How can you find the perfect internet wifi radio? – a short guide 2019

Do you want to change your old FM radio? Cannot find the perfect one from all of the thousands of models available? Here is a complete buying guide on the subject that should answer all your questions ... Let's start with the best wireless radio of the moment according to your budget!

Which wifi internet radio to choose?


auna Connect 150 BK

Bose SoundTouch 10

Sangean WFR-28

Price: $129.99

Price: $169.99

Price: $113.65




Value for money
Sound quality

Unbeatable price
Simple but effective
Ease of use

Unbeatable price
Simple but effective
Ease of use

Difficult to set up

Bluetooth delay

Bluetooth delay

Is auna Connect 150 BK  the best one from the market?

auna Connect  is one of the most famous brands in the field of Wifi radios. It is often noted that its products are particularly practical to use, while not being bulky. If you have a particular preference for this brand, for example, its design, you should know that it has a wide range of products, including this auna Connect which is in the high end. It goes without saying that this radio carries a multitude of features to satisfy the most demanding.

👍 The strong points

✔️Design: It must be said that the auna Connect brand knows how to do it, design side. On this model, we find a small side particularly charming retro, reminiscent of old models. However, this radio embeds all that is done best now, in terms of technology. This without forgetting its black piano lacquer finish, which will not fail to sublimate the room in which you place it.

✔️ Spotify streaming: Beyond radio stations, you can access more than 30 million titles thanks to the Spotify streaming service. Indeed, the Hama IR-110 is compatible with Spotify Connect, so you can create your own playlist. Note that you need a Spotify Premium account to take advantage of these benefits.

✔️Very good sound: Nowadays, this type of radio surprises more and more by the sound quality offered, despite a fairly contained size. Precisely, this little radio will amaze you with its superior sound performance. Its wooden box is probably for many, married with embedded technology.

✔️Clock Radio: Even though most of today's devices have an alarm clock function (Smartphone, tablet, watch, etc.), it's always cool to be woken by the radio. This function has had a lot of success in the old models, and it incorporates, of course, the alarm function for our greatest pleasure, by providing two timers with alarm.

✔️Practical: With its discreet dimensions, it is easy to move this radio anywhere, whether you are in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the dining room, in the room, it can follow you everywhere. In addition, this model comes with a remote control, which makes it even more convenient to use.

✔️Connectivity: This radio offers a fairly complete connection, with a USB port, an auxiliary input, an output plug, and a headphone jack.

Features: Internet, Wifi, digital radio, Bluetooth, alarm ..., just with these words, we quickly understand the full range of features of this device. This implies the ability to capture local channels, international channels, stream music from your different devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

👎 The weak spots

✖️ Some bug cases: Some users have reported some bug cases. Indeed, some users ended up with a device that remains frozen for a moment and restarts alone. It seems that this problem is related to a bad reception of Wifi.

Bose SoundTouch 10: the best quality/price ratio of the moment

The Bose SoundTouch 10 is more than just a WiFi Radio, it's a multifunctional discrete indoor speaker. Indeed, besides its radio function, you can play music streaming on the internet or directly by connecting a storage device on the USB. You can also link it to a PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, or another speaker to create a multiroom network. Here are the points that characterize this product.

👍 The strong points

✔️ Compatibility: Using the wireless network, you can access WiFi Radio, but also pick music from music services like Deezer, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn or SiriusXM without using a phone or to a tablet. If you want to associate it with these or a computer, you have at your disposal a Windows compatible software, Mac OS X, or an application running iOS or Android. Finally, you can connect it directly to a storage device since it allows you to play mp3, wma, flac, aac and Apple Lossless files.

✔️ The Control Ecosystem: You can control the Bose SoundTouch 10 speaker in a variety of ways. You have at your disposal a control panel, an intuitive remote control, an application compatible iOS and Android, but also by voice command. This is possible thanks to the compatibility of the device with Alexa of Amazon.

✔️ Sound quality: Due to its compact size, the Bose SoundTouch 10 offers a precise, colorful and perfectly accurate sound. The rendering is V with bass boosted and treble pushed, and the lower regions of the sound spectrum are well mastered. You will then have clear and intelligible voices, but somewhat nasal ones. Let's still notice a distortion if the volume goes beyond 70%.

✔️  The design: The Bose SoundTouch 10 speaker is presented in a very compact format and well purified like the other products of the brand. The screen is replaced by bright indications clearly visible on the status of Wifi, Bluetooth, auxiliary and SoundTouch Multiroom. It also incorporates the SoundTouch product's distinctive control panel, which is very easy to access and responsive.

✔️ The price/quality ratio: It must be said that this speaker compatible WiFi radio SoundTouch 10 is one of the best in terms of price/quality ratio. Not only does it offer a quality sound, but thanks to its wide connection possibilities, you can listen to music from several sources (wifi radio, internet, mobile, storage device, computer), all at a very affordable price.

