Gifts ideas for mommy to be

Gifts ideas for mommy to be

What do you think a mom to be needs? Well, certainly she will be glad to have some time to sleep, to drink a nice big cup of coffee and think about what to do next. Since you can’t offer her all this and she can’t afford any of it, if you feel hopeless in front of the shelves at the store there is always a solution. And we talk about the best solution you could possibly have: online shopping. There are a lot of stores you can buy products as a gift but the best solution is to think about buying from places such as Amazon. From everything, you need for a baby to very original gifts for mommy to be there are a lot of possibilities. Even if you are the father for sure you can get inspired by our ideas and you will make her happy with an original gift.

As an advice, you can be more original than buying a box of chocolates and some flowers. A new mommy needs a lot of stuff for her and for the baby, so, you will be able to choose something from our well-documented list. And, even if you are low on budget and you were invited to welcome the baby to the world we have the perfect ideas for you. Since both mother and baby need a lot of things, you will find almost anything on our list. And even if you are a mommy in search of some things that can offer you a great help then you can quickly browse our list. Don’t waste your time walking from store to store without having any idea about what you should buy. We are sure that this couple of ideas will help you and you will make a mommy very happy.

Super ideas under 50$ if you are on a budget

For some of us, being invited to a christening or just to greet the newborn may be a shock to your pocket. Sometimes this kind of events occurs when you expect the least but don’t worry. Just be glad for the upcoming event and enjoy the time.

Here we selected some gifts ideas for mommy to be:

For the baby, you can buy a Complete Nursery Care Kit

 Complete Nursery Care Kit

For only few dollars you can buy this nursery care kit that will be very useful for a mom when she takes care of her baby. Perhaps you think that this kind of items are rather reserved to be bought by the mother and not by you, but to your surprise, this can be a very useful gift. The set contains 21 grooming and healthcare items. A durable storage case is included. You can find in this very useful kit medicine syringe, pacifier, nasal aspirator, forehead thermometer, emergency information card, nail clippers, comb, brush, teether, gum massager, finger brush and manny useful items that are a must have in taking care of a baby.

You can find this product here  Complete Nursery Care Kit




Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel for girls

Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel for girlsNothing is more special than the first bath of your baby. So, to be prepared with some cute things, such a hooded towel for little girls can be an outstanding gift not just for the baby, for the mother as well. Seeing your little one covered in such a cute towel your heart can melt and you will want to grab your camera as soon as possible to take some worth to keep shots.

The towel is super absorbent and soft, just perfect for the sensitive skin of the baby. It comes in extra large size, enough to cover the baby. The price is very affordable and, as we promised, under 50$. Also, it is already wrapped with a bow, ideal for gift giving. Take a peek and see if you would like it.

See this nice Towel Here: Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel for girls

Baby wrap Ergo Carrier

Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier

The price is under 50$ and you will be able to give a gift that is practical and useful for a long time. You can choose to be gift wrapped and this way you will have a nice gift to give for the fresh mommy. She will be glad to receive such a nice gift because there are a few who think about offering useful products.

Choosing this item as a gift you will be able to win her heart and to make sure you stayed on the allocated budget and, who knows? Maybe you will consider buying some flowers on your way to the new family.

You can find it here: Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier

Nursing cover for breastfeeding

Nursing cover for breastfeedingA super soft product made for mommy’s comfort for when she has to breastfeed on the public. It’s the perfect cover and it can be used in various ways. It can be a nice scarf for chilly days or perfect cover for the basket if the weather isn’t friendly anymore on their way home. Used as a cover it is the best solution to create a safe environment for the baby keeping the bugs and the sunlight away from him. It is very easy to use and it comes with instructions so you can take full advantage of everything this product has to offer.

For a mommy to be it’s the best gift because it is a multipurpose product and the best part is, that it is under 50$ and you can offer a gift that it’s practical and it fits your budget perfectly. It’s made from high-quality fabric that folds perfectly so that the mommy can put it in her bag when it isn’t necessary anymore.

You can find this awesome product and find out more about it here: Nursing cover for breastfeeding

Medela Manual Breast Pump

Medela Manual Breast PumpIf you think that such products are mostly reserved to be bought by the mother, guess again. If you are from the family you can buy gifts like a breast pump. It will be a very useful item because there is not always time to breastfeed and while the mother and the baby are away from home it can be used whenever it’s needed. The product is BPA free so, it’s safe to use for the baby, it has all the needed accessories. It’s portable and easy to carry. It has a pleasant design and ergonomic. It includes 1 manual pump, 5 oz bottles with lids, 1 bottle stand, 1 nipple with collar, 1 cap, 2 membranes.

