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According to Chinese Astrology, the period that is approaching will be the year of the Pig. In order for good energies to be extracted from this new phase, it is possible to have practices that culminate in healing and prosperity. One option is to enjoy the positive vibrations and include the use of an ancient science that provides for the arrangement of objects and the organization of spaces as a way to attract good influences from nature. Discover below some tips of Feng Shui 2019 .
The Year of the Pig in the Chinese Horoscope Each year, an animal figure is attributed to the period to represent it, which is believed to directly influence the intensity and characteristics of its events. The new year marks the opportunity to start cycles and the start of new projects. Of course, occurrences of a negative nature are foreseen, but they can be avoided with the advice of Feng Shui 2019 that we will see soon.There are five elements that go hand in hand with animal figures of the Chinese calendar, they are: fire, water, wood, earth and metal. The impact exerted by each of them is associated to the year of birth of each individual. Only with such information in hands is it possible to foresee the episodes that are to come and have Feng Shui to deal with them wisely.

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Colors applied to the Feng Shui tips 2019 The year of the Pig will come with all the stability and with all the sense of depth belonging to the Earth. In terms of energy, what can be affirmed is that there will be a balance between the Earth and the other four elements – fire, water, wood and metal. On the other hand, the animal of 2019 is dominated by water and wood.The consequence is the creation of a favorable atmosphere for fun, for activities that cause pleasure and for high rates of sociability. And, when the subject covers colors, white and red prevail, as well as its derivatives – gold and orange, respectively.The question is: how to apply these tones in your space? One of the tips of Feng Shui 2019 says that the residents or frequenting of the building need to feel and experience the colors that will permeate the walls, furniture, paintings and other objects of ornamentation.Each one reacts in a different way to the colors and that is why a previous test is so recommended. And because the effect of the colors is therapeutic, it is necessary to be careful with the sensations that are aroused and with the energies that are activated.

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How each color can influence the energy of Feng Shui 2019 Start a practical exercise by choosing a smaller room or one with which you feel more comfortable to see how white and gold, as well as red and orange, can be incorporated.
Nothing prevents you from applying other colors in your home or workplace. It only seeks to know the meaning of each of them. We select the most popular and present tones in the adoption of Feng Shui :
  • Yellow – Represents wealth, abundance, power, gold. It is indicated for offices and study rooms for encouraging concentration and stability.
  • Green – Represents family, births and harmony in interpersonal coexistence. In a lighter shade, green is indicated for rooms for babies and children. It is also recommended in new homes.
  • Blue – Represents tranquility, peace and harmony. It is indicated for rooms in general and spaces intended for the practice of meditation or other relaxing activities.
  • Red –  Represents passion, warmth and energy. It is contraindicated for rooms by awakening the energy that causes insomnia and irritability.  Represents love, romance and joviality, as well as being the mixture between white and red. It is indicated for rooms, study rooms and reception / entrance halls
  • Purple – Represents the balance between the feelings of love and wisdom, precisely because it is the mixture of red and blue. It is indicated for environments where prayers are made or where meditation and yoga are practiced.
  • White – Represents creativity, peace and purity. It is indicated to expand smaller spaces, to give color to windows and doors, as well as frames in general. However, too much white generates anxiety – be careful when dosing the tone.
  • Gray –  Represents the balance and cessation of discussions and conflicts, not to mention that it derives from the mixture between black and white. It is indicated for environments where friends and relatives, clients and colleagues are received.
  • Black –  Represents wisdom and intellectual. It is indicated for study or work rooms, for libraries or for creation studios. Excess black can cause a feeling of gloomy atmosphere. Then, be careful in your application.
Tips for Feng Shui 2019 and the guides of Bagua Guas are each of the corners of a Bagua, a tool of Feng Shui used in the plane of a building to identify the harmony to be stimulated in their environments. Each guide represents an area of our lives: career, friends, creativity, relationship, success, prosperity, family, health, wisdom and spirituality.To know how to apply the Bagua in the plane of your property, the step by step is very simple, see below:
  1. Have the plan of the property with which you want to work and check if all the rooms are included in it;
  2. Separate your Bagua. If you do not have one, print it and cut it, respecting its octagonal format;
  3. Position the work guide at the main entrance door of the building on the map;
  4. Centralize the Bagua until it is completely embedded in the plane (without ignoring step number 3).
  5. Repeat the process for how many buildings you have. If you are analyzing the plan of a building with more than one floor, redo the steps from 1 to 4, but replacing the entrance door with the access ladder.

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