Essential feng shui guide for furniture arrangement

An essential guide to feng shui for arranging furniture, where and how to accommodate them. If you have ever prepared something about feng shui, you know that the proper flow and movement of energy in the home, called chi, can make the difference between happiness, success, and prosperity. And part of that flow is directly related to the way furniture is placed.
When the furniture is not arranged correctly, this can create blockages, unpleasant surprises and lack of growth and success. Read these tips for each room in the house on how to maximize the energy of your home and your good fortune, with a good placement of feng shui furniture.

Livingroom feng shui

This is the room that represents the whole house. The small version of the footprint of the whole house can be considered, so it is a very important room. This is also the room that has the greatest influence on the whole family since it is where the family meets. It is vital that this room is ready to invite energy movements, compatibility and family harmony. The best arrangement for furniture is the conversational arrangement. This is when the chairs and sofas are arranged facing each other facing at right angles to each other. This encourages bonding and conversation, especially when the TV or fireplace is perpendicular to the seating area. The conversational arrangement puts the emphasis on people compared to focal points, such as the TV or the fireplace. It also removes furniture from the walls. When the furniture is removed to the room, the chi can move freely and without problems around the furniture, and this helps to improve prosperity, health and happiness. It also fosters opportunities to come to the family.

The bedroom feng shui

Second to the living room is the bedroom. Contrary to the living room, the bedroom is a place where having a good solid support behind the bed helps to improve health and a healthier and safer sleep. The bed should always be placed so that the occupants can see the view of the door from the bed. When a bed is placed on the same wall as the door, unpleasant surprises may arise for residents. It is also important that the bed is not on the same wall as the toilet, shower, bathtub or sink. It’s okay if you share a wall with the bathroom, as long as those plumbing fixtures are not on that same wall. If the bedroom is designed in such a way that there is no solid wall to place the bed, then turn the bed at an angle, again, so that the occupants can see the door from the bed. A large dresser placed behind the bed in the corner can serve as a wall.
Dining room
The dining room represents the wealth of the family. It is where food is shared, and because it is so, it is also considered a room that also represents health. It is a symbol of family unity, holidays and special occasions, so it must look attractive and tasteful. The tables should be solid and sit in the center of the room. The room should have an aspect of wealth and abundance, so lighting is essential. The head of the family should sit at the far end of the entrance to the room. That’s because that’s the command position.

The home office feng shui

If the home office is used to pay bills or tasks from time to time, its location is not so critical. However, when the office is used as a workplace or when running a business, it is essential that the office be set up to promote prosperity and the arrival of new business opportunities, such as sales, new customers, etc. That is why all desks must be placed in the executive style of the room. While it may be easier to push them against the wall because all wall plugs are there, try to avoid this. Removing the desk from the room will help bring more prosperity instead of obstacles, as does a desk against the wall. Another critical concept of the arrangement is that the desk has a solid wall behind it, like the bed. This symbolizes the person at the desk who has support in their business and their work efforts. Finally, a home office should have a generous sized desk and a full executive chair to guarantee a lot of space and comfort while you work, and to symbolize success!
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