Gifts for new moms after birth

Gifts for new moms after birth

Discover the best new mum gifts and make her happier


When you think about new mum gifts the first thing that comes to your mind is baby focused presents. But here’s the thing: she already has too much of everything that a baby needs because everybody else buys things for the newborn and for the mommy maybe some flowers or chocolate. We recommend you to offer a present that is made just for her. Even if it’s your sister in law, sister, friend, co-worker etc., you will find your inspiration by browsing our list.

List of the best gifts you can find under $50

Starter Kit for new mom’s – breast pump, flower stopper, cap & disposable breast pad pack

The new Mom Starter Pack includes a 150 ml / 5 oz silicone breast pump, one silicone flower stopper, one cap, and 1 disposable breast pad pack. Awe guarantee that this kind of gift will be a real help. If you think that it’s too personal to be given as a gift to someone, then you should know that a new mom is looking for things like this. And, you have to think about that she doesn’t have the time to buy it herself, so, become her personal helper and offer a new mum gift that can make her life easier.

Discover this wonderful product here: List of the best gifts you can find under $50




Keep Calm: The New Mum’s Manual, Trust Yourself and Enjoy the Baby – Jools Oliver

Nobody comes with a set of instructions when it’s to talk about raising, feeding and keeping the baby happy. But, offering her a guide that helps her enter the mysterious world of babies can be a very useful gift. A new mum always has someone at her side to give her advices, but if you really want to give a hand then offering such a wonderful guide written by specialists with tested and advised you will be more helpful. She will be able to find in this guide advice about how to relax, how to trust her instincts and how to enjoy the newborn baby.

The guide written by Jools Oliver can be found here:   Keep Calm: The New Mum’s Manual, Trust Yourself and Enjoy the Baby – Jools Oliver




Mums English Rose Spa Bath and Body Gift Basket

A new mommy is the most beautiful woman in the world, but with such a useful gift basket containing the most essential beauty products, she will be able to have the best alone times. It is a great gift because she will have something special just for her. A new mommy for sure needs her relaxing moments and she will be glad to receive such a wonderful gift. The basket has everything she needs from perfumed beauty products to potpourri to decorate her bath and to feel really spoiled even if it’s for just an hour.

You can buy such a gift basket from here:    Mums English Rose Spa Bath and Body Gift Basket




Chill out tracks for new moms and moms to be

A new mom has to relax. Even if she has a really really long list of things to do just in one day, the perfect way to relax is to listen to music. An audio CD like this can be a wonderful present and in the same time the most inspired. The new mommy will listen to the music of nature and other relaxing themes and even if she has the most twisted and the most challenging day she will be able to find reasons to smile. It’s worth to buy it and a present like this, that is addressed just for her will be more appreciated than to discover another present that contains baby stuff. She already has too much, don’t worry about it.

Buy the best relaxing music for mommy’s from here:    Chill out tracks for new moms and moms to be




Stroller Organizer with cup holder, carry handle + stroller bag hook

If you want to offer new mum gifts that have a more practical purpose then to concentrate on the baby or the mother then we have the perfect idea for you. This stroller organizer is perfect to store the items a mother carries with her. It has enough pockets to store pacifiers, phone, keys, money, baby bottles and everything she needs during a walk. This way she will not have to carry her purse. A present like this, for sure will win her heart. And, even if it’s your co-worker or just a friend it’s the most inspired idea.

A stroller organizer like this you can find here:    Stroller Organizer with cup holder, carry handle + stroller bag hook




Cotton Breastfeeding Cover

If you wish to offer a gift that will be useful for the mommy and for the baby as well, a nursing cover is the best gift you could give. The nursing cover is suitable for breastfeeding in public because it covers the mommy and offers protection during the whole time. It’s a very nice cover with a modern pattern that can be matched perfectly with the mommy’s outfit. The model is adjustable and just perfect for the mum to feel comfortable with it. The nursing cover can be used to cover the stroller too. You have the option to be gift wrapped so, this way, the present will be ready to be given as soon as the delivery man arrives to your doorsteps.

