Cool Star Wars gift ideas for fans

Cool Star Wars gift ideas for fans

Best 25 ideas of Star Wars gifts for him – a true fan of the movie seriesGeorge Lucas succeeded in 1977 to present his vision of the future and start the Star Wars phenomenon, revolutionizing cinematographic history.His first film has set new revenue records in the United States opening up people’s appetite for SF stories. Star Wars opened a new era, gave “A New Hope” to sci-fi and fantasy genres and created millions of fans. The continuation of the franchise in the 2000s did not disappoint the fans, and even more, thanks to the special effects it was able to thicken the fans’ rows with new supporters. And so fathers join their children in the phenomenon of Star Wars.
Thus, curiosity about the phenomenon is more vivid than ever, and the attachment to Star Wars can generate new ways of communicating between people who do not know each other but have the same hobby. From a game of words was born the Star Wars Day “May the Fourth Be With You”.For the many fans of Star Wars, fans of all ages, I’ve created a list of  Star Wars gifts that they will appreciate, on a birthday, an anniversary, or an ordinary day. Let’s see what gifts you could offer to fans of an action that happens “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away”.Check out a list that can melt his heart for sure

Cool Star Wars gift idea for boyfriend:

Anakin’s Light SaberCut your way through the darkness with Anakin’s lightsaber. The Jedi Knights’ Swords, the symbol of Star Wars franchise films, have always been a must-have. Any fan has longed for a Jedi laser sword, any child in his imaginary struggles wanted a toy of that kind. This time, the replica after Anakin’s sword has more colors and comes with the specific sound. Also, to include more drama, you can choose to hear Darth Vader breathing sounds.You can find the lightsaber right here:  Anakin’s Light Saber$80.64
Millenium Falcon LegoI think there can be nothing more enjoyable for a Star Wars fan than crafting himself Star Wars characters or objects. Apart from the fact that you like to mount the things you collect yourself, it’s the only way to get involved in the story. This is from the series of Star Wars Legos that really has to be part of a real fans collection. Lego Star Wars already won the hearts of fans all across the world, so, if you want to make a fan happy then this is the right gift for him. You can find an item like this right here:   Millenium Falcon Legofrom $8.99
R2D2 alarm clockR2-D2 is the most cute cinematic robot and one of the most popular Star Wars characters, especially among the little fans. In the form of an alarm clock that projects the time on the wall and wakes up through the familiar trills, R2-D2 will become an aid to parents with children at school. You cannot be upset when the alarm clock wakes you up and you hear the familiar voice of the robot. Get from here:  R2D2 alarm clockfrom $52.94

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Yoda is the most essential collectible character you can have and, for sure one that’s made from plush will find it’s place on a shelf or in the hands of a baby or child. This can be the most perfect Star Wars gifts for kids. Yoda is the master for which you would do anything but hear him saying “I have a bad feeling about this!”. And you secretly dream of him, recognizing “He is the chosen one.” So nothing more pleasant than a Yoda wholesome and plush. Your master will be able to train you at any time.  See here: Plush Yoda$14.99

Star Wars Magnet SetYou often have a Star Wars fan, you have to make a gift, but you do not know anything about it. The set of magnets is a unique gift for any fan. This time good boys and bad guys will face the refrigerator and the arrangement ideas will belong to you. Such Star Wars collectibles will be a moment of true happiness for the fans.This is an assortment that never fails to amaze will be the best gift for a Star Wars fan. These are the best Star Wars stuff that you can use to make a fan really happy.You can find a gift like this right here:   Magnet Set$15.00

Cool Star Wars fans gifts for boys

Star Wars Night LightHaving 7 colors and able to project the most desired characters from the Star Wars series it can be the most wonderful gift that a fan can get. It can be the greatest Star Wars gift for him or for a kid that always dreamed of such an item. His room will soon be filled with the light of the lamp and he will enjoy it every night. It’s a Star Wars gift for adults and for kids as well. As you know, man are like kids, so the gift will be perfect for both. You can find an item like this right here:   Night Lightfrom $18.00

