Pregnancy gifts for mom to be

Pregnancy gifts for mom to be

It’s very hard to buy a pregnant or a fresh mother’s gift, and that’s not just because both categories are unpredictable (they cry at the jokes and laugh when they catch their finger in the door), but especially because it’s a very sensitive moment for the recipient of the gift. Most of the time, you can not even ask directly (maybe she sleeps and you do not want to bother), you do not know whether the woman is superstitious or not, you want to take something useful, but she might have already bought it herself, you want to take something for the kid, but everyone buys something for the kid, you prefer something that is just  for her. But what? What if she keeps a diet? What if she has medical restrictions after birth? What if my gift will not be liked? The line between a successful gift and a disaster is very fine when it comes to pregnant women and fresh mothers.


So, check out our list of mum to be gifts ideas and get inspired. We chose some wonderful products that are perfect for a future mummy.  


Best gift ideas under 50$


It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a sufficient amount of money to buy something impressive.  You would be surprised how many creative things you can buy with less then 50$.


Diaper Pail with odor lock technology


If you want to make the mummy happy you could buy with just a few dollars a diaper pail that is able to keep the odor inside of it. As you know, the baby will need to be changed frequently and the fresh mommy will need all the time in the world to change the baby quick right before he loses patience and starts to cry. The best thing is that it comes pre-assembled and it can store up to 270 diapers. Enough to be able to change the little one in no time. It’s the best mum to be gift because it can offer the mummy a lot of advantages. Who knows? Maybe she will have enough time to sit relaxed for a while.

If you really want to buy something useful you can find such a product here: Diaper Pail with odor lock technology




Changing Pad


If you really want to offer her a gift that can be a real help for a mummy to be and also offer her a gift that will be used for a long time, then a changing pad should do the trick. She doesn’t need flowers, chocolate, toys or another set of clothing. She already has too much of it and besides this, the baby grows all the time. A changing pad is the most useful gift you can think of. It even hepls the mother to have a special place for changing the baby. You will win her heart for sure if you choose to buy such a gift.

You can buy it or find out more information about this mum to be gift idea from here: Changing Pad





Convertible carrier


If she is a mummy to be that loves walking and she talks about how much she is waiting for the moment when she will be able to hold her baby close, then a convertible carrier is the best mum to be gift idea ever. It has a lot of advantages if you want to think of it from the practical point of view. She will be able to hold the baby close to her during a walk and if needed she can have her hands free if she needs to do something fast, like talking on the phone.

A gift like this is always a great idea and you will definetly separate yourself from the herd and manage to buy for the mummy a gift that will always help her. Even if you don’t know much about babies.

More about this product you can find out here:Convertible carrier



Outlet plug covers


Especially when the baby will start crawling or even walking a set of outlet plug covers will be the best thing to do to keep the baby safe. When it comes to choose a mum to be gift idea you don’t really have to think about the moment when the baby is born especially. If you buy a set of outlet plug covers you will manage to make the mommy really happy because everybody else will think about baby clothing, flowers, chocolate or toys. But nobody considers that there are a lot more useful items that can help fresh parents.

More about this gift idea you can find here: Outlet plug covers




Foam Bed Mattress for the crib


Even if the crib comes with it’s own mattress beacuse of the little or big accidents that can happen during sleeping, sometimes all that a mommy can do is to replace the mattress. Don’t think that this is a way to point out that she needs to do some design changes in the babies room. An item like this is useful and especially if you heard the mom talking about such need then you can surprise her with a foam mattress for the crib.

Think about this idea and don’t forget to check it out here: Foam Bed Mattress for the crib



Diaper Backpack – why to give it as a gift ?


Well, all the action doesn’t take place just inside. A mummy will walk her baby everyday. If you want to make her a gift that can be used right away and to be a real help everytime she goes out with the baby, then a diaper backpack can be really useful. With enough pockets to store everything she needs from baby items to cell phone and wallet she will be able to keep everything in one place and to enjoy the walk. This mum to be gift idea is perfect for both the baby and the mother. And, for sure, your gift will be appreciated.

If you are looking for an ideal diaper backpack that fits your budget, check out this: Diaper Backpack – why to give it as a gift ?