It can be easily stored in a bag while you are away and it can be the most useful gift for a mommy to be. She will enjoy such a wonderful gift and will use it for sure. And the best part is that this product is under 50$ and it’s one of the best choices according to the customer’s votes.

You can find more details here:Medela Manual Breast Pump

10 pack Little Squirts Fun Bath Toys

10 pack Little Squirts Fun Bath ToysIf you are looking for a gift that is cute and useful at the same time then you can buy a pack of cute little toys made for bath time.  Especially if you are not from the family, you can’t afford to buy products that are too personal for the mommy to be. But to have a nice and safe gift that can save your image is to choose this bath toys. 10 fun characters will transform the babies bath in a fun time and to play with them.  This way bath time will be more fun. The toys are made from soft rubber, completely safe for the baby if he puts it in his mouth. These colorful toys help the baby improve hand – eye coordination. Brightly colored and perfectly sized for the babies tiny hands. It is under 50$ so it can be a perfect gift for the baby. The only thing that you

Lil’ Teethers Baby Teething Toys

Lil’ Teethers Baby Teething ToysCute and hard not to fall in love with this wonderful and useful toy can be a very thoughtful gift for the precious moments of the mommy and especially for the baby. This toy helps very much when his teeth are starting to grow. It’s made from silicone and is designed to stimulate baby’s visual motor and sensory skills. In the first years of life, a baby tends to pick up bright colored objects and put them in his mouth so, this kind of toys are recommended to be used. Very effective and it can be easily attached to the pacifier it can help the baby to be more healthy.

This kind of toys can be very useful gifts and will be appreciated for sure.

Especially in the moments when you have no idea what to buy for such a small baby this kind of toys are a great gift idea and you can find out more about this product here: Lil’ Teethers Baby Teething Toys

The first years Quick serve bottles

The first years Quick serve bottlesIn the middle of the night, the baby wants it’s bottle now. The Quick Serve Bottles are a great help for those moments when you are in a hurry. It can heat bottles quickly and works with most wide, narrow, angled and disposable bottles. For safety, it comes with auto shu- off. And if you are considering it’s technical characteristics it’s not expensive at all. It’s under 50$ and it can offer a great help. Every modern mommy needs technology on her side, so, if you want to make a wonderful gift then this is the best idea. Also, it is BPA free so it’s completely safe for the baby and you will be able to use it for a long time.

You can find more details about this wonderful product here The first years Quick serve bottles

Bamboobies organic lanolin free nursing balm nipple cream

Bamboobies organic lanolin free nursing balm nipple creamIf you are looking for products that are useful but in the same time good for taking care of the mommy then you could buy a special balm made for making easier the breastfeeding. This product helps to heal the pain of the cracked nipples caused by breastfeeding. The formula is 100% organic, soothes, protects and moisturizes, increasing in just a few seconds the comfort. It contains five essential ingredients and it’s lanolin free so it doesn’t create unwanted side effects. Also, if you want to offer a complete gift you can add to your cart, also from Bamboobies the breast pump lubricant that can help maintain the health of the mom’s breasts.  More about this item you can find here: Bamboobies organic lanolin free nursing balm nipple cream

Listen to music with your baby 

Listen to music with your baby 

A wonderful device that will be very useful for the mommy and also for the baby is a pregnancy speaker. It plays music to help stimulate developing baby. Researches showed that music can be a very great way to help the baby develop brain activity and in life will be able to reach a higher academic achievement.  More details about this wonderful gift idea you can find out here:Listen to music with your baby 


Under $100  Gifts ideas for mommy to be

A bigger budget means you have more options when it comes to talking about choosing the perfect gift. In this section, we will offer you a few suggestions for gifts that are suitable for a 50 – 100$ budget.  And, don’t worry about not liking the gifts because this products shown here for sure will be very useful for the mother in various moments of the baby’s life. So, let’s begin our short list and see what you can buy.

