must know how many cats it is intended. If you live with several cats, there must be several places to lie down. Count a bunk per cat living in your home.

The place for the cat tree

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The best cat trees 2018 – a comparative analysis 

High quality cat tree house – a comparative analysis 

  • Vesper
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • 18/20 points
  • Disadvantages
  • PAWZ Cat Tree
  • ⭐️⭐️
  • 15/20 points
  • Advantages
    Unbeatable price
    Simple but effective
  • Disadvantages
    A little bit smaller

Which cat tree to choose?

Comparative analysis of the top 3 cat trees for maine coons



Vesper – For large cats


Our little (or big) felines all have this habit of wanting to climb in height. In fact, it’s a natural instinct that drives them. When they are raised in an apartment or in a house, since there are no trees, they will rush on your different furniture to satisfy this need. Fortunately, brands like Vesper have designed what is known as cat trees. And precisely, this brand offers us here a particularly interesting model.


👍 The strong points

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