Flying Star Feng Shui 2019 guide

Flying Star Feng Shui 2019 guide

Feng Shui 2019 guide

Do you feel that you are getting all the misfortune of life? Getting fired, having financial problems and even being sick all the time? Then it might be a good idea to get to know the flying star Feng Shui 2019 guide. With this guide, you will learn everything there is to know about the flying star formula. And, you will know what you can do to chance your misfortune into fortune. This is a Chinese formula that is being practiced for years, with great success to whom that understand how the flying star formula works.

These are everything that you need to know about the Flying Star Feng Shui 2019 guide. This is all that you need to change your fortune in 2019.

What is Flying star Feng Shui?

The first thing that you should know is what the flying star Feng Shui actually is. You can’t start practicing this Feng Shui method if you don’t know what exactly it is.

Flying Star is a Feng Shui formula that you can use to chance your luck in the new year. Making this the year where you are going to get everything positive in your life, and throwing away the negativity. This is an easy method that you can use to determine the energy map of your office or home. When you know when to auspicious energies from your home and office, you can effectively improve your luck for 2019.

Feng Shui is about how the energy of the environment (landscape, streets, buildings) interacts with our spaces and influences our lives.The Flying Stars are a special system of classic Feng Shui. It enables its connoisseurs to create a building’s energy matrix for any given time. This means that both in retrospect and in the preview you can see certain energetic influences that affect the inhabitants. And – that’s the key – make appropriate “corrections”, so strengthen the desired, weaken the undesirable. Awesome, right?The energetic influences that are calculated for this energy matrix are called stars. There are nine stars with different Qi qualities:  
  • Star 1 – knowledge, wisdom, victory, success
  • Star 2 – disease
  • Star 3 – Strife, Stress,
  • Star 4 – wisdom, passion
  • Star 5 – misfortune, accident
  • Star 6 – Power, authority
  • Star 7 – theft, injury
  • Star 8 – Wealth
  • Star 9 – future luck
These stars, figuratively speaking, move into a new house with the occupants and form a specific Qi framework in each room. It reveals hidden potentials and dangers. To determine this, you need a well-trained Feng Shui consultant.It is easier with the annual and monthly stars. These influences only last a year or a month in a particular sector. They “walk through” the individual areas of the house (directions) according to a fixed scheme – hence “flying” stars.For you, that means the energy quality of your rooms is changing regularly and predictably. With energy, the impact on your life changes!

How to choose the sectors of your apartment:

  1. Get a copy of the floor plan.
  2. Divide the floor plan into nine equal rectangles.
  3. Miss on any wall or on the front door the direction.
  4. Enter the respective compass direction in the rectangles on the map.

How to choose the sectors of your apartment

The energy in our environment is influenced by many other factors. The Flying Stars are just one aspect. How much they affect your life depends on timing, external circumstances and, of course, yourself. What can the Flying Stars do in your life? When the particular star is activated by the external environment and the frequent use of the space, it influences your well-being and your behavior .Have you ever wondered why the argument with your partner or your children always begins in a particular room? Or why you had so much trouble with neighbors, customers or authorities in the last year? These are typical examples of Activation Conflict Star  . He promotes discussions and legal disputes!I like to illustrate it this way: Imagine, you are growing up relaxed, in a good mood and happy. Then you go to the kitchen. Outside someone works with a jackhammer. At first, you do not mind, you turn on the radio and sing along. But the longer the sound of the jackhammer lasts, the more irritated and stressed you become. If your kids mess around or anything goes wrong, your collar will burst.

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The situation is similar with the dispute star, only that we can not hear it. And it goes one step further. The fact that the Qi network everything, it can happen that not you, but maybe a customer or colleague of you breaks the fight on the fence. This is how it happened to a client of mine, where it suddenly came to unusually many complaints and terminations of customers. There were also conflicts with the employees. I was able to help him quickly and easily. As? You will find out below.All stars with negative nature – when activated – bring certain difficulties into your life. This includes the susceptibility to disease and a general “braking energy” that blocks you again and again. If the last year has been very stressful for you and you have not progressed with your plans, you probably have activated the braking energy in the south 😉Fortunately, there is also the other side: the stars that bring positives into your life. They help you to find a new partner or to revitalize your partnership. They help you learn or write. They bring you recognition or a good skill in financial matters.Whether or how much the flying stars make themselves felt in your life depends on
  • whether the room in which the star works is much used (entrance, bedroom)
  • whether there are reinforcing factors in the environment (water, roads)
  • How many stress factors, such as stress, unhealthy lifestyle etc. exist in your life
  • how your  mindset is
It is comparable to the potential to get a cold in the typical cold times. Whether you infect depends on many factors. If you take good care of, for example, a lot of vitamin C and enough sleep, you minimize the risk of cold. This means that you can take countermeasures at an early stage and prevent possible negative effects.This brings us to the crux of this article, namely how to use the knowledge of flying stars to make life easier.It is comparable to the potential to get a cold in the typical cold times. Whether you infect depends on many factors. If you take good care of, for example, a lot of vitamin C and enough sleep, you minimize the risk of cold. This means that you can take countermeasures at an early stage and prevent possible negative effects.This brings us to the crux of this article, namely how to use the knowledge of flying stars to make life easier. 

