Feng Shui your home – easy tips for beginners

So that your whole house could contribute to the acquisition of your goals and desires and also could help you to realize in all spheres of your life, it is necessary to respect some simple but effective rules. FENG SHUI recommends minimizing the negative influence of angles in your home and outdoors, objects that can create problems and incorrect planning.
How to do and where to start?

The view from the window.

IDEAL the house can be only in the case where you have chosen the land for the construction, you have adapted the project according to the rules of FENG SHUI and Geology, you have correlated the layout of the rooms according to your favorable direction and sectors that have benefits for you and your family … On the other hand, if you have moved into an apartment or the houses already ready, there will be absolutely something that will prevent the harmonious flow of energy CHI so much sought by us – the Masters in FENG SHUI. In worst cases, this vital energy stream will be totally blocked and will cause serious and unfortunate events in your family’s life. C ‘
The first thing to pay attention to – it’s the view from your window. If in your case you perceive that at a distance of 15 meters from your windows passes an electric transmission line, and there are no trees that can “protect” your house thereby, if another house that practically ” If you look in the space that you can look at, you can see a construction site – all these factors negatively influence the energy of your home.
The first help and simplest before having an opinion of your Master in Feng Shui on the spot is to place at the level of your windows plants that can absorb this negative energy called CHAR CHI. For example the Geranium, the Basilica, and in the worst case: the Cactus. Otherwise, it will also be necessary to use very compact curtains and keep them closed which does not allow the negative energy to enter your home, as a result, the total atmosphere will improve.

The angles, the mirrors and the color of the walls.

The abundance of sharp acute angles influences the energy of your home. Of course, removing them is unreal – we could not turn the round square and rectangular furniture, however, we can neutralize their influence without effort. Hang on chandeliers or small crystalline lamps, and put rounded vases on your tables. So you balance the flows of positive and negative energy and, as a result, favorable events will appear in your life much more often.
You have to correctly choose the placement of the mirrors in your home if you do not want to aggravate the negative situation in your life. I do not advise you to hang them in a way when they can reflect objects with sharp angles. It is better when the mirrors double the amount of useful and pleasant objects: boxes with jewels, plants, dishes, paintings, candles etc. This will not only intensify positive CHI but will increase your well-being.
The color of the walls will also help you to stabilize the energy situation at home. If in one of the rooms of your home there are many acute angles, or in the kitchen, it is the excessive number of expensive and apparent exposed fork it is better to use the yellow color for walls. At the same time they perform several functions: visually it will increase the space, will make the local happy and “filled with the sun”, will calm the nervous system and neutralize the current of CHAR CHI.
The green flow will also balance the energy. However it is important to remember that light green contribute to the increase of work capacity, and dark bottle green on the contrary, weaken it.

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As one can see the flowing that will suit perfectly to the bedrooms and for the living room, in the closet will prevent the working state of mind.

Direction of your bed and luck!

My dear friends, you agree that having prosperity and wealth without health is, in fact, considered a state of deprivation – it is equivalent to having all things material, and not being able to enjoy it. In Feng Shui it means a serious defect of CHI (vital energy that we all seek).All Asian Chinese and Tibetan practices – from acupuncture to physical exercises, Tai Chi, herbal treatments, massages, and, of course, Feng Shui – have the goal of obtaining CHI, both externally in the environment, and internally, through meditation and breathing exercises.An abundance of good health is as appreciable as an abundance of wealth, and the health CHI is as easy to harness as the CHI of wealth. The favorable direction (which will ensure good health and long life) when you sleep is called TIEN YI. Like the other direction for each of us, bad or good, the direction TIEN YI or the direction of HEALTH is based on the Chiffre KUA staff. Like that, if your KUA figure is 6 the health direction is going to be NORTHEAST. How to calculate your personal KUA figure – I explain you in one of my next articles. If you know it already – here’s a little reminder: if your KUA number is:1 – TIEN YI is: EAST 2 – TIEN YI is: WEST 3 – TIEN YI is: NORTH 4 – TIEN Yi is: SOUTH 5 – TIEN YI is : WEST FOR MEN, SOUTHWEST FOR WOMEN 6 – TIEN YI IS: NORTHEAST 7 – TIEN YI IS : SOUTHWEST 8 – TIEN YI is: NORTH-WEST 9 – TIEN YI is SOUTHEAST.So try to sleep at least in one of three ways:   – sleep in a Tien Yi location (the area of your accommodation)   – sleep head pointing in a Tien Yi direction, or   – sleep in a room whose door is oriented in a Tien Yi direction. Here it is very important to understand that if you ever have a family member who is ill – arrange for him to sleep according to all three rules at once. The most important of three rules is to sleep your head directed towards your health direction, so you do not get sick.Other directions in your life … you can use them too. Once you know your KUA number, you can check your favorable and unfavorable directions, depending on which group (east or west) you belong to. To use its direction, you have to choose the kind of influence you want to activate and orient your bed so that you sleep with your head oriented towards the desired direction.Here are in short the four conducive directions:SHENG CHI: first type of luck – excellence and beneficial to the success in all your companies. It must be chosen for those who are in business or follow the professional career. TIEN YI: We talked about it before: this one is also called “The doctor of the sky”. NIEN YEN: for those who seek happy marriage, fidelity, obtaining good children etc. FU WEI: for those who are continuing their studies or who are working to obtain a diploma.Improve your love life with FENG SHUI.The influence of romance and love can also be improved by making sure that the LOVE SECTOR – the SOUTHWEST of your room is even more energized by the presence of favorable objects that symbolize conjugal bliss. Do not put objects alone which is cannot solitude, is for this reason that in FENG SHUI we always expose the favorable objects and symbols, in pairs.Red candles, Quartz crystals, Double happiness symbol representation etc. all in double. Well Brighten your South -West, to respect the rule of Feng Shui   of the element with Feng Shui formula compass, ie: light – FIRE, in the cycle of five élémets, There are many ways to improve your love life or your gracious health at FENG SHUI. And for each person the methods will be very varied, according to your personal data. 

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