Star Wars unique gifts for fans

Star Wars unique gifts made just for him

The success of Star Wars, trilogy then a six-part series, does not fade from year to year. Generations of “geeks” dream every morning to go to work dressed as a Millennium Falcon, or use the power of force to do the dishes. It is therefore normal that the wave of merchandising rushes into this market. But beware, we do not talk about DVD or Ultimate Collector Special Edition. No, we are talking about unique merchandising, out of nowhere, necessary and useless at the same time, even beyond the understanding. In short, products to have an emergency for big fans that are great Star Wars  gifts made just for him.

If you know that until lately you criticized his preferences now is the perfect time to show him that you support his dreams and this can only be done with a special gift. And, if you have no idea what kind of gift would be the one that will light up his eyes then take a look at our list and choose a gift.

Rainy days will become much more enjoyable with a nice umbrella that mimics perfectly a lightsaber. Such a gift will definitely be liked by a Star Wars fan and if you’re more practical then you too will love this gift. It’s a Star Wars  gift that is perfect for any occasion.
You can find a gift like this right here:  LED Star Wars umbrella


It’s a very interesting piece of the collection that can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. Even if it is more a toy for children, even he will enjoy this gift as it will result in many hours of fun with the sympathetic robot. He will definitely like this gift and you will be able to put a smile on his face.
Buy the item that will make him happy from right here: R2D2 droid


A great gift that will transform his lunch break into something more fun. His work colleagues will also be amused by this original gift you could make. Surprise him with Star Wars gifts like this from here: R2D2 lunchbox with lights


If you want him to be more attracted to spend romantic moments together, pour champagne in some special Star Wars themed glasses. Cups engraved with Star Wars’ Princess Leia and Han Solo’s replicas will convince him to spend more special moments. This can be a nice wedding present too if you know that the couple is a huge Star Wars fan.
You can buy a set of champagne glasses like this from here:   champagne glasses


If he is a fan of grilling in the backyard, but also a Star Wars fan, then unite his two passions in a perfect gift, a lightsaber barbecue tongs. There are models that make Star Wars sounds too, so this will be the most fun Star Wars  gifts that he received that day.
You can find one here:   Lightsaber barbecue tongs


Even if the clothes are said to not be suitable gifts, a Star Wars fan will never refuse a T-shirt with his favorite character. This will be a surprise and he will love to wear his new gift from you. A gift like this can be found right here: Chewbacca shirt


To keep the drinks constantly cold, ice is also needed. Make a nice surprise to the Star Wars fan with whom you live in the house and buy a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader ice tray. You will surprise him for sure with such a gift and his afternoons spent with friends will no longer have warm drinks.
You can find a gift like this right here:  Stormtrooper and Darth Vader ice tray


Do you need more inspiration? Check this products:


Even if he is always on business meetings or traveling, this does not mean that he can not expose his passions. Some Star Wars cufflinks will be the perfect item which he can use to accessorize his outfits. Shaped like the Millenium Falcon will be the perfect gift for someone who is a huge Star Wars fan.
You can find an item like this right here:  Millenium Falcon cufflinks


Men love the gadgets. This is a well-known fact. But if you do not feel good about choosing a car charger shaped like a Death Star will be the best gift for a Star Wars fan that is into gadgets too. You can find an item like this right here:  Death Star USB car charger


It is well known that if you do not live together you should not fill his house with objects that are invading his personal space. But this lamp is certainly an exception, as it will be exactly what he wants just perfect to give more masculinity to space. It is perfect to be offered on his birthday, on the occasion of graduation and on many other occasions.
Put a smile on his face by buying a Stormtrooper lamp from here:  3D Stormtrooper lamp


If he is going to college or just moved to a new house you will surprise him with this bread toaster. The mornings will become much cheerful and the fan in him will be particularly pleased. It can be the perfect gift for moving into a new house, for a fresh student or as a birthday gift from parents.
You can buy a gift like this from here:   Darth Vader Toaster


A chess set will fill their afternoons in a pleasant way. He will be particularly thrilled to receive this Star Wars themed set as a gift. This way both of his passions will be satisfied and you will know that you made the greatest gift ever.
You can find a Star Wars chess set right here:   chess set


Now it’s much easier to find Star Wars unique gifts for him and in this way, you will show him that you care about his passions. Even if you are not quite a Star Wars fan, having this list by your side it will help you to make a present that will be perfect for any occasion.

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