This is how the Flying Stars make your life easier

You now know that there are energetic influences in your rooms that – under certain conditions – have a positive as well as a negative effect on your life.But this knowledge alone would not benefit you if there was no way to influence it . Here she is:The flying star system enables us to anticipate, balance, and mitigate challenging potentials and unwanted effects. Positive influences can be strengthened or especially activated. This happens at the level of the elements because every star “belongs” to one of the five elements fire, earth, metal, water, wood.It’s basically easy. You activate the qualities that you want to strengthen in your life. First of all, you make use of the space in which the star is visiting. In addition, you can set up a fountain or music system. Note: noises and movement = activation You do not activate the qualities that should not be established in your life (such as illness, misfortune, strife). You can additionally weaken it. This is done by keeping the room as calm as possible and introducing the appropriate debilitating or harmonizing element at a certain point (“acupuncture points of the room” – see plan).  

Understanding flying star Feng Shui isn’t hard

This is a misconception that people have. They think that understanding flying star Feng Shui is hard and that you should be an expert in Feng Shui before you can consider doing this. However, this is where most people are wrong.

Is all about providing your property into nine sectors, using a compass and the flying star formula. When you know more about the formula, the chart and how to arrange your furniture, everything will fall into place. Some stars are lucky stars, while other stars are unlucky. You want to make sure that your furniture is arranged in such a way that you are only making use of the lucky stars of 2019. Each year, the stars might chance, so keeping an eye on the new year’s chart is essential.

Another thing that you should know is that there are annually stars replacements and monthly star replacements as well. So, keeping an eye on your stars and the layout of your home is important to be successful with Flying Star Feng Shui.

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The benefits of using this method

Why should you make sure that you are watching the stars and reorganizing your furniture in your home and office? This is only sounding like a lot of work to do each year. However, if you know all these benefits, you will understand why using this Feng Shui method is recommended.

Sometimes it feels like everything is against you. Nothing that you are doing through the year is working. The moment that you are using the flying star Feng Shui formula and arranging your home and office accordingly, you will have a chance in luck.

With doing this formula each and every year according to the new chart, will ensure that you won’t have any bad luck anymore. You will get rid of the bad stars and ensuring that more positive stars are being used. Things like wealth, injuries, relationship issues, accidents, misfortune, and just overall bad luck will be something of the past. People will ask you how is it possible that you are getting everything you want, without a struggle. And, your answer will be that you are making use of flying star Feng Shui formulas.

Knowing the chart

The most important thing about flying stars Feng Shui is that you should know everything about the flying star chart. To know what it means and how you should read these charts. This is the only way to ensure that you are going to interpret the chart correctly in your home and office.

Before you can read the chart, there are a couple of things that you should know first. The red stars are the negative stars, and the green stars are the positive ones. So, you should make sure that you are organizing your home according to the green stars.

Products that you have been used the previous year, can be used again in 2019. It might just become stronger and will give you better results. We are talking about products that you can recycle. Each star has its own direction. For example, there is a North Star, An east star and a North-east star. This year they might be positive, but next year, they might be negative stars. This is why you should make sure that you are getting the updated flying star Feng Shui charts yearly. To ensure that you are rearranging your furniture to the new and updated chart.

Getting to know the four, misfortune

In 2019, there are going to be four negative or misfortune flying stars. And, it is essential that you know what these stars are all about. It also might mean that you should rearrange your home or office, removing these stars from your living space. These are everything that you need to know about the misfortune flying stars for 2019.

  • The southwest star

This is the 5 yellow misfortune star. The misfortune that you can get with this star is financial loss, mishaps, calamities, severe relationship breakdown or threatening terminal illness. If your bedroom door is located south-west, you will have a high risk of the mentioned misfortune hitting you in 2019.

If anything in your home is facing south-west, it is recommended that you are making use of the flying star chart to rearrange the furniture. Remodeling your home, breaking walls or rebuilding in the South-west part of your home is forbidden during 2019. It will bring misfortune for the whole year.

  • The northeast star

The northeast star is also known as the two illness star. During 2019, with the Northeast star, you are going to get misfortune in the form of illness. This year it will be more in the stomach, muscles and mouth area.

Rooms that are built in the northeast part of the home should be avoided. Especially, if you are pregnant, or wanting to fall pregnant. If you have rooms in your northeast part of your home, you should dim all the lights at your front door, and you should paint the door white if possible. You should also place a recommended Feng Shui cure at your front door. It will protect everyone in the home.

