Best Harry Potter gifts for adults

Harry Potter gift ideas you can find here in the Muggle World

Harry Potter books series written by J.K. Rowling and the movie series made after the books, video games and a lot of derivated products just for the fans, became popular across the globe fast. Fans from all over the world looking for Harry Potter things to do right here in the Muggle world need to be prepared to make the magic happen. If you are looking for a perfect Harry Potter gift ideas fan then it has to be really inspired and worth to keep in a collection. This is almost the best Harry Potter gift guide.
Since you can’t offer the famous letter to enter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry you will need a few ideas that are worth to keep, are original and ready to conquer the heart of a Harry Potter fan.


Original ideas for a small budget, best for holiday season

Harry Potter Costume Glasses for a look just like in the series

First things first, you have to get the look from the series that won our hearts and for a Harry Potter fan, the best thing to buy is a pair of glasses exactly the same like in the series. It’s an accessory that is under 50$. It has a metal frame, plastic lenses that do not require a prescription. These are a pair of glasses that fit the average kid. Since this glasses have that vintage quality from the 18-19th century they can be used for any old times replica costumes. If you want to purchase a complete look then you can add to these pair of glasses a replica costume from the Harry Potter series, a necktie, and maybe a golden snitch. This product can be found online and can be ordered from here: Harry Potter Costume Glasses for a look just like in the series


Harry Potter’s wand

You can’t look like your favorite character without a wand, so, we have the best Harry Potter gift idea. You should buy a wand. It’s not made by the famous Olivander, but it should do the trick. A Harry Potter fan will absolutely love this gift and the best part is that the price isn’t very high. It’s an authentic recreation of the famous wizard’s wand and comes in the replica of the original box from Olivander. The whole product is officially authorized by Warner Brothers.
You can buy this product and find out more about it here: Harry Potter’s wand




Harry Potter Hybrid bag
Every Hogwarts student needs to have a bag to carry all the books and magical stuff around the school. So, if you want to complete the Harry Potter look for your child then you should buy a Harry Potter bag. Made from faux leather and very practical it can be used not just to complete a costume it can be used every day. It’s a licensed Harry Potter product so, it’s close to the original props used for filming the movie that made history.
You can find out more about this product here: Harry Potter Hybrid bag
And, for a gift it has a very affordable price, it’s only $16,35. Besides this, you can add a few more products that can complete your present. Check out the website from above to see more suggestions.




Enjoy Hedwig’s Theme Harry Potter music box


When you need a little magic in your life you can travel far away only by using your imagination. For moments you want to hear Harry Potter themed music, we have the perfect gifts idea ever. A music box made especially for real fans. It’s made from wood (birch plywood) with a high-quality metal movement. It’s very affordable because it’s only 23,66$ and if you planned to buy a gift that it’s under a budget of 50$ then this is the right item for you.
You can find more details about the product and order it here: Enjoy Hedwig’s Theme Harry Potter music box



Wizard’s Chess Set
Wizard’s Chess SetRemember when Harry and Ron played wizard chess in the Great Hall, right before Christmas. If you really want to surprise a Harry Potter fan with a wonderful gift then you should buy a set of Wizard’s Chess, an entertaining game that makes you think about your next move. The best thing is that this game needs two players and you can get involved and have fun. This set of Wizard’s Chess is a great way to socialize and to play a game that your child will like.
This item can be found here: Wizard’s Chess Set



Do you need more inspiration? Check these products:



Socks to set Dobby free

Socks to set Dobby freeAs a Harry Potter fan, you know Dobby the House Elf for sure. He was the first house elf that received a clothing item from its master and was a free elf. Best friend of Harry Potter and a character for whom an entire world cried at the end you are not able to not smile when you hear his name. A set of socks are very useful if you meet a house elf and want to set it free or when you engaged in a trivial pursuit. Your little Harry Potter fan will gladly wear such socks without any questions.
It is a nice gift especially if you are looking to complete a whole look that seems to be cut out from the series.
You can find such clothing item right here: Socks to set Dobby free




