Kitchen scales – a short guide about finding the perfect one for your needs

A good kitchen scale is an absolute must-have for every kitchen. Although nothing can substitute for skilled intuition—add a dash of this and a handful of that, cook until golden brown and delicious—there are times when the precision a scale can provide is vital. Many baking recipes call for cups and fluid ounces, but no matter how experienced a baker you are, the cup of flour you weigh today will not be the same cup of flour you weigh tomorrow. This is because many dry ingredients, such as flour, cornstarch, and brown sugar, can easily be compressed or aerated depending on the whims of the measurer, how the goods have been stored, and possibly some black magic.

Scales aren’t just for all the would-be pastry wizards out there, either. They’re a necessary tool for any serious cook as well, especially for determining ratios or servings. If you like your mirepoix to be two parts onion to one part celery and carrot, a quick check on the scale can guide you. More advanced recipes—such as those for charcuterie, in which perfect proportions of fat to meat to salt are everything—demand the use of a scale. Even in your day-to-day life, brewing coffee is made much easier with a scale, allowing you to forget scoops of beans and cups of water and just measure it all in grams.

If you do decide to purchase a scale, the variety on the market today can make picking one a daunting task. We’ve set out to determine which scale is the best for all your kitchen needs by testing 3 models and this will help you make the right choice. Shall we begin? 

Which kitchen scale to choose?

Comparative analysis of the top 3 kitchen scales:

  • Soehnle 67080 Page Profi Kitchen Scale
  • Terraillon Cream Mechanical Scale
  • Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Scale andMultifunction Weight Scale with Removable Bowl

Soehnle 67080: the best electronic kitchen scale on the market?

You are seriously beginning to improve your cooking skills, and you have realized that it is important to respect the dosages and quantities to make a recipe. That said, as long as we do, why stick to a device that is rather limited in load capacity. Since fruits and vegetables, or meats or others can weigh quite heavy, the best will be to opt for a kitchen scale capable of collecting several pounds. The Soehnle brand has the model to meet your needs.

The strong points

Large load capacity  : It is quite rare to find an electronic kitchen scale for particular, able to support more than 5 kg. This model is still up to 15 kg, making it almost a professional kitchen scale. Whether you weigh fruits and vegetables on it, you have to use a rather heavy container, no more worry, this device offers you a very comfortable margin of maneuver.

Accuracy  : As an electronic kitchen scale, this model is particularly accurate, with a margin of error of plus or minus 1g, for any load up to 15kg. Of course, it is not a surgical precision, but it is approaching.

Design  : Here too, the Soehnle 67080 stands out from the crowd. We usually recognize the design of old kitchen scales in most other products. With this model, we are dealing with a design of a completely different kind. With its smooth surface in anthracite lacquered glass, this kitchen scale is very sober and very classy. It will adapt without difficulty with the look of your kitchen, while remaining discreet with its super fine size.

Large LCD  : With the old kitchen scales, one of the problems was that it was rather difficult to read the result. With the Soehnle 67080, this kind of problem will not happen, since it is equipped with a large LCD screen on which the result will be readable.

HOLD memory function  : However, since it is a flat scale, and the screen occupies part of the surface of the top, it may happen that the screen is under the products and foods you want to weigh. Rest assured, the brand has thought of everything. He has equipped this model with an innovative memory function. Simply activate the HOLD key, place your products and food on it, wait for the beep before removing them. The weight will remain displayed for 10 seconds.

Touches Touch  : Always in the radius of technology, it must be said that this kitchen scale sits well belonging to our era. Even his keys are tactile, using a patented Sensor Touch technology.

The price  : While certainly, this product is in the high tariff ranges, but given all its qualities, we can say that it is not at all expensive to pay.

The weak spots

Plastic bottom  : It is particularly difficult to find a defect on such a model. Some users regret that the lower part is plastic, including the slot and the battery cover. Be careful not to rough it up.

You can find this item right here:

Terraillon Tradition: the best quality / price ratio of the moment

As the name suggests, this model seems to emphasize the tradition, and made in the vintage, which seduces many users fans of timeless design. This mechanical kitchen scale has several other qualities, besides its vintage look, to convince its future owners. Although it looks like an old kitchen scale, it still has some “weight” against the competition.

The strong points

Timeless design  : Indeed, it’s the first thing that comes to mind, looking at this kitchen scale. Its design is timeless, and goes everywhere. We still remember the scales used by local fruit and vegetable sellers, even the butchers. Having more or less the same device at home is then something that can make a kitchen more warm. And its beautiful cream pop metal finish will participate wonderfully well.

Without battery  : Yes, it is a kitchen scale without battery, which says a lot about its qualities. Already, she can not (or almost) fall out of battery. But as there is no electronic component that may also be defective, we can say that the life of this device will far exceed that of electronic models. So you will have no problem doing this side.

Good load capacity  : Do you know people who will eat 4 kg of meat at once? In any case, in doubt, the Terraillon Tradition has preferred to give you a lot of leeway, this scale can accept up to 5 kg load, which is quite reasonable, even for a large family.

High stability  : Stability is an element that can affect the accuracy of measurements. To limit the damage, it must be said that this scale has all the elements to ensure great stability, including its non-slip feet.

Large dial  : One of the things that many criticize mechanical kitchen scales is the difficulty in reading the result on the dial. With this model, this problem has been studied, and it turns out that it has a large dial for better readability of the results.

Manual  tare: This model also has a manual tare, which will allow you to properly adjust your device by performing a reset before and after each weighing.

The weak spots

The margin of error  : This is well known on mechanical scales of this type, the margin of error is quite important. That being said, the graduations on this model are within 10 g, which is still acceptable compared to other models with graduation every 25 g, which could annihilate a baking recipe, for example, with 25 g of sugar in excess.