Awesome Star Wars  gift for dad

Even the meals will be a great way to spend some time in the company of Star Wars items because with a salt and pepper shaker all this can be possible. Made to look like the famous lightsabers from the series, it will be the most wonderful gift for a Star Wars fan that likes to cook as well. The meals will taste better when you will have an item like this in the kitchen or on the table. You can create thematic dinners using these items and you will surprise your Star Wars fan in a great manner and win his heart for always.You can find an item like this here:   salt and pepper shakers$39.99
Kilo Ren MugWe have long come to the conclusion that the most interesting characters in fairy tales are monsters and witches. In Star Wars, the rule is respected, and villains are among the most adored characters that fans all want to see. Thus, Darth Vader seems to have become the image of this phenomenon. More recently, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader’s nephew, introduced to the last part of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, comes back from the back of fans’ sympathy. Kylo Ren, even his uncle, Luke Skywalker, is the one who introduces him into the Jedi art. Unfortunately, Kylo Ren is finally drawn to the force of evil, beginning to aspire to become as powerful as his grandfather.Kylo Ren mug becomes a must-have for the youngest fans of the famous Star Wars saga, reminding them to enter the Star Wars atmosphere every morning from the first coffee or the first tea.You can find a gift like this right here:   Kilo Ren Mug$29.95

Do you need more inspiration? Check these products:

Star Wars Stormtrooper watchTechnology is exactly what he wants. You will not be wrong if you buy a smartwatch that perfectly combines its three passions: Star Wars, technology, and watches. Surely if you will bet on such a gift then it will have to be for a special occasion like his birthday, college graduation or even a gift just to surprise him. He will be able to take pictures or record videos, to challenge his skills using the touch screen, to use the voice recorder, to make calls and so on. Buy a watch like this as a Star Wars gift and you will see a big smile on his face for a long time.This way you can show him that you are listening to him and put a value on his wishes. A gift like this can be found right here:   Stormtrooper watch$29.99

Star Wars shirts for men  – a must have in the closet

If you he is a real Star Wars fan, then you should offer him a gift that can be worn all day long. He will like your little present and will not care if it was expensive or not. The only thing you will have to keep in mind is to select his size and make sure it’s on the color he likes the most. A good quality t-shirt is always needed and, especially on hot summer days will be a great help. Choose as a gift a model of Star Wars shirts and make a fan really happy.An item like this can be found right here:   shirts for men – a must have in the closet$19.99
Star Wars CollectiblesLook for Star Wars collectibles for sale online. We found a pack of characters that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the series. This is some serious gift and you should think of an idea like this. But, make sure he doesn’t have it in his collection. A true fan really has to get this kind of collectibles on his shelf and you will make him happy with a gift like this. This is one of the best Star Wars gifts you could buy.You can find collectibles like we talked about right here:   Star Wars Collectibles$17.65
Stormtrooper voice changing the helmetThere is no better way to show that you are a true Star Wars fan than by slipping your head into a voice changing helmet. Designed to look like a Stormtrooper, when the helmet will be used the result will be hours and hours of fun. Fan’s heart will melt from the joy of hearing their voice changing while speaking wearing the helmet. They will really sound like a real stormtrooper.Make him happy and buy a helmet like this from here: Stormtrooper voice changing the helmet$71.97
App-Enabled DroidStar Wars The force awakens comes to life in a mini droid that is so tiny and cute that fits in your hand. Small but really smart. Download the app to control the droid from your phone and the voice-activated device will respond to your voice. It also displays holographic videos. It’s so cool that your child will love his gift more than anything else.You can find one right here:   App-Enabled Droidfrom $59.98