Earrings set inspired by the series


If you have a little girl that is a big fan of the movie and book series then you can surprise her with a small gift. The Harry Potter-inspired earrings are perfect to wear every day and are made to complete a little wizard’s look. The accessories will complete her look and are a great way to accessorize the clothing even if it’s not a costume.
You can make a little girl smile with a set of cute little earrings here: Earrings set inspired by the series



Pensieve Memory Set a must have for every Harry Potter fan

Inspired by the mystical Pensieve that allows to store the memories and to review them later, is a must-have for every Harry Potter fan. The set contains the vials that allow storing the memories, fashioned to look like in the movie, the wand pen that looks like Dumbledores and a box in which you can store the precious items. A Harry Potter fan will appreciate such a gift for sure.
You can find a set like this right here: Pensieve Memory Set a must have for every Harry Potter fan


More wonderful ideas that are not more then 100$

Harry Potter series still has a huge success even if the movies ended with the,, Cursed Child” the last book written by J.K. Rowling. All over the world Harry Potter fans still watch the series from the first movie to the last one and enjoy it every time. If you are looking to make happy a big fan of the series then you should check out our ideas that have an affordable price.

Harry Potter complete book collection

Even if your little Harry Potter fan already knows the entire series, you don’t have to feel discouraged because a brand new book collection from the first to the seventh book will be the greatest gift ever. Especially if it’s an ebook edition then he will be able to have the series with him all the time. What could be greater than this for a book lover?
The complete series can be found here: Complete book collection



Hermione Wizard Costume for children
Hermione Wizard Costume for children


If your little fan has a lot in common with the smartest with of the wizardry world, then you should make her happy by buying a costume that contains all the items Hermione wears. Containing the full set of items it’s the best way to have in no time the Hermione look. Wearing a Gryffindor robe, a tie and holding the wand that looks like just in the movies it’s not hard to bring the magical world to life.
You can buy the items needed from here: Hermione Wizard Costume for children




3D Model of Hogwarts Express, Hagrid’s Hut, Golden Snitch and Gringotts Dragon


3D Model of Hogwarts Express, Hagrid’s Hut, Golden Snitch and Gringotts DragonA little wizard’s room can be decorated with Harry Potter themed items such as some 3D models that express the most wonderful things in the wizardry world. Everyone wants to take a ride on the Hogwarts Express or to sit in Hagrid’s Hut asking questions that could lead to dangerous adventures. But, since all this are only possible in the fantasy world you can brighten your child’s face by offering Harry Potter gifts such as these wonderful 3D models.
You can find some right here: 3D Model of Hogwarts Express, Hagrid’s Hut, Golden Snitch and Gringotts Dragon



Hedwig Backpack
Hedwig Backpack


The cute owl, Hedwig was Harry Potter’s most faithful pet. Now, you cannot buy your little Harry Potter fan a real owl but a nice backpack that can be used on daily basis should do the trick. It’s life-sized and soft. It’s a backpack that will be appreciated more than any other item. Suitable to be worn at school too it’s a really nice gift if you are searching to offer something practical too.
You can find one here: Hedwig Backpack


Electronic Marauder’s Map


Electronic Marauder’s Map,,I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” a phrase that is already well known by Harry Potter fans from all over the world. Marauder’s Map is the greatest thing that can help you wander on the corridor’s when nobody needs to see you. This time we talk about a Harry Potter gifts that it’s an electronic map made to look like the famous map from the movie. It also has a wand included and can watch the movement of different 5 types of characters footsteps and hear different 9 types of sound. It is a great map that every Harry Potter fan should have. At the end don’t forget to say,,mischief managed”, you don’t want Snape to catch you wandering around.
Well, if you are looking to buy this electronic map then you should search for it here: Electronic Marauder’s Map


