Find the best trio strollers for your baby and learn how to choose the perfect one

When a baby is born in a family the parents want all that is best for their child. Especially when they walk the baby outside they want to carry their baby conveniently and most importantly safely. o do this, you will ideally need both a stroller, a carrycot and a car seat. The 3-in-1 combined stroller gives you this option and can be used from birth to age 3, making it a great long-term investment for you and your baby. Choosing the right trio stroller for your needs is a difficult task, especially for new parents. We spent a lot of time finding the best strollers according to your budget. We found some models that are the best rated at the moment on the market and parents who choose them will find plenty of reasons to be satisfied.

The top 3 trio strollers you can choose from the market

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Orion

Bébé Confort Trio Streety Next

Black & White 2017

According to us, you will not be disappointed if you choose one of the 3 models presented above. If you are looking for the best, the Bébé Confort Trio Stroller Streety Next is one of the best choices of the moment in terms of both quality and value. If you prefer a 3-wheeled stroller, the Chicco Trio Activ3 Top will fill you up. Finally, for small budgets, the Black & White 2017 model is very popular with many parents.

The best trio all terrain trike 3 wheels market

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Orion stroller, one of the best brands at the moment, is both robust and easy to use. Indeed, this high-end model can tilt your baby from the car to his stroller safely.

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Orionstroller with suspension is particularly handy with its 3 large solid wheels and shock absorbers. In addition, this trio stroller for country and city roads folds in seconds with its one-handed system which will greatly facilitate your movements.


Quality: This is one of the most robust and durable models in the time of your baby’s birth when he no longer needs a stroller.

Ergonomics: One of the strengths of this stroller is its maneuverability on the move combined with its ease of use to switch from one mode to another.


Size: some users note that the stroller seems cumbersome especially for small chests, but this is still a very good choice if your main criterion is the strength.

If you are searching for this model of stroller you can find it here:

The best trio stroller compact price / quality ratio

Bébé Confort is another essential brand in this field and its Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller stroller for girls and boys is our preferred choice in terms of quality / price ratio. This model will suit the majority of parents looking for a 3-in-1 stroller that is easy to use, sturdy and comfortable for the baby with several possible inclinations.

The  Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller stroller allows you to move your baby safely with its 5-point harness. It is stable at the same time thanks to its wheels and it’s brake system while remaining compact compared to other competing models. Note that the stroller is even delivered with a mosquito device, a rain cover and a diaper bag.


Value for money: difficult to find better in the models of brands recognized for this price.

Ergonomics: if the chassis remains imposing for a security issue, the entire stroller is very compact and easy to transport by car.


Some users would have preferred only 3 wheels for better handling but we can not blame the brand to have everything on stability!

If you are searching for this model of stroller you can find it here:

The best stroller trio city cheap

The trio stroller Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System Stroller, Bennett available with a set of well-defined characteristics is one of the best sales of the moment thanks to its unbeatable price. If you are looking for the bare minimum without reducing the comfort and safety of your baby, this is a very good choice.

The main advantage of the Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System Stroller, Bennett stroller is its featherweight that makes it easy to travel with your baby on foot or by car. The folding of the stroller is very fast and the cozy, particularly light, too, is set up without problems in the car.


Compact: this is one of the smallest and lightest trio strollers that we found on the market while remaining a quality product.

Price: this is the ideal stroller for small budgets knowing that you will use it for about 3 years.


It’s really just designed as an infant seat and not something that will last into the toddler years, but it is a solid car seat with no shortcuts on safety or features.

What is a trio stroller?

A stroller trio the car seat, the pram, and the hammock stroller to obtain a safe and 100% compatible system while avoiding the separate purchase of multiple products by combining the 3 in 1. Thus, if you want to transport your baby in the car without waking him, just unlock the shell of the stroller, install it in the car and snap it on the base installed in the car. Simply fold the stroller and insert it into the trunk, and vice versa when you have to take your baby out of the car. In addition, an equivalent system is available with the pram, which is particularly useful in the first few months.

How to choose ?

There are a number of criteria to consider before buying a stroller, here are the main ones.

Number of wheels

A 3-wheel trio stroller (one at the front and 2 at the rear) is particularly maneuverable but at the expense of the stability of the trio 4-wheel strollers. Also, the choice must be made according to your use and especially depending on the type of terrain on which the stroller will ride and the speed of transport.

Quality of the seat

The overall quality of the product must be the number one priority for your baby to be safe in the car. To do this, consider using a car seat with absorbent foam to help protect your baby from side impact, and a 5-point safety harness that can be adjusted when your baby gets taller.


The ease of use directly depends on the folding system of the stroller. A quality model will prevent you from having to fight every time you have to fold or unfold the stroller, but also when you have to put your baby in the car. Some travel strollers even have a one-handed folding mechanism. A speed of execution is very useful in the summer during hot weather in winter when temperatures are negative for the health of the baby. Note that the weight of the cozy and the nacelle are also to be taken into account.

How to ride, open and fold ?

Each model is different even if we find similarities in some brands. Also, it is advisable to read the instructions before using a trio stroller.

To open a trio stroller, it is usually enough to:

  • unlock the chassis
  • unfold the chassis
  • press the foot pedal
  • deploy the roll bar

Similarly, here are the steps to fold a trio stroller:

  • back up the file
  • fold up the hood
  • fold down the roll bar
  • press the buttons on the handles
  • pull on the central handle
  • fold the chassis
  • lock the chassis using the side latch

How to maintain and wash ?

Like all objects that babies and young children use regularly, they end up getting dirty. To wash your stroller, here are some simple steps to make it look like new in no time!

Using a hand-held vacuum cleaner (or the smallest tip of your vacuum cleaner), vacuum all the crumbs and other debris trapped in your baby’s seat fabric. Corners and creases are the areas that need the most attention.

Thoroughly clean the fabric areas with a slightly damp cloth (and some mild soap if the stroller is very dirty). With a dry towel, wipe off excess water and soap and allow to dry in a damp room or in the sun.

The metal and plastic components of your stroller must also be cleaned. Take the opportunity to inspect the parking brake to ensure that it locks both wheels securely and free from dirt such as leaves and hair.

Avoid using strong detergents even for metal areas as these products can scratch, discolor and weaken plastic or even cause corrosion on metal surfaces.

Inspect the wheels of your stroller to make sure they are in good working order. If you use your stroller on the road and paths, it is normal for them to get dirty. You can remove most stroller wheels for better access and clean all dirt. To remove the wheels, simply release the release button on the wheels (refer to the instruction manual supplied with your stroller if necessary)

After washing and air-drying the stroller, never bend the stroller while it is still wet to prevent rust and mold from appearing. Also, make sure the stroller is dry before storing.

When storing your stroller for a long time, be sure to cover it to prevent dust accumulation and sun exposure. Do not stack other items on top of the stroller as much as you can.


As you can understand in our guide, strollers with all-in-one features have the ability to take your baby anywhere with you. You are now informed to make the best decision to choose the best trio stroller for your baby. Feel free to leave a comment for any question!