Awesome Star wars gifts for girls

A mom playing with his child wearing this mask is a video on social media that reached over 1.6 million views. Any kid regardless of the fact if he is a Star Wars fan or not will want this mask for sure. He will be charmed when he opens his mouth and the mask will roar. Plus, when the kids are in school, if your husband is a Star Wars fan to then don’t be surprised seeing him wearing it and playing too.This mask can be easily be found right here:   Chewbacca electronic mask$30.45
Darth Tater Potato headA toy that will bring hours and hours of fun when you will decide to play with it with your little fan. No matter how silly you make it look like using the accessories that comes with the toy you will see laughter in your home. There is nothing more perfect than seeing your little fan having fun with this wonderful toy.You can find one right here:    Darth Tater Potato headfrom $11.99
Operation game Star Wars EditionIf your little kid dreams of becoming the best doctor in the world we are sure that he already asked you to buy an operation game. And if he is a Star Wars fan then you will be able to surprise him by joining together both of his passions in a game that will keep him busy for hours and hours. We are sure that he will thank you for the gift for months and you will be glad to see that he likes it.You can find a game like this right here:    Operation game Star Wars Edition$15.26
Star Wars Trouble gameFamily game time? No problem! Choose a game like this and you will have a lot of fun every time you will play together. Go on a mission to rescue BB-8 and play as Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren or Chewbacca. You can find the best Star Wars merchandise and the game right here:  Star Wars Trouble game$16.99

Cool Star Wars gifts for him

The Star Wars trooper features war-proof armor and a magnetic boot. But look at his weapons! They look like they were cut out from the movie. Offer your child the opportunity to have some fun with friends or by himself. Even his father will join the fun to build the trooper and spend some time together. This is a gift that brings families together for hours of fun. At the end, you will have a trooper build just by yourselves and it will look great in the room of your little one.Buy one from here:   Lego Star Wars building kitfrom $24.01
1000 piece Yoda Jigsaw PuzzleRainy day? No problem! This 1000 piece Yoda Jigsaw Puzzle will fill your child’s time and we are sure that you will help him put together all the pieces. It’s great to keep the entire family engaged and occupied but in the end, the result will be a wonderful one.Actually, it’s the best toy to keep your children quiet when you need to focus on something important. You can buy this toy from here:    1000 piece Yoda Jigsaw Puzzle$14.99Talking JewbaccaA toy that will be the most precious thing in the entire collection that your child has. Endless fun and a lot of hours spent playing with the toy. This will be the result if you buy this talking toy. And, in the end how you can resist to not play with such a toy?You will be able to find one right here: Talking Jewbacca$13.99
Star Wars Build your own lightsaberA true Jedi needs a lightsaber of his own. But there is no lightsaber that looks like another one. So, with this kit, your child will be able to build his own lightsaber with the customized accessories. Start with the electronic double sided saber and build the rest using the interchangeable parts. There are over 100 possible combinations so the lightsaber will look different every time.You can find a toy like this right here:    Build your own lightsaber$34.95
Star Wars Themed Catch Phrase GameThis game is able to keep everyone entertained for hours. It’s a great way to practice words and to have endless hours of fun. This is a game meant for true Star Wars fans and they can challenge each other to find the most perfect words to have a lot of fun. It’s a game that challenges the mind to find the best closing words and to win the game.For hours of fun you can buy this game from here:   Star Wars Themed Catch Phrase Game$19.99

Cool Star wars gifts for kids

A true fan needs to communicate all the time. With a simple push of a button, the voice travels to the other side and will result in hours of fun. It is very simple to use and it was created to be suitable for children of all ages.You can find a Star Wars walkie talkie right here:    Walkie Talkie$24.65
Furbacca – Star Wars ToyThe most popular plush toy crossbred with a Star Wars character is the most perfect gift idea for your child. He will be able to have endless fun with this little and cute toy. There will be nothing that could overcome such an idea. When used, Furbacca will mumble Star Wars songs, will growl like Chewie and plays games with kids. It’s a gift that will be used by parents as well to invent new games. Download an app as suggested by the instructions of the toy and begin to have fun every day.You can find a toy like this right here: Furbacca – Star Wars Toy$58.99
Stormtrooper BlasterWhen a lightsaber doesn’t work there is always another solution: the stormtrooper blaster. The 12-dart clip shoots darts one-at-a-time without having to reload, targeting enemy invaders — or little brothers and sisters — up to 65 feet away. It will result in endless of fun and your kids will stay longer outside not just sit in front of the computer all day.You can find this item right here:  Stormtrooper Blaster$54.99
So here’s how easy it is to buy a gift for the little Star Wars fan, and that can fit as funny gifts for adults. Do not forget to check if it already has something from the list and excludes those items because it is rather unpleasant to receive the same gift twice.
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