More about this product you can find out here:    Cotton Breastfeeding Cover



Universal Cell Phone Holder

If you are the kind of person that offers as gifts gadgets in every kind of situation or occasion, then a universal cell phone holder is the best suggestion we can give you. This universal cell phone holder can be used by the new mummy to watch something or to make a video call much easier if needed. It can be used for tablets, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, desk, bedroom or kitchen. The new mommy will love this useful gadget and will be grateful to not receive another set of baby clothing from which she already has too much.

More details you can find here:     Universal Cell Phone Holder




Find the best ideas for new mum gifts right here in our list

When it comes to talking about gifts for a new mommy the mission can be very difficult especially when you don’t really have ideas of what could you possibly buy for a little baby. But you don’t have to be scared that you will end up scrolling for hours in the online stores just to find that perfect and suitable gift made for a special occasion like this. We prepared a few ideas of gifts for a higher budget than $50, so you can choose items that you think are the most appropriate for such an occasion

Breast Pump Bag Tote for stylish mommy’s

Every new mom is the most beautiful woman in the world. Help her to be happy and to shine with a bag made especially for her. If you know about the new mommy that she always likes to look great then a breast pump bag with a fashionable look will do the trick. There is no woman in the world who doesn’t like to receive nice gifts such as bags. But this time it will be a very useful one. This bag is the best replacement for the bag she used when she wasn’t expecting a baby. Has enough storage space for every item that she needs: breast pump, milk bottles, thermal isolation to keep the milk warm and other special features that makes it the perfect bag.

Check out this model from here:  Breast Pump Bag Tote for stylish mommy’s




Do you need more inspiration? Check these products:

Beauty Products Gift Box for New Moms

If you are thinking to offer a gift that is made just for her and it will be the best choice to make instead of buying baby products then you are right. Everyone else will concentrate to find cute things for the baby. You will find in such a gift box items that are useful for the mom and for the baby as well. All the items that the gift box contains have to be natural and suitable to be used to not harm the baby’s health.

If you are looking for the products that can be a real help for the mommy then consider choosing this gift box:  Beauty Products Gift Box for New Moms




Baby bottles with air free vent to prevent colics


Colics are a common thing that happens to all the babies. Scientifically it wasn’t discovered the reason why it’s happening. So, if you want to make a gift that can help the mommy feed her baby in an appropriate way then a set of baby bottles are the best choice. Not too expensive and also very efficient will offer the help she needs. With spare bottles, she will be able to prepare more bottles with milk and this will make the job easier to handle among other million things to do.

A complete set includes not just the bottles, also the accessories too. Check out this set and get inspired or add it to the cart:  Baby bottles with air free vent to prevent colics



Stargazing right in the baby’s room with a 4 in 1 projector and air purifier

A baby’s room has to be the safest and cleanest environment. To maintain the room suitable for raising a baby modern technology can be a real help. Especially if you know about the fresh parents that love to use a lot of gadgets to make the greatest environment to raise a child then a 4 in 1 projector and air purifier can be the best new mom gift. A projector that turns alive the entire room can keep the baby busy and with the air freshener incorporated you can be sure that the air is fresh in the room all the time. The filters capture allergens and dust, mold or pollen from plants that are present in the room. Such a new mom gift sure will be appreciated and you will be able to make an entire fresh family very happy.

Such a projector with multiple purposes you can find here:   Stargazing right in the baby’s room with a 4 in 1 projector and air purifier




Growth Chart


Seeing your baby grow is the most accomplishing feeling in the world. Mark how much a baby grows with the help of a chart that is very easy to install. Kids love to see how much they grew in a month and it will be fun for the parents to track this. Even if it’s not really a gift that can help a fresh mom in her everyday routine it will be possible to be used later. You can find one right here:  Growth Chart




Daddy Shirt and Mommy Shirt

Daddy Shirt and Mommy ShirtYou can buy as a gift a set of shirts made for carrying the baby around. It will be so much fun for the parents to carry the little one in their shirt. Besides this, it’s a very comfortable way to carry the baby. The shirts have a special pocket where the baby can fit comfortably. It doesn’t even need to be wrapped, to be tyed or to be adjusted because the product is already made to fit the little baby. This way dad’s can enjoy to carry the baby all around the house. You can also find shirts like this for the mommy too and usually are bought together. Here, the choice is yours.