You can find this item right here:

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Scale andMultifunction Weight Scale with Removable Bowl – a cheap but reliable kitchen scale

Modernize your home kitchen with user-friendly portioning simplicity. Easily measure your garnishes and ingredients by grams, milliliters, pounds and ounces with the quick unit conversion button. The digital scale features a handy auto-tare function so you can easily measure ingredients in a dish without having to do any math, so you can cut down on prep time to enjoy your meal. The scale is designed with a smooth stainless steel platform for easy cleaning and maintenance. Accent your countertop with a modern look. Otherwise, the slim design makes it easy to store in any kitchen cabinet or drawer. Although the scale is slim, it maintains the durability to withstand up to 11 pounds of weight. When the capacity is surpassed, the scale will alert you with a safe overload indication. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, this digital scale has the simplicity and practicality to create the perfect kitchen creations.

This Etekcity digital scale has endless uses for personal or commercial environments – great for homes, kitchens, offices, mailrooms, and more. The scale has an easy-to-read LCD display with beautiful purple backlit. With a capacity of 11lb (5kg), you can weigh a variety of items with ease. You will be surprised at all the uses you will have for this product. 

The strong points

Weighing functions: You can easily choose among measurement in oz,lb/oz,g,ml.This digital scale measures with a resolution of 0.01oz (1g) for accurate weighing. Power is provided by one 2 AAA batteries (included), making the scale portable and ensuring that you can easily acquire replacement batteries. 

Tare Function: The tare function allows the user to deduct the weight of a container from the total weight in order to determine the net weight of the contents excluding the weight of the container which holds them. 

Auto-zero and auto-off:  The scale can be reset to zero for accurate measurement, or adjusted to weigh items in bowls or measuring containers, which is particularly useful for cooking. To save energy, the scale also features an auto-off function, allowing the scale to turn off after 10 seconds inactivity to save energy. 

The weak spots

Fragile  bowl: According to some users, the plastic bowl delivered with this product would be quite fragile, and splits quite easily. Fortunately we can use other containers instead.

Mechanical or electronic kitchen scale?

This is the eternal question, should you choose a mechanical kitchen scale or an electronic model. Each of these products offers their share of advantages and disadvantages. Also, we will try to say a few words, in order to help you decide on this famous question, and especially to make the right choice, because in the end, everything will depend on your needs and preferences in terms of taste (on the design side and not culinary).

The mechanical kitchen scale

The advantages of the mechanical kitchen scale are numerous, starting with its design that integrates with the retro style. Today, vintage has become very trendy, and this is reflected in our kitchens. This kitchen scale will fit perfectly into yours. However, it should be noted that some models know how to adopt a very modern look. The second advantage is the absence of a battery, which is equivalent to saying that the life of this product is almost unlimited.

Moreover, the main fault of a mechanical kitchen scale is its lack of precision, which can be unfortunate when it is necessary to respect the dosage and the quantity to the nearest gram, to succeed a recipe.

The electronic kitchen scale

Precision side, there is no better than the electronic kitchen scale. Its increasingly modern design will also appeal to those who particularly like the contemporary look in their kitchen. His biggest fault is probably the fact that it is electronic. It is therefore likely to fail without warning in case of battery failure. Some electronic components may also fail over time.

How to choose your kitchen scale?

If we dive our nose for the first time in the field of kitchen scales, we are far from imagining all the features that may be different from one model to another. This means that choosing a kitchen scale is far from easy, unless you choose blindly. If you are looking for the product that will be closer to your needs, here are some criteria to take into account.

The type of kitchen scale

There are two major families of kitchen scales, mechanical models and electronic models. The former are simple to use and maintain, require no energy to operate, and appeal to many with their vintage look. That said, they lack precision, their graduation generally ranging from 10 to 20 g. As for the seconds, precision turns out to be their strong point, their result is within 1 g. They are also easy to use, and their modern design is also suitable for many users.

But there are also professional kitchen scales. The two previous models are limited in terms of load capacity, while a professional model has a maximum load exceeding 10 kg. We also have connected models, which go as far as informing you about the nutritional values ​​of each ingredient weighed. They will surely interest those who follow a rather strict regime.


In general, the food and / or ingredients are placed on the scale, and the result is displayed. But there are other features that turn out to be very interesting and very practical. Among other things, there is the tare function, which resets the scale even when a container of a certain weight is already placed on it. This allows you to weigh only the food and / or ingredients in it.

There is also the automatic shutdown function, which is very convenient for saving batteries, in the case of course electronic kitchen scales. Some models offer a conversion of weight in volume or other unit of weight (the book, for example), to succeed some complicated recipes. Other models can also include a memory function, for storing the last displayed weight, for example.

Needless to say, with advances in technology, LCD screens and keys can also vary greatly from one model to another. In any case, the important thing is to have a comfortable device to use, and that offers a good readability of the results.

The carrying capacity

Depending on the type of use, this criterion may be of some importance. For a particular use in a small home, a scale limited to 2 kg could do the trick, especially to weigh one by one the different ingredients. But if you think this is insufficient, rest assured, because there are many models that can weigh up to 5 kg, and professional models even have a load capacity that can exceed 10 kg.

The accessories

It is always nice that a product comes with accessories. In the case of a kitchen scale, it is always better that it has a bowl or a tray that is specially adapted. The tray is more for solid foods, while the bowl is suitable for liquids. Some models may come with both, while others only have the bowl or tray. It is also better for these accessories to be removable for ease of use and maintenance. Although, some electronic kitchen scales are designed with a fixed tray.

In any case, remember to check that the tare function is available on your model. Indeed, if unfortunately the bowl or tray was breaking or cracking after a shock, you can still use another container with this function.

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