Top of the most trendy games you should by to your child

Every year, the Christmas holidays arrive quickly and you do not know what to offer to your children? Like many parents you may feel lost in front of the oversized toy shelves of some stores. To avoid the stress of looking for gifts here is a small guide to games and toys that will be trendy for Christmas next and that will delight your children.

From 6 months

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Heart Rattle

This toy presents a wide range of colors to attract baby’s curiosity and stimulate his visual perception. The Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Heart Rattle is the fashionable toy for children under one year old. Its size is adapted to be handled by small children’s hands. It is made with malleable materials that your baby can put in his mouth without risk to the teeth and gums. In addition, one of the accessories is specifically designed to relieve dental pain related to the growth of teeth. Finally, four rings of different geometric shapes will allow him to play alone without risk of injury and help him develop logical reasoning.

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Baby foam mat

A puzzle-shaped baby playmat consisting of 86 pieces containing both letters and numbers. It can be used indoors and outdoors and also on cold floors without risk for your baby to catch cold. This carpet contains all the letters of the alphabet and also all the numbers from 0 to 9. Depending on the wishes of your child, you can transform the carpet into a pillow or other configuration because all the pieces can fit together. This product is part of the top Christmas toys for your 6 month old children. The best game for children from 1 year.

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My pictures of animals

This image is very ergonomic and easy to handle for very young children. It will allow your child of twelve months to begin to become familiar with the images and representations of animals. This will improve his visual perceptions and stimulate the development of his childhood memory. The animal imagery is very colorful and therefore very attractive for a young child. It is a game that you can take everywhere with you and that will help you to calm your child for example during long journeys.

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For 2 years

Stabilo Power

At the age when children begin to express their creativity through drawing and writing, it is important to provide them with the materials they need to flourish. Stabilo offers you a case of 12, 18, 24 or 30 markers of color with a medium point for a great precision and a fine trace. The advantage of these felts over other brands is that the ink stains on the garments run off easily and the felts can stay up to a week without caps and do not become dry. This is a huge advantage when you know that children often forget to close their pens after using them.

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Colorino Educational Game

Colorino is both a girl toy and a boy toy, which will teach your child to associate colors and shapes to form images such as fish, clowns and dogs. This educational game will stimulate your child’s perception, logic and production of fine movements to ensure optimal brain development. Be careful, however, you must watch your child when playing this game because it contains very small objects likely to be swallowed.

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From 3 years

The Lock Board

Still with a focus on developing motor skills, the Lock Board is a wooden Christmas star toy. Its goal is to unlock doors to discover images. This allows your child to memorize shapes and colors and thus stimulate the development of his memory and cognition.

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Lunii Stories Factory

The Lunii story factory is a toy novelty and was the star toy of Christmas in 2016. The principle of this game is to select a character for Lunii to tell your child a story among the many that are downloaded to the device . Your child can even be the hero of the story. When you have already listened to the different stories several times, you can download new ones with your computer. Thus, you will never miss stories to tell your child.

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Play-Doh Starter Set

This is is a must have in children’s toy box. Its malleable texture is very popular. Thanks to it, your child will be able to try to create a sculpture and will develop the motricity of his hand and his creativity. My first dough kit gives you a good quality dough, which does not dry even if it is left in the open air and does not crumble after a few uses. Supplied with several tools such as scissors and molds to achieve accurate and neat patterns.

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Pilot Felt: Frixion Colors

From the age of three, children begin to learn writing. To avoid finding your children’s notebooks full of erasures and ink tasks, give them the Pilot’s Frixion Colors. In this lot, you will find several colors for notebooks more beautiful and pleasant to read. 
Its medium point offers the Frixion Color pen an easy writing without the need to press and fine and precise lines for impeccable designs.

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Lego Classic: The Creative Brick Box

LEGO boxes are the star toys of Christmas and have been for a long time. With these bricks, your child can build and deconstruct all kinds of shapes. With this box, you can build a lot of different vehicles and the box also contains tires for a more realistic and decorative effect. You can also use bricks from other LEGO boxes because they are all compatible with each other. Thus, you have no limits to your imagination and you can develop the creative mind of your child.

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Playmobil: Children’s Room

Every year, the Playmobil box is considered by children as the toy of the year. If Playmobil action figures and their accessories have been on sale for a very long time, you will always find new accessories and items that will allow you to renew your Playmobil homes, farms or vehicles. 
Here we offer a room with attractive colors, including a high bed and a desk to allow your child to invent stories that could reflect his own life in his room.

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LOL Surprise! glitter

This surprise ball is the toy of the moment. Each of her surprise balls contains a pretty little doll with several accessories. They are very popular in schools and are often proudly collected by young girls. The dolls are small and very cute and the gift is very original to offer on the one hand because of its unusual shape and on the other hand by the fact that you do not know which doll is inside the ball surprise.

