Gifts for the guy who wants nothing

Let it be said, offer a gift is never easy, even if you know the lucky guy well. Is not easy to find Gifts for mens birthdays but, yes, the fashion stores are Ali Baba’s caves, but again, you can ask yourself how to be sure to please him.

Although no miracle recipe exists, you will see that some tips can help you to aim right. Perhaps it is the intention that counts, but so much to do, so much to hit hard! I have for you some great Gifts for mens birthdays and not only.

Best gifts for boyfriends? The things not to do:

Let’s start with a good foundation. Never try to make him change his style diametrically. In the masculine approach to clothing, trying new things can be very difficult. This is probably the case where you are most likely to offend him, or because he feels trapped, or because “honey, you know that, that’s not me at all.”

Another thing not to do, buy a piece only for its design, without really asking if it will be fine. You may have found the most beautiful marinière, if he is overweight, it will still grow his little can.

Similarly, for the colors, it is useless to take a red sweater if it is a regular dark color. This is common sense, you say, but it’s not easy for everyone.

The case of perfume is quite special, it is a very personal purchase: you may opt for an odor that you like, or that will evolve badly on your skin.

Fragrances from Amazon remains an excellent alternative if you want to offer a perfume, thanks to its famous diagnosis. With their beautiful selection, it is the assurance of an unusual fragrance. I can say that the fragrances enter in the category: romantic gifts for men.

Cool gifts for guys. Decrypt the signals!

What did you remember from your duet shopping sessions? Do not hesitate to observe the type of item to which he is heading spontaneously, which he is more inclined to try, which he absolutely avoids … Moreover, it is a good opportunity to probe him. proposing something, look like nothing.

He can also leave you tracks, pay attention to what he tells you. Finally, his family or friends are accomplices of choice. But beware of stepmom, you never know with that one 😉

90% of men are convinced that women are complicated, without realizing that they are at least as much. If your companion is not the type to pour out on what makes him want, it will have to be tricky!

Ask what brands he prefers to wear: in addition to falling just in terms of style and taste, it is not uncommon for a man to feel a strong attachment to a brand (probably because of convenience, originally).

Another question to ask yourself: what are his inspirations, his influences? Let’s say, for example, that your beloved and tender is crazy about American cars of the 60’s. This aesthetic is very marked by the figure of Steve McQueen, who left a certain legacy fashion behind him. This jacket will be one of the unique gifts for him:

The history of the Barbour brand is linked to that of Steve McQueen. We find a side “heritage” in their designs, conveying a style with retro inspirations

from $398

Barbour Chelsea Quilted Long Sleeves Basic Jacket

In the same way, why not try the tuxedo jacket if it’s a 007 fan? Or failing that, a very nice mixology kit.

In addition, look at the context in which it evolves.

A pretty tie (or set of ties) if he often wears the costume, a nice cover for his new computer or a leather notebook if he is required to write a lot.

Premium Men’s Tie Set Silky Necktie Pocket Squares Tie Clips Cufflinks For Men Hugo Boss Men's 6.5cm Italian Silk Geo Neck Tie - Purple

or you can surprise him with an travel tie case:

Travel Tie Case

Safe values when inspiration is desired

In the case of a recent relationship for example, it makes sense not to know all his tastes.

This is where the basics come in  ; they are beyond any notion of style. My favorite is the white shirt, pillar of our dressing room, which will go as much to a dandy as to a perfect rocker. That said, the list of basics is long!

From raw jeans to sneakers at the weekend, it’s up to you.

A pair of white sneakers is a good compromise: the relaxation, the teen side and less.

adidas Performance Men's Baseline Fashion Sneaker

This is the advantage of such a gift: just like a little black dress (or red!) For you, we will always have the use.

I’m not teaching you anything, it’s cold at Christmas. Staying in the same vein of functional gifts , you’re sure to always be right with a soft scarf made of cashmere or a pair of leather gloves. It’s a bit like the modern equivalent of the pair of socks, or an interesting counterpart to Colin Firth’s sweater in The Bridget Jones Diary .

Do you need more inspiration? Check these products:

Cool gift for men who have everything. Small budget, great pleasure

Do not panic, we can happily succeed with a limited budget! You will only need to be less demanding, but do not overlook either the cut or the materials. Choose 100% natural, otherwise they will make you sweat.

The accessories are also a phenomenal track because despite a price that remains lower, they have a huge “capital stroke-of-heart.” It is a ray finally little visited, which would be better to be more so it contains nuggets.

You can even find objects that are more lifestyle- oriented , like beautiful design pieces like this monkey lamp 🙂

On the other hand, men are less annoyed at the idea of receiving a “practical” gift. In other words, he will probably be happier to receive a new drill than a woman mixer.

Another relevant track is that of the duet gift. Be careful not to stall on what you want (who said afternoon at the spa?), Keep in mind that the goal is to make him happy. I choose voluntarily a well-defined example: you can not anymore see him shout in front of sports programs every wend? Surprise him with places to see his favorite team, and accompany him! He will appreciate your effort.

Awaken the child in him with a comic book, drawings, and aesthetics. It remains a beautiful object, durable, that he can leaf through when he wants. Choose the story according to his tastes.  See here  some Gifts for mens birthdays.

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