WalkThru Gate


A very curious. He needs to explore to find out more about the environmnent he lives in. But, especially if you need to know that the baby is safe all the time you can install a walk thru gate. Even if the mommy isn’t arround this gate will be able to keep the baby safe all the time. When you are thinking of the perfect gift for a mum to be you are not considering to buy items like this, but you should. The reason is simple. Everyone will focus on buying things for baby is the baby and not items that really can help a parent get through this period. So, think outside the box and make both of the parents happy.

You can find an item like this here:WalkThru Gate




Bathtime fun accesories


One from the million other types of the best times in the life of the parents is bath time. To encourage the baby to like the water the best thing to do is to make it really fun. And this can be obtained with the help of toys. If you really want to buy something for the baby then some funny toys for bathtime are the best idea. Really colorfull, funny and made from safe materials, can be a great gift idea for a future mummy.

If you are looking for an idea that can win the parent’s heart then you should check out this fun toy for bathtime: Bathtime fun accesories




You can be original even if you have a budget up to $100


For a higher budget you can always have more items that fits best to be offered as a present. A mommy to be needs a lot of items. Some of it she already has and some from some of it she receives too much gifts. Be original when it comes to buy mum to be gifts because this way you will make sure that she will be glad to open a gift that doesn’t have another set of baby clothing or any kind of items that she already has.


Rock n Play Sleeper


A new mommy always needs genius ideas to accomplish everyday tasks. A sleeper can be the best gift idea. The sleeper can be placed anywhere in the house or outside. The baby will sleep comfortable and the mommy will be able to have some time just for herself. This kind of item is great for the moments when the mommy needs to have the baby on sight and not in the crib. Especially if she uses the time when the baby sleeps to work then you can give her the opportunity to make everything possible.

This kind of gift idea it’s about offering the mommy some time for herself. So, make sure that your gift will be very appreciated and helpfull. If you need to know from where to buy the best rock n play sleeper then check out this one: Rock n Play Sleeper




Activity Gym


The baby needs to exercise too. For his development and health the baby needs to exercise and an activity gym can help him a lot. Why is this a gift idea? Well, since the parents of the baby think about buying in first place just the items they need the most, an activity gym is a product which cannot miss from the essential things that a baby needs. It also can be used during playtime, so it has a multiple purpose. This way you will be able to offer a very nice gift that can be used until the baby grows.

If you are looking for a present like this that is both usefull and good for the baby then you must check out this product: Activity Gym




Best Night light and sound machine for the baby


A night light doesn’t just chase away the monsters under the bed it is also suitable to be used in the baby’s room. Rest combines best with music and according to the studies made by specialists revealed that if a parent uses music to make the baby fall asleep then this habbit has a lot of advantages. Even if you don’t have the time to stay in the room with the baby for a long time and wait for him to sleep this smartphone controlled device can be the right choice. A gift like this will be apreciated by parents who love gadgets and, also, not just by this kind of parents.

Check out more about this wonderfull item here:Best Night light and sound machine for the baby




Baby strollers


If you really want to make a parent happy, then you should have the best gift one might think of. A baby stroller sure has this kind of effect so, with this kind of gift you will make especially the future mummy be really happy. This strollers are best for mom’s that love to be active all the time and because it’s made using the latest technologies and design’s it can absorb shocks that occur on the road.

You can find a model that fits best in this description right here: Baby strollers





Essential baby items gift set


A set of the most essentials baby items is the best choice when it comes to talk about gift ideas for a mum to be. Just before buying make sure that the set is complete and contains the most usefull products. This way the mommy will be able to use it every day and have some spare items to change them when needed. A mom needs a lot of items especially in the first years, so, you can surprise her with a set that has 2-3 spare items that can help her change them all the time.

An idea is to buy a complete set of baby items and products like this you can find here: Essential baby items gift set




Cute little pink outfits for babies


If your gift is adressing to a cute little girl then you should choose an outfit that can melt the heart of the parents. Spare clothes are a blessing especially when you have a baby and the Holly Grail of parenting when you have more then one baby. For little baby girls the most suitable color is pink. The cuyte little outfits personalized with animals or cartoon characters will melt the parent’s heart.  A baby always needs some beautifull clothes that can be used for walks, visits and other purposes. So, this can be the most inspired idea and it’s also the best solution for moments when you don’t know what you could possibly buy.

