Feng shui yin yang meaning – small description

Feng shui yin yang meaning – small description

The balance between yin and yang is one of the first great principles of traditional Feng Shui.The yang is an active energy light, male, which symbolizes the movement life.The yin is a female energy, dark, inactive or static.

Yin and Yang, its usefulness Feng-Shui

In Feng Shui as in life, nothing is ever all white or all black. in feng-shui it’s the same thing, nothing will ever be yin or all yang.One of the goals of the feng shui analysis is to harmonize the two energies, yin and yang, to keep a balance between the parts of the house and their function.For example, a stay will be a living room naturally more yang. While the bedroom deserves to have more yin notes for better rest and sleep.Your entry too should be neat, you must avoid making it too yin, even if you like the soft and muffled atmosphere.The importance of this balance between yin and yang also impacts flying stars, especially yin-forming stars, which are harmful.Returning through the garbage can, in some cases, be very harmful and bring too much energy yin, which will have devastating effects in all areas of your life.The yin / yang polarity will be paramount for any feng-shui analysis. 

Why such importance of yin & yang?

Determining the facade will be the point of origin of your feng-shui. And this you only want to deal with your areas, your directions, your door or your decor.You will determine the facade by the most yang side compared to others. And it is this facade that will be the zero point of your study.As long as you do not know your facade exactly, you can not determine the Feng-shui of your home.It would be like driving the car blindfolded, it’s impossible.

Without facade, you do not know how to place your sectors.

These are also your stars that will guide your decor and your choice of colors. Stars govern elements, shapes, materials and colors.You will define the guest stars and guest stars in each room of your home by the yin / yang polarity.A room more yin (like a room) will qualify the mountain star as a guest, when the water star will be invited.In contrast, a room more yang as the stay will qualify the star of water as host when the mountain star will be invited.Here is the link that will take you to Wikipedia, perfectly unveiling an excerpt from the Mawangdui Manuscripts (-168), the oldest text developed on the yin-yang duality 

In Feng Shui the principle of balance between yin and yang is used to evaluate the nature of an environment.

This environment could be for example dominant yin, dominant yang, or balanced. Because nothing is ever completely yin or yang, for example, a day at sunrise is yang but will become yin at dusk. It must be understood that in order to determine what is more in yin and yang , we often enter in comparison, nothing being totally one or the other.

The border between yin and yang is thin!

The water of a river will be more yang than the ice of a snowdrift which it will be more yin, the most important being to respect a balance between these two energies according to the rooms of life. A Feng-shui analysis will take into account the function of each piece to preserve a balance between yin and yang. According to the teachings of Master Koh, Singaporean expert in Chinese metaphysics, which I was lucky enough to have access to, this fundamental principle of balance between yin and yang in Feng-Shui is also origin of Taiji.Tai Ji literally means “the supreme absolute”.This original principle of Feng-Shui refers us to the very concept of yin and yang by duality, the very principle of life.

Yin and yang, the origins

At the origin of everything, there is Wuji, emptiness, nothingness. From Wuji, with the mutations of nature and the passing of time, Taiji gave birth to Yin and Yang. This change is called Liang Yi.Then, Liang Yi gave birth to Si Xiang, the four symbols at the origin of the eight trigrams.It is these trigrams that are at the origin of the “San Cai” cosmic trinity, also called Triad of Heaven, Man and Earth.In Chinese mythology, yang symbolizes heat. Like the sun, the yang starts in the East. As the sun rises, the yang grows to the south. There he is then at his peak just like the sun.Then comes the time of yin. The yin symbolizes the cool, it develops towards the West. Like the sun, the yin decreases and ends in the north in full darkness.The very notion contained in yin and yang is found in everything, be it the sun and its parallel or the seasons for example.

The yin and yang express the change facts generator. Everything is created from this principle: yin and yang .

Everything in our world, in the Universe, contains in itself this aspect: yin and yang.This is why in the very symbol of yin and yang , you find the point of the yin contained in the yang and the point of the yang contained in the yin.Even if these forces:  yin and yang are opposed, they coexist and each requires the other. In Feng-Shui, the harmonization of energies by the balance between  yin and yang is essential. An excess of one or the other causes worries, conflicts, imbalances in one or more areas of your life.

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