  • The south star

The south star is also known as the 3 Quarrelsome Star. Everyone that is living and working at the south part of your home is high at risk for misfortune. Misfortune in the form of hostile energy associated with tempers, arguments, disputes, divorce, and legal problems. It can even lead to violence and tragedy.

The color red is a great color to use in this part of your home. Bright colors, like red, is an excellent cure for the 3 Quarrelsome Star. Putting something red in that part of the home is recommended for 2019.

  • The southeast star

The Southeast star is known as the 7 Burglary Star. This is a threat to the oldest daughter of the home. This misfortune star is known for misfortunes like the anger of deceit, assault, violence, accidental injuries and loss of wealth through theft and robbery.

People living in the southeast part of the home is higher at risk. Make sure that your security alarms and fire alarms are working fine. The Feng Shui cure for the southeast star is water. Placing any form of water in the southeast part of your home.

The lucky, fortune

Now, we came to the lucky, fortune flying stars for 2019. The stars that are going to bring you fortune and luck. The start that everyone wants in their homes. Here is what you need to know about the fortune stars for 2019.

  • Center star

The center star, also known as the 8 Wealth Star in 2019. The center of the property in 2019 is going to be the best place for fortune. This affects everyone in the household because this is in the center of the home.

Those who will spend the most time at the center of the home will benefit the most. You will have a fortune in the form of wealth, success and happiness. To make sure that you are getting the full effect of the 8 wealth star, you should make use of yang energy – noise, light, and merrymaking. Also known as laughter and sound and positive activity. You should also store your lotteries and financial papers in the center of your property for the best results.

  • East star

Also known as the 6 Heaven Star. This star is going to bring good luck straight from heaven in 2019. This is a star that is going to be very good for career, wealth, politicians and leaders. This is for those homes that are facing east or situated east. It will also affect the homes that have their main entrance on the east.

The eldest son that is living in the east part of the home will get luck or fortune. It can happen in the form of winning the lottery, getting a good investment opportunity and can become wealthy.

  • West star

The west star is the 1 Victory Star. The one star that everyone wants in their homes. With the bedroom or main door situated west, then you will have great fortune. Especially, if you have a competitive job. The oldest daughter can also benefit from the west star if her bedroom is at the west part of the home.

People that are looking for more success in life, should spend more time at the western part of the home. Making sure that they become more successful.

  • North star

This year the North Star will be the 4 Peach Blossom/Wen Chang Star. This is a star that will give a fortune to the romantic side of your life, as well as education and academic luck.

If you are unmarried or not in a serious relationship, you should have a bedroom in the northern part of the home. However, it can also bring unwanted love to married couples. Putting their relationships at risk. So, for married people, the north star can be negative and bring misfortune in the form of relationship problems. However, for the single people, it can bring fortune for those that are looking for love.

  • Northwest star

This year, you can expect Promises of Future Prosperity from the # 9 Star from the northwest star. The northwest star is going to be more beneficial to the creative and courageous people. It might be a good idea to invest in a profitable project in 2019.

This is also the star that will ensure that you are getting recognition for the work that you have put in, and for the talents that you might have. Keep the northwest part of your home well lit, especially, if this is your dining area. This will assist you with the northwest star.

The three killings

Three killings are a direct English translation from the Chinese word San Sha. This is a negative affliction that will bring three different misfortune to you. This can be associated with loss. The loss of anything or anyone close to you.

During 2019 this can happen at the west part of the home. Everyone that has a bedroom in the west part of the home can be affected by the three killings. Three killings are known to chance your luck and to get misfortune instead of a fortune. Causing people to suffer throughout the year. You should avoid sitting with your back facing west. And, not noisy renovations should be done in the western part of your home.


This is a Chinese method on how you can chance your misfortune and receiving more fortune in your life. This all has to do with the flying stars and how your home is arranged. If you are making use of the fortune chart, and formula, you will be able to know more about how you should rearrange your home, to get more luck instead of misfortune.

During 2019, the one thing that you should know is that the misfortune stars is going to be the southwest star, the northeast star, south and southeast star. The fortune or good luck stars are going to be the center star, the east star, the west star, the North Star and the northwest star. With this information, it will be a lot easier for you to know what you should do to ensure that your misfortune is turning into a fortune.

There are many things about the Flying Star Feng Shui star that you can benefit from. You will be able to turn all your bad luck into good luck and understand why you aren’t lucky this year. With the chart for 2019, you will know what starts are positive and which stars are negative. And with the right cure, you will be able to make use of all the good stars in your home. You will also get rid of all the negative stars in your home that will give you misfortune and problems like wealth problems and health problems. The good news is that you will be able to understand Flying star Feng Shui easily. This isn’t hard to get to learn more about this Feng Shui form to ensure that you are the decider of your own destiny and luck.

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