How to change your life with Feng Shui

How to change your life with Feng Shui

Do you want to change your life? Change your apartment! Our living and working spaces have a major impact on how our lives evolve. And they can support us in our change processes like a good coach.If you want to change your life …
I know many people who fear change and prefer to stick to the familiar, even if they are not really happy with it. It could also get worse.I love change. It runs through my whole life, on the outside by frequent moves and changes of activity. Since I’ve been working on Feng Shui and energy work, I’ve realized how many options we have for bringing about changes in our lives purposefully and consciously. This has also shown me the experience of my clients, which I was allowed to accompany through my Feng Shui consultations in their personal development.And so it can not be otherwise than that this first article on my blog is about change and the role that our living spaces play in it.Since the title has touched you, I assume that you are one of the people who want to change and develop their lives and develop. Congratulations!In this article, you will learn how to make things easier ;-).What do you want?
  • successful relationships
  • more success and satisfaction or freedom in what you do
  • more vitality, health
  • to free yourself from old patterns and beliefs
  • to live the life you dream about
Maybe you’re already coaching or using other support.I would like to introduce you to another important success factor, which can significantly support and promote all measures that you use for personality development and change – a real “booster”. You guessed it, it’s your apartment.

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Success factor living space

You wonder what your apartment has to do with your inner development. I admit that at first glance the idea seems absurd. Let me explain:
Living spaces are resonance rooms and a mirror of your soul
Your living spaces are a mirror, an expression of your self. Your furniture, your interior design, your order (or disorder ;-)) form – together with the building materials and influences from the environment – a very specific, unique vibrational field. Added to this is what happens to “living” in the spaces, that is, all actions and words, as well as thoughts and feelings, for they too are an expression of energy such as solid matter.
Everything you do, think and feel arrests as a vibration with space and in turn, acts on you when you are in this room.
Let this sentence be a little bit lingering: Everything that you (and of course other people who are staying here) DO, THINK and FEEL stays in the room – the more intense the thoughts and feelings, the more sustainable they will look.Surely you know the proverbial “thick air” in a room in which a violent dispute has just occurred. You feel the energy, even if you have not noticed the dispute and no one is in the room.This means that as long as you leave your living space in its previous state, they hold you in your past self because this has shaped them. And in these vibrations, they envelop you whenever you are in them.
Your rooms always bring you back to where you really do not want to be anymore.
As long as you get the old upright energy field, you’ll find it hard to make a difference in your life or in other words, new energy fields set up to support you going to carry out the desired development.If you have never dealt with the subject of vibration and resonance before, that may be hard to understand. Maybe an example from my consulting practice will help you:
An elderly lady mourns the death of her partner, whom she met in the retirement home. She tells me she sat in her chair every day for the first few weeks, crying. After some time, however, she feels a renewed zest for life and wants to do more. But whenever she sits in the chair, she becomes sad again and stays in the room. She is literally stuck in her sadness and painful feelings. To get out there, she asks me for support.I could help her through a simple space clearing (an energetic room cleaning) to release all those feelings that no longer belonged to her from her apartment. Pain and sadness must have been very intense. Her vibration has settled specifically on the chair. Whenever the woman sits down in the chair, she is immersed in these feelings again, even if she was happy before. That’s resonance (resonating) .
Make your home an ally for your goals!So, if you dive into the old resonance fields in your home, again and again, it becomes harder to permanently establish desired changes. Maybe you know that: You work on yourself, but do you feel it takes two steps forward and one back? You do not feel well in your apartment anymore (which is perfectly consistent), but do not bring this back to your inner process of change.
Now is the time to build new energy fields!
Make it easier, roll up your sleeves and adapt your spaces to your new self , to whatever wants to arise. You will see how much energy this releases and how you can get closer to achieving your goals! I have already experienced this with many customers.This is how you can proceed:
  • Separate yourself from things that you do not like (anymore) or that you do not use (anymore).
  • Bring (new) color into your life.
  • Surround yourself only with things that are good for you.
  • Buy a new sofa or a new bed …
  • And above all: release the old energy from your home with the help of a Space Clearing
I know, letting go is not easy for many of us. This is also shown by a large number of guides on clearing and tidying up. With every external cleaning and cleanup action, an inner process is stimulated and that is not always pleasant.Still, I want to encourage you to tackle it. Life is change, exchange and movement .
Things that you hold, even though you no longer need them or they no longer suit you, block your life flow!

The power of the good direction

The classic Feng Shui offers many useful aids to positively support certain topics such as health, love / relationships, success. A very powerful instrument is the BaZhai (8 directions). This system shows us how we can specifically bring health, vitality, success, harmony and inner peace into our lives by activating the favorable direction for us . The application is very simple, but extremely effective. All you need is a compass and a willingness to change. And you have, otherwise, you would not have read this far, right?I hope I could motivate you to deal with your rooms and to use their power in the future for your life. If you can get involved, much easier.Have you already had experiences without being able to classify them
  • that after a move, your life has become positive or negative?
  • that acquaintance parted shortly after the long-awaited entry into the new home?
  • that after a detailed clearing action out of nowhere new opportunities and offers emerged?
Since I am a very curious person, I am glad, if you leave a comment about your experiences on the subject of changes 🙂 I am happy to answer your questions.

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