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Playmobil: Police van

If your boy or girl, like many children his age, dreams of becoming a policeman later this gift is made for him. This package contains a beautiful police van and figurines with a police uniform. You can set up a roadblock with a beacon, gates and signs. You can also arm your little playmobil with a fake gun and handcuffs like a real policeman. Be careful though, the battery needed for the beacon is a 1.5V battery is not supplied with the van. The best games for children over 5 years. 

You can find it here:

Monopoly Junior

If you like to play Monopoly and would like to play it with your child, you’ve found the perfect gift. You will find in this game animal-shaped pieces to make the game more enjoyable for children. In addition, the boxes are adapted to the imagination of your child and do not represent streets as in the Monopoly Classic but rather parks and zoo so that your child finds himself more easily in the game. By playing Monopoly Junior, your child learns to count his money and discovers how to manage his capital properly.

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Hatchimals to Collect

If your child is dreaming of having a pet, but for reasons that are unique to you, you can not have one at home, we advise you to offer him Hatchimals.  Your child will receive small plastic eggs that, when heated a little, will change color. This means that the egg is ready to hatch. You will find a very cute little animal inside the egg that your child can collect and use as a toy. A poster is included in the box.

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From 6 years old

Ambience game: Dobble (Top sales)

Dobble is both a game of reflection and speed so let your competitive spirit to win a game.  The principle is simple, you have several cards that each have a symbol in common. The goal of the game is to quickly find the symbol in common on two cards and to state it aloud. This will cause your child to be attentive, observant and quick. This game is an excellent game for both children and parents.

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Board Games: Connect 4

Connect 4 is the reference game in schools and summer camps. It often gives rise to tournaments where the children are very concentrated and give the best of themselves. This game is not a toy novelty, but it is always pleasing to young children and adults alike. The principle is simple: two people compete and have to turn to add a pawn of their color in the grid: the first that aligns 4 horizontally, vertically or diagonally won. So you have to have the eye and be strategic to win.

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LEGO Star Wars-Microfighter

The LEGO Star Wars are part of the Christmas toy tops because the Saga is still relevant and appreciated by children. If your kid loves LEGOs and loves Star Wars, this product is the perfect gift for Christmas. With this LEGO game you can build one of the flagship ships of the First Order of the galaxy to recreate the universe of the saga. You have a very detailed guide to building the ship and you also have a Microfighter pilot that you can sit in the ship once built.

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Outdoor Game: Mölkky

If you are looking for a game to spend time outdoors with your children, Mölkky is for you. You must be minimum two to play. This game is presented as a classic bowling game except that in this one the bowling pins are made of wood. The principle is simple: each player throws the Mölkky on the pins and scores a certain number of points. The winner is the one who reaches the fastest 50 points. Be careful, if you score more than 50 points (for example 52) your score goes down to 25 points and you keep playing until someone reaches 50 points. 

You can find it right here:

Lego Friends: Olivia’s Mission Vehicle

Build a real mission vehicle with a control center, parable, binoculars and a rotating light on the roof. The whole truck is built in lego and your bricks are compatible with other lego boxes. This type of construction game introduces your child to the follow-up of a step by step instruction while entertaining him and promising him a satisfactory result. This skill will be very useful for the school

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Starting from 7 years old

Board Game: Uno

The Uno is a Christmas star game and allows you to play with your family or friends anywhere. With his little case, you can take it everywhere. It’s a very playful game where you have to be strategic to win. Up to ten people can play at the same time and to win, you must be the first to have no cards: you will quickly realize that this game is as addictive in children as in adults and seniors. It is a friendly game that brings together all generations to have a good time.

You can find it right here:

Lego Creator: the mythical creatures

After the Star Wars ships and Olivia’s mission vehicle, here is the Lego box that will delight mythic creature lovers. With this box, you will be able to build beautiful fire colored dragons with claws and plastic fangs. Once built, the dragon is very strong and is a real decorative object for your child’s room. You can also build a spider or a troll with this same box to recreate another universe.

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From the age of 8

Nerf Elite Disruptor

If you like to fight with your child, the Nerf Elite Disruptor is the toy of the moment that will satisfy you. This is a single gun that can hold up to six darts at the same time you can shoot in burst mode. The Nerf Elite Disruptor is the dart gun with the highest range: if the weather is good, that is to say if there is no wind or rain, you can send your darts up to 27 meters. This long reach is ideal for battles between children. Note that the tip of the darts is designed to avoid injury if in contact with the face or sensitive parts of the body.

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Hasbro Beyblade Burst

Hasbro Beyblade Burst is a set for spinning tournaments. If your child loves tops, this gift is ideal for him. You will find in the box a battle arena, two spinning tops and two spinners. The smooth surface of the arena allows spinning rotors longer by eliminating friction against the floor or table. In addition, the launchers allow you to give more momentum to the top without the risk of making it fall down. Both tops are specially designed to be both rugged and lightweight.

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From 10 years old

Gigamic card game

If you like card games, Gigamic should please you. It is a card game in which the goal is to have as few cards as possible at the end of the game to win. The game is very playful and pleases many children from 10 years. It is ideal when you organize a birthday for example because 10 people can play at the same time.

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