Simple Feng Shui Bedroom tips – for beginners

The FENG SHUI of the master bedroom has a great influence on the happiness of the couple. When the CHI of the room is harmonious and invites luck, the couple enjoys a beneficial relationship, with mutual support. Everyone will play an appropriate role in the family. Health does not suffer, misunderstandings are at a low point, separation and divorce are out of sight. 
When the CHI of the room is not harmonious, the partners are very bitter towards each other. there is no success or support in the relationship, and no marital happiness. There is likely to be an outbreak of one-third in the household, which will cause quarrels and recriminations. Communication is no longer established. There is only one great misfortune. 

So how do you create a good Feng Shui in your bedroom?
First, see if it has a regular shape (square or rectangular). If you have an en-suite bathroom, be sure to close it, and make sure it does not create an L-shaped room. The L-shaped toilet creates several interrelated problems. 
It is a good arrangement for the master bedrooms that have en-suite bathrooms: the two rooms are continuous. the doors must not be aligned, naked as they “hurt” the bed. The bed should not be against the wall that separates the bedroom from the bathroom or toilet. 
Do not place your bed:
1. under a door
2. in front of a door (that of the room or that of toilets)
3. between two doors
4. against the wall that separates the bedroom from the toilet or bathroom
5. under a window
6. in front of a salient angle
7. in front of a mirror
8. directly under a water tank. 
One must never forget that a bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. The energies that prevail in the room must be more YIN than YANG. So quieter than active. 
Although the aquatic elements are generally favorable, it is a great mistake to place the water in the bedroom. And this does not only concern fish jars and fountains, but also paintings that represent the sea, the lake or a waterfall. Leave the aquatic elements in the living room or garden where they will play an activator role for prosperity but not the opposite – theft or financial loss. 
Yes, I know, I know, it’s not great, but flowers and plants, especially living, it’s extremely YANG energy, it’s that can cause quarrels and infidelity in the couple, a once they are placed in the bedroom. 
But then LA – it’s the biggest Feng Shui taboo in your room; especially if it is placed directly in front of the bed. The ice reflects the sleeping couple, thus sending the SHAR CHI (unfavorable energy), causing misunderstanding, and often infidelity. In fact, anything that has a reflective surface must be held outside the room (even the television).
To stay healthy you must avoid having shelves in front of your bed, which symbolize blades that cut you off while you sleep. If you have one – the solution is to “fix” doors3 to your shelves to remove the affects “blades” that will “cut you off” if we spoke the language of energies.
to follow … The direction of your bed and how to attract luck in love life according to feng shui of your bedroom. 

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