Meiz ,,U” Shaped Total Body / Pregnancy Support Pillow for sleep

Pregnancy Support Pillow for sleepDuring pregnancy, there are a lot of uncomfortable moments and you will make it easier for the mommy if you buy her this support pillow. With premium filling and material, she will rest comfortably the entire night. It’s shape helps the mommy to sleep better. Thanks to the ,,U” shape that follows the natural curved shape of the body she will wake up more rested and ready to face another day. It has a very affordable price, it costs only and it has various functions and purposes. And, with another 30$$ you can add to your gift for the mommy 2 extra pillow cases, double zippered and Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Belly Butter a special cream enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to reduce the effects of the pregnancy on the skin.. All these products can be found here Meiz ,,UShaped Total Body / Pregnancy Support Pillow for sleep


Cozy Bump Blue Cozy Pregnancy Pillow

Cozy Bump Blue Cozy Pregnancy PillowPregnancy can be a very pleasant and happy time if you use the perfect products. But a mommy to be has a lot of expenses and she can’t afford all the time to buy everything she wishes for. You can make her a nice surprise by buying her a cozy pregnancy pillow that is chiropractor-approved. This model is built to safely cradle baby bumps so you can rest on your stomach. It is a wide pillow that allows the mommy to rest and to relax more. Also, it helps to relieve back pain, it’s adjustable and inflatable. To make the gift complete you can add Intex Quick-Fill AC AZ ZAZ Electric Air Pump. This way she will not need help all the time to use the pillow to relax. More details about this wonderful gift you can find here: Cozy Bump Blue Cozy Pregnancy Pillow


Nursing Pillow for twins

Nursing Pillow for twinsFor a mommy that has twins it’s very hard to feed both of the babies at once but with the help of this wonderful product that you can offer as a gift for a mommy. The pillow has a lot of advantages for the mom and for the babies as well. It offers support and encourages a better posture during breastfeeding, allows tandem nursing and it has a pocket that allows the mommy to keep all the items she needs to have with her. The design is very beautiful and it will be a pleasure to use it every day. It is a very affordable product that fits in the 50-100$ budget. More details about this pillow you can find here:Nursing Pillow for twins


Budget over $100? Then check out these gift ideas for mommy to be

When you just want to offer a nice gift for someone special you will not look at the price, the characteristics of the product. In this case you are more interested to offer something that can be a real help and also creates the best impression. A gift comes from the heart and when you are thinkig about this fact you are not thinking much about how much does it cost.

Windsor Glider and Ottoman, white whit grey cushion

Windsor Glider and Ottoman, white whit grey cushionIf you are looking for a great gift for a mommy you can help her rest in a cozy seating room with padded arms and storage pokets. The cushions are removable and this way it will be easier to clean. The glider and the ottoman has a solid wood frame for stability. This is a gift idea that will create a great impression and the mommy will thank you every time she will sit on it. More details about this product and other wonderful products that you can add to your gift you can find it here:Windsor Glider and Ottoman, white whit grey cushion


Ubbi Money Saving, no special bags required – Steel Odor Locking Diaper Pail

Ubbi Money Saving, no special bags required – Steel Odor Locking Diaper PailAs a parent, you will need a lot of items. Some of them will be used just for a short time others can be a relieve for a long time. With just 112$ you can buy a diaper pail that can keep inside it the odor. Maybe you are thinking that this is an odd present for a mommy to be but, in fact it’s a very useful item that can save the atmosphere from your home. It is a very useful product and it was voted to be one of the best products of the year. Unlike plastic diaper pails, this one keeps everything inside and doesn’t even require special bags. It is ready to use from the first moment you unpack it. Such an item can save a lot of mommy’s time to get rid of the awful smells. This way she will not need anything to cover up the smell or to keep the window open especially when temperatures are not so friendly outside.

More about this product and how to order it you can find here Ubbi Money Saving, no special bags required – Steel Odor Locking Diaper Pail

from $110.98

Heart rate monitor for baby

Heart rate monitor for babyA wonderful gift for a mommy to be is a pocket monitor that can help the mommy and daddy to hear the heartbeats of the baby. It will be a fun way to spend time and hearing the heartbeats, hiccups and kicks. Heart rate rhythm scan comes with a powerful built – in speaker for being able to listen to the heartbeat of the baby. This device can help a lot and it will be a great gift for a mommy to be.  More about this product and the technical details of it you can find out here: Heart rate monitor for baby


Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical LensGreat for tracking the whole babies room it’s a device that can record anything that happens inside the little one’s room. Very useful if the mommy is looking to keep the baby safe. The camera unit has an interchangeable optical lens video monitor and can be remotely controlled. This is a gift for a mommy to be very useful because this way she will not have to check on the baby always by walking literally in the room and to risk waking up the baby. You can order the product here:Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens


Now you have some ideas about gifts ideas for mommy to be.

Do you need more inspiration? Check these products:

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