Feng Shui in the kitchen: what to know?


The kitchen is a very important place in the house. It is true that we spend a lot of our time in this place, alone or with family. Prepare to eat and often eat here is the habit of thousands of families all over the world.
In Feng Shui, cooking is also associated with the aspect of health. Which is not surprising after all how and what we eat will define our physical and emotional health!
So let’s pay some attention to our cooking.

First of all it is the location of the kitchen in your house. Ideally, the kitchen should not be located in the North West area. Why? Because the North-West is the PATRIARCHE area of the house so the area of the man whole. Even if in the house it is a woman who earns better than the other members of the Family, it must be remembered that for the Universe rules of relations of an energetic nature do not take into account human relations.

So once and for all: if your kitchen is in the North-West sector, in this case, you may have problems in your relationship or for women not to marry at all !!! Explanation: The daily use of the kitchen lights the fire, which in turn creates the energy to crush the kitchen. masculine energy.

It’s better if the North West is one of the Patriarch’s evil leadership – so the FIRE element will weigh on the bad influence in life. (To know these good and bad directions he makes known his KUA number). As an example: If your kitchen is located in the North West area and it’s your total loss direction (Ming Dog), the kitchen will weigh on all the bad luck that is associated with it. You will be in good health. But Sinelle is in your wealth direction (she got chi), she will cause unpopularity, miscarriages and lack of livelihood. The kitchen will weigh on your chance of success. Remember, there are 4 good directions and 4 bad ones; as well.

The kitchen is also the place where the two opposing elements, water and fire, interact, and Feng Shui in the kitchen implies the correct balancing of these two elements, a favorable interaction will bring a considerable chance, while a faulty interaction will lead to hostile consequences. To balance water and fire in the kitchen, do not position the oven or range directly in front of the sink or refrigerator. This will lead to the confrontation of the two elements, so neither should you position the two elements too close to each other.


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