If you are in a hurry, you can check out our proposal here:  Cute little pink outfits for babies




Bathtime basket with essential products for the baby


Nothing compares to the wonderful smell of a baby. But a bath is always essential. If you really don’t know what you could possibly buy for a mum to be then a set of bathtime products can be a real help. As a fresh mom, you don’t have always time to search for the right products in catalogues or in stores or even online. Be the help that she needs by buying a gift that can spare her from this mission. Of course, if you already know what are her wishes when it comes to talking about essential bathtime products then it will not be hard to find something she likes.

If you want to check out some ideas of this kind of mum to be gifts then check out our idea: Bathtime basket with essential products for the baby




If money isn’t a problem, check out this ideas above $100


Well, if you really want to make a good impression and money isn’t a problem, we have the ideal gift ideas for you. This is a category of products that can offer a lot of advantages for the fresh parents and are very usefull.


Baby Glide Sleeper


A baby glide sleeper will be a great help for the mommy if she needs to make her baby fall asleep, especially when this seems to be an impossible mission.  The glider enables motion and it takes only a single move to make it move. The new mommy will be able to keep the baby with her in all corners of the house and will be able to always keep an eye on the baby even if she has to work or just wants to watch her favourite show while the baby sleeps.

You can buy a baby glide sleeper from here: Baby Glide Sleeper





Special Car Seat for the baby

Travel with the baby in style! A special car seat made for the baby it will be a great help especially when traveling away from home. Easy to install and very essential to have while driving around, this setup for the car has seatbelts that keep the baby safe. Also, it is a great way to travel with the baby because it offers a lot of freedom to the mom. This can be the nicest gift that parent’s can get from anyone. In the whole bunch of gifts with clothes, baby accesories, toys and other items it will be a great surprise.

Just watch the surprised faces of the fresh parents when they will open the gift.  If you are looking for a special car seat model then check this out and you will know where to look: Special Car Seat for the baby



Travel Crib


A foldable and easy to set up travel crib can help the fresh mommy a lot. She will not have to go home especially when fun time isn’t over yet. This crib can be installed anywhere and it also can be used at home too. It’s a great way to always take care of the baby and offer all the needed conditions and the comfort. Your gift will be appreciated and from all that were received  this travel crib will help the parent’s the most. Even if they are going away on a trip they will not have to ask if they can find a room suitable for babies.

Check out our idea and see if you like it: Travel Crib



Infant tracker smartphone controlled


Modern technology can offer a lot of advantages and, especially now, in the era of smartphones you have a lot of options. It isn’t even neccessary to buy two distinct devices just to track the baby’s activity when you are not arround and want to let him sleep. Discover an item that can be a wonderfull gift and can track the activity of your child efficiently. A tracker loke this can monitor the baby’s heart rate, oxygen level and manny more. See an item like this here: Infant tracker smartphone controlled

$299, 00



Baby monitor with real crying detection

You can’t always hear when the baby is crying. And with the help of modern technology every fresh mom has to got a baby monitor with crying detection. With all these fake products you can find on the market that only promise to work is hard to find one that can be a real help. So, you do the research for her and offer an item that can track in real time when the baby is crying. Check out this item right here: Baby monitor with real crying detection






Baby activity center


Made for children who are already able to sit or even stand, it has everything you need to keep the little one busy. An activity center is very entertaining and can offer a lot of advantages like developing the child’s brain or logical thinking. A gift like this for sure will make the parents really happy even if they can’t use it right away. You can buy a mum to be gift like this from here:  Baby activity center





Baby arrival gift basket


A welcome home gift is essential if you were invited to share such an important moment with the fresh parents. Since is a special occasion you can’t go to the event empty handed. A ,,welcome home” basket that has some special items like photo frames, baby care products and other items like this, very usefull especially for the mommy you will be able to bring a smile on her face.

You can get inspired from here:  Baby arrival gift basket





We hope you liked our gift ideas and we can’t wait for you to tell us what did you buy for such a special occasion. Don’t forget creativity is the best solution to find the best mum to be gift. If you found other items like this and you think that are perfect to complete our list feel free to share them with us.



Do you need more inspiration? Check these products:

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