The famous Monster book of Monsters


Everybody knows you have to handle the book with care because it might bite. It has a personality of its own and if you make it listen to you then you will be able to find out a lot of useful information about monsters. In the Muggle World, you can find it as a toy made to look just like the one from the series. For sure your little fan will appreciate the toy and will decorate it’s room perfectly.
If you want to make this little fan happy then you should take a look here and buy it right away: The famous Monster book of Monsters



Tri-Wizard Tournament Action Figure


Tri-Wizard Tournament Action FigureWhen Harry Potter’s name was put in the Goblet of Fire, everything turned upside down. An action figure with the accessories used in the Tri-Wizard Tournament can be a great way to remember that moment from the movie. It can decorate your children’s room quite perfectly and especially if he likes collecting action figures then it’s the best gift you can give.
Action figures that have all the accessories you can find here: Tri-Wizard Tournament Action Figure




Lord Voldemort’s Horcrux Ring


Lord Voldemort’s Horcrux RingA collectible that it’s worth to have is Voldemort’s Ring. Alongside other horcuxes that kept the One Whose Name Should Not Be Said alive, comes to our world in a nice case in which is stored. A high-quality replica isn’t easy to find but with our help, your child can have the ring and keep it away from evil powers and use it to make good.
Voldemort’s ring can be found right here: Lord Voldemort’s Horcrux Ring
$ 69,99



Ideas that can really impress a real fan

If you live in the house with a Harry Potter fan then you already know that a themed item that imitates the ones you could see only in the movies you need some creative ideas. For this, you can’t buy any item that reveals in front of your eyes and real collectibles or items that are worth to be kept then you need a higher budget to buy them. But, don’t worry because we searched for the right items and even if you are not putting to much price on the Harry Potter series then you will find on this list things that are worth to buy and creates a good impression.

Hogwarts Great Hall Lego Set
Hogwarts Great Hall Lego Set


Who doesn’t like lego? You can spend hours and hours to build the Great Hall from Hogwarts. It will be a time well spent and at the end, the work will be rewarded by looking at the castle. Besides the lego pieces, you can find the characters from the series. Your little Harry Potter fan can play and this way you made a Harry Potter gift that is fun and useful too. With over 800 pieces and items that can be used to build the Great Hall, the fun will last for days. The set is the best thing to offer to your child and maybe, you will build the castle part together.
You can find such Harry Potter gift right here: Hogwarts Great Hall Lego Set



Licenced Harry Potter Golden Egg


Licenced Harry Potter Golden EggThe Golden Egg from the Harry Potter series could decorate your little fan’s room if you decide to make such a gift. It is a replica of the original egg used in the movie and it’s licensed, which means it’s recognized as being original. Well, it’s just a replica so, don’t expect to show you the guidelines for your next challenge like it happened in the movie. If it does, return it to the wizardry world. Just kidding. But, as a gift is perfect for a Harry Potter fan because he couldn’t wish for more.
A replica of the Golden Egg you can find just by clicking here: Licenced Harry Potter Golden Egg




Horcrux Locket


Horcrux LocketLooking just like the first Horcrux in the series, it is a locket that can be worn all day long. We promise that it’s completely safe, not just like the locket that made the three friends almost split up. Well, we don’t recommend to destroy it, if your Harry Potter fan will wear it, it will add a little sparkle to every clothing item she wears.
You can find a replica of the Horcrux Locket right here:  Horcrux Locket



Talking Sorting Hat
Talking Sorting Hat


Every student that is in the first year at Hogwarts is sorted by the old magical hat. Most of us wouldn’t wear a hat that looks just like it was worn a few centuries. But a real Harry Potter fan knows the hat’s value and knows that he has to cherish the Housing Ceremony that takes place every school year.
A replica of the famous Sorting Hat can be a really nice Harry Potter gift and can be found right here: Talking Sorting Hat



With ideas like this, you will be able to offer harry potter gift for the fans of all ages and make them really happy. Even if you are not a fan of the series, if you look for interesting items you will find the most wonderful gifts. And, with the help of our list, it will not be difficult to find something interesting and worth to offer.