Star Wars fan gift ideas

Star Wars fan gift ideas for any occasion that you will love for sure.May the Fourth be with you! Like every year, this is the day dedicated to the fans of the Star Wars saga and we know how many they are! Cinema marathon, disguises, gatherings … Everything is good to celebrate the mythical saga that has rocked our childhood (and not only). And as fanaticism, it is even expressed (especially) at home, we offer you gift ideas to offer in any occasion! Funny ideas, practical ideas, ideas for when you really have no idea, you name it and you will find it right here. If you are living under the same roof with a Star Wars fan then you maybe know everything about the saga because you have not escaped from the stories told with so much excitement. Either way, whatever the occasion you will have to find an original gift that can be offered . Check out this Star Wars  gift ideas and choose the item that you think that fits the best the personality .
A true Jedi has to get a book and this one, that is Star Wars themed even on the cover will be the most appreciated item from his entire room. When opened, with just a push of a button, the vault opens with lightsaber and Star Wars sound effects putting you in the world of knowledge. A book about Jedi history is a must have for every fan there is outside the world. You can find an item like this right here: The Jedi Path a manual for students of the Force$59,99
A Star Wars fan can be even your mom and maybe she grew watching the series or anybody who loves baking. This Stormtrooper baking tray it’s an essential item in every Star Wars fan kitchen. It is also a great gift for further surprises  to bake cakes for special occasions. So, it’s a very useful item. You can get your own tray from here:  Stormtrooper baking tray$24,99
There is nothing more special then decorating your laptop with stickers of your favorite series. A Star Wars fan will be enchanted and will thank you for the perfect gift that can use to personalize everything he owns. This can be a perfect everyday surprise without any reason. . Buy stickers from right here: BB-8 sticker for laptop$6,90
Make every morning special for your friend and choose to offer as gift a Death Star waffle maker. If he has his own delicious waffle recipe then encourage this talent by buying the perfect item to make it possible. Even if we are talking about a little fan, make a surprise on his birthday morning with a special breakfast made for a devoted fan. You can buy such gift from here: Death Star waffle maker $39,99
A book that is a must-have . Intergalactic communication is very important and he can start learning a few words from his own manual. It is a book conceived for a fan that is charmed by everything that the series can offer. Now that intergalactic travel is easier, you can find wookies everywhere so, make communication easier. You can find an intergalactic manual right here: How to speak Wookie – an intergalactic manual$9,89
A simple backpack but with so much meaning . If you don’t really have enough budget to buy a much consistent gift this is the most wonderful idea you can have.  Your little fan will be the most popular in school wearing such a backpack. You can find a model that suits this description right here: R2D2 backpack $23,65
There is nothing more powerful than saying,,I know” instead of ,,I love you”. If she is also a fan, then you can surprise her with a gift that she can wear all the time. Make any occasion special with this wonderful ring. Buy one from right here:  ,,I know” – Star Wars special edition ring$11.00 – $34,00
There is no Star Wars fan who doesn’t enjoy the movie’s theme. No matter the age a Star Wars themed music box is always a great idea. And the best part of such a special gift idea is that it’s not expensive at all. Make a wonderful surprise buying a music box from right here:  themed music box$11,96

Do you need more inspiration? Check these products:

A tech-savvy will never say no to a smartwatch. If you are living in the house with a boy or a man that is into technology and Star Wars, fortunately, you can combine both of his passions with this BB-8 smartwatch. Of course, if you were planning on spending some time with him then forget it because the smartwatch will occupy his time a little more. But the good news is that you will be able to make him happy. Find a smartwatch like this right here:  BB-8 smartwatch$44,99
Even if you don’t have any idea what could you possibly buy, a Chewbacca themed mug is always a great idea. It is a great present no matter the age and you will be pleased with your choice. Find a Star Wars themed mug right here:  Chewbacca mug$14,62
If you know about your Star Wars fan that he is a great host for the guests makes him a special surprise by buying him as a gift a Stormtrooper decanter. With a gift like this, he will never remain without stories to tell to the guests and every moment like this will be special. You can surprise him with : Star Wars decanter$30,99
You will be able to keep a Star Wars fan busy with this origami set. Designed for children but fun for the entire family it will be a great Sunday afternoon activity for all of the family. You can make such a gift from right here:  Star Wars Origami$14,29
See? It’s not that hard to find the perfect Star Wars fan gift ideas. Even if it’s your kid, your husband, a friend or your anniversary this gift ideas will be the most perfect you can choose from. Also, with this ideas, you can make wonderful surprises no matter the occasion. Don’t forget to make the gift from your heart and you will feel the best. It’s a great feeling to make someone happy and with the greatest gift, you can achieve this easily.
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