👎 The weak spots

✖️ The design: If the construction and finish of the Bose SoundTouch 10 are quite correct, we can say, knowing the brand, it has done better before. For example, the matte finish of the frame is extremely sensitive to fingerprints and the upper part is made of rather thin plastic. The set is quite light and can rock easily.

Sangean WFR-28

Want a cheap Wifi radio? Why not opt for this Sangean WFR-28. Through this product, the audio specialist Sangean wants to open you to the world, giving you access to more than 20,000 radio stations and 10,000 podcasts around the globe. Apart from its vintage look, it is worth pointing out that its Wifi module, its USB connectors and auxiliary inputs allow it to be compatible with several other media sources. Focus on the interesting features that we have seen on this device.

👍 The strong points

✔️The multitude of media available: With Ethernet cable (to connect directly to a router) or Wifi, you have access to more than 30,000 media sources around the world. Reggae, rock, R'n'B, jazz, pop, classical or samba, a giant selection of radio station and podcasts is at your fingertips and you can at the touch of a button access to your favorite channel without scattering you.

✔️ Ease of use: How to find your way around this multitude of stations? Using the free Frontier Silicon TM web portal. Indeed, it provides you with many filtering options so you can easily find the radio channel you want to listen to. From your selections, you can create a favorites list that can store up to 30 channels. You can also record 2 selections for alarms and snooze on this Sangean wireless radio.

✔️ Display: As mentioned before, the WFR-28's display is clearly visible and legible because it is simple and unadorned. You have an overview and complete information about titles or artists with the RDS and ID3 tags. However, it must be emphasized that this information depends on the transmitting radio station.

👎 The weak spots

✖️Sound quality: The sound produced by this radio Wifi is quite correct let's face it, especially if we take into account the size of the speaker. However, do not expect a high-fidelity quality. However, you can play the equalizer if you want to find the best sound for your musical style. Predefined parameters are also available for this purpose.


How does a Wifi Internet radio work?

Radio has taken a completely different face in recent years with the advent of internet radio, a technology made possible thanks in large part to audio compression techniques. Internet radio is a device permanently connected to the Internet thanks to a wireless access point (Wifi) or an Ethernet cable.

From this connection, the device has access to radio stations transmitting on the web and can broadcast their programs by streaming or podcast (delayed broadcast). The device can also be used as an audio file player on the local network to which it is attached. Depending on the compatibility of Internet radio, it can allow access to music services like Napster, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music ... Links to favorite channels or the list of favorite songs on a music service can be stored in presets or playlists.

Finally, a wireless internet radio is able to read audio files directly from any external storage device connected to its USB port, if it has of course. Note that there are models of portable WiFi internet radio, which have a built-in battery, rechargeable via its USB port.


Which wireless internet radio to choose?

Radio has also moved into the connected world, and for ages to see the plethora of radio stations available on the web. And who says new technology says new brand and new products, inventiveness and ingenuity know no limit that it is difficult in the end to decide on the best Wifi radio that really corresponds to the needs. Some characteristics are therefore to be prioritized if you want to acquire such a device.

  • Radio reception and tuner

As we explained above, a Wifi radio receives its programs from the Internet. But be aware that some stations can listen to FM waves and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) also called RNT or Digital Terrestrial Radio . By this triple reception, you can listen to the radio anywhere and in any circumstance without the constraint of the internet connection.

  • Connectivity

To connect to the Internet or another device, the radio can have a wired Ethernet connection or a Wi-Fi connection. Privilege the second for its ease of installation, but also and especially because it does not clutter. If you want to use the station as the speaker of your smartphone or tablet, Bluetooth is the best solution, even if its range is limited to 10 meters.

To fully exploit the potential of radio and wireless connection, it is best to associate it with an application and control it via a smartphone or tablet. On this point the free application Undok is a good start if the device does not have one from its manufacturer.


Regarding the connection, however, the mini-jack audio input allows you to use the radio as speaker of the device you connect. If this connection is available on most Wifi radios, this is not the case of the USB port. This allows the device to be connected directly to a Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) compatible external storage device and to play files that it can support. If the MP3 format is the minimum, some stations may support WMA, AIFF, WAV and even FLAC files . On rare devices, the USB also allows recording programs.

  • Fonctionnalities

Among the most interesting features, there is multiroom or multicasting. This option allows the synchronized broadcast of the same sound on several devices. It is useful especially if you want to listen to your broadcasts throughout the house.

The compatibility of the radio with the musical services is also a real plus. Deezer, Amazon Music, Spotify , Pandora, TuneIn, to name a few, are a huge reservoir of titles where you can pick your favorite tunes. However, you must have an account on these services to be able to access the titles.

Memorizing the selection of radio stations is also essential given their abundance on the web, otherwise it would be really difficult to find his favorite radio at each ignition.

Finally the presence of an integrated battery is more than desirable if you think often move your radio Wifi. In general, this battery charges via the USB port.

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