Such products you can find here: Daddy Shirt and Mommy Shirt



Baby shower gift box perfect for little boys


And, since no baby arrival can’t pass without celebrating if you are invited to a baby shower then you will have to buy a gift for this occasion too. If it’s a boy or even a girl you can buy a gift box that contains a few essential products for the mommy and for the baby. Cute, not too expensive and containing some products that will be a great help for homecoming the new mom will receive this kind of gifts gladly. If you need inspiration for a new mom gift idea like this one you can see an example here:  Baby shower gift box perfect for little boys




New Mom Gifts ideas for a budget over $100

If you are a close friend of the family, then you don’t really put too much price on how much does a product cost to be the best and suitable gift for the new mommy and the baby. But, if you want that these products to have some qualities then your list isn’t too big. You need fresh ideas that can create a great impression. If you want all these, then check out our list of products over $100.


Monkey Themed diaper cake

Handmade gifts are very popular this day so, if you are looking for a new mum gift that follows today’s trends you can buy a Safari themed diaper cake. This kind of gift can be used with success at a baby shower or even at a ,,welcome home” party made for the baby. Of course, the theme of this kind of parties are chosen by the parents but you can always talk to them and ask to take part in the organization of the party. Also, if you want to make the parents and the guests smile then you can choose a gift like this.

Looking at the practical part of the gift, the ,,cake” is made out of diapers and decorated with toys that can be used later and it will be the best present ever. If you want to take a look and see how does a product like this look then you can find it here: Monkey Themed diaper cake




Baby girl gift basket

Gift baskets are the best ideas when it comes to talking about perfect presents for new moms. Especially when you really don’t have an idea what could you possibly buy to a baby girl you can choose a gift basket. It contains a lot of useful gifts for the mommy and for the baby as well. This way you can make sure you made the right choice. Blankets, toys, pacifiers, baby bottles, toys, baby care products, care products for the mommy and many more items like this are used to complete such a basket.

If you want to find your inspiration or to buy such new mom gifts then  you should check it out here:  Baby girl gift basket



Crib blanket


If you are looking to buy just useful items for the baby or to help the mother keep the crib always protected, then a soft and cozy blanket is the right choice. If you want to make the gift more special then you should choose a blanket that can be personalized easily with a funny text, the baby’s name or the date when he was born. An item like this is perfect not just for the crib because a mommy will know for sure how she can take full advantage of it. This kind of gift is perfect and safe at the same time because there will not be too many persons that will think of such an idea.

Cute blankets you can find here:   Crib blanket





Fully equiped crib

If you really want to offer a new mom gift that can really impress then you should buy a fully equipped crib that can be personalized too. It will be the best gift idea ever. It comes in multiple patterns and colors, so you can choose one that is suitable for the new member of the family. Since everybody buys clothing, accessories, flowers and other items that are usually bought at occasions like this, your present will have a huge success. The parent already has a lot of expenses and with this kind of gift, you can help them a lot. Or, if you are not sure if they will like it you could give them the gig and enough money to be able to buy the model they like the most.

Check out a crib model right here:   Fully equiped crib



Silver Teething Necklace

It is well known that babies love to put in their mouth everything they can find. And the mommy’s necklace isn’t an item that is spared from this habit. If you are searching for a gift that can bring a smile on the mother’s face when the baby is putting her necklace in the mouth then you should buy a piece of jewelry like this. It’s made from safe materials that don’t harm the baby and it looks good too. There are models of jewelry like this that has a rattle inside of it so it is more fun to be used by the baby.

You can find a piece of jewelry like this just by looking here:  Silver Teething Necklace




Swaddle blankets made from cotton

A set of little cute blankets can be really helpful all the time. A mommy always needs spare items of every kind of product she buys and if you choose a gift like this then you will be able to offer her something practical and great for a daily use. Be sure that the blankets are made from high-quality materials and perfectly safe for the baby.

If you are looking for a last minute new mum gift then you should take a look here: Swaddle blankets made from cotton





Well, if you reached the list until here we are sure you found some great ideas for new mum gifts that you can offer and put a smile on her face. A mommy needs a lot of stuff and the baby too but when it comes to choosing a perfect gift there are a few that think of useful items that a mom needs for herself or to use to make her new life easier.



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