The best organic products for mom and baby – gifts for a new mom

The best organic products for mom and baby – gifts for a new mom


For the health of both the baby and the mother, the best products are organic. The reason? In the first months, both the mother and the baby are sensitive and need adequate care. And, all the more, if you know that the new mum likes organic products you can surprise her with such a gift. There are plenty of products like this online you can choose from. But, especially if you need some help finding this kind of gifts and need some ideas then you should check out our list.


List of the greatest ideas of organic gifts with things a new mom needs for herself


We’ve come up with the best ideas for an eco-conscious mother that needs to know that the products she uses are nature-friendly. You can’t show up to her baby shower or any other related event with any kind of gift. And if you want to know that the gift you chose to offer is used then choose something from this list and you will win her heart for sure.



As a new mum gift idea is the best thing you could offer. Blankets are needed all the time and one that’s made of natural fibers, 100% cotton fiber, will be appreciated for sure. If you don’t have an idea if the baby is a boy or a girl then choose blankets that are suitable for both of the genders. It will be a great gift with things a new mom needs for herself and the baby because it fits in the stroller too and the mother will be able to use it the way she needs to.

A set of blankets that is made from natural fibers you can find right here:   Organic blanket set








This is the kind of gift that is suitable to offer by the husband or a family member because these are for personal care. A complete set will be appreciated more then anything else by the mother because she will be able to wear any kind of clothes without worrying about stains or anything else.  This is from the list of things a new mom needs for herself and you can be sure that you will nail the gift for her this time.

You can find a new mum gift like this right here: Eco-friendly and organic: reusable bra pads






There is nothing more suitable for a fresh mother than to receive as a gift product that is specially designed for delicate baby’s skin.  A complete set that includes towels, swaddles, washcloths and more useful items like this will be appreciated as a new moms gift better then anything else. She will be able to use great products for her baby and to be sure that everything is organic.

Get this wonderful product from here: Complete baby set






She will soon become a new mom so, brighten her day with organic products that are suitable for a pregnant woman. And, if she loves only organic products then you will go straight to her heart with a gift like this with things a new mom needs for herself.

You can find this kind of items right here: Second-trimester gift box with organic products







Unique and original is the best description of a new mum gift. A basket made to look like a stroller can be the most unique gift. But, her preferences and desires shouldn’t be left out. If her whole life gravitated around organic products then her pregnancy doesn’t change this thing. You can find essential care products put together in a wonderful gift basket with things a new mom needs for herself right here: Spa Gift Basket








For a fresh mother, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing her child starve because of her lack of milk. But, even if it’s an organic product she will need to ask the doctor if it’s suitable for her. But if you know that such a product was recommended by the pediatrician then this supply will be the best new mom gift she received.

You can find a natural and organic remedy like this right here:  Natural Remedy for increasing breastmilk supply







As a new mum, the moments when she can relax are very few. Help her find her center with an aromatherapy device that she can use all the time. She will be able to fight with odors and to increase the number of pleasant moments. And, the best part is that she will be able to use a lot of natural perfumes that are not harming the baby. This one more item from the list of things a new mom needs for herself.

You can find here this product: Zen Breeze






When you are invited to see the new member of the family you don’t really have to think about baby gifts. For a new mum, there are a few who think about her as well. So, offering as a new mum gift a basket with essential care products just for her you will make her day great.

You can buy one from here: Cherry blossom gift basket






There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh mommy but, she doesn’t have to think only at her baby. She needs to take care of herself too. Help her have the best moments at home with spa products that include face masks with ingredients from the Dead Sea. She will look great and will radiate. Make her a wonderful surprise and offer her this gift.

You can find your inspiration right here: Spa at home for a new mommy






A gift basket with organic products such as essential baby items for the first month of her life is the most precious and appreciated gift you could ever offer. With products like picture frames, books, toys, and other items are the greatest gift for a fresh mum.

Here you can find a basket full of baby-friendly items: Baby Shower gift idea








When it comes to talking about perfect gifts for a new mum you only think of items that are just for the baby. Trust us, everyone thinks the same. You, on the other hand, can think outside the box and offer her some essential spa products that are made just for the relaxing moments of the mommy. Find a spa gift box with organic products is full of things a new mom needs for herself and you can find one right here:  Spa gift set for a new mum





If you were invited to welcome the baby to the world you can’t show yourself empty-handed. And, especially if you know that the mommy is a huge fan of organic products then a gift basket full of this kind of items just for her will be the greatest gift she received that day.

You can find your inspiration right here: Gift basket for the new mum after the baby is born







Your new mum gift has to be the most perfect and now you know how to achieve this with our list. Especially if the mom likes organic products, as you see on our list the products are all from this category. Choose what you like and think it’s suitable for the mother or the baby, or both of them, why not?

Think outside the box and you will make everyone else say ,,why didn’t I thought of that?”.  It will be a special gift with things a new mom needs for herself and you will be able to show her, even if you don’t know much about a baby or a new mum’s needs that you tried